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I add some text to the categorie of a product (woocommerce). Can I show this text on the page?

Hey! Not sure what exactly you want to do. Mind opening up a thread in our support forum with a detailed description?

My team will take care of you :)

Does the theme als has an option to show the products in a list in stead of tiles? And when there is an option for the list does the templat shows the first lines of the text.

Hey! Unfortunately not sorry. The theme only supports the grid view for products.

It would require some customization work to display it as a list, but mostly additional css rules. Not sure how long that would take and if you would need additional information in a list view though. If you show me an example of what you want to accomplish I can either help with a few css rules or if the changes would be to extensive send you a link to a customization service :)

Thank you for designing such a modern and elegant theme! MY client loves it and I will customise it for him. Presale question: We are trying to build a multi-author blog with a special focus on occasional videos. Is it possible to add a header above the blog that automatically displays the latest video with a link to all other videoposts. (maybe all blogposts with a video get their own category and the header gets populated with the latest video in that category)?

Hey! I am not 100% sure what you want to do but from what I understand it might be possible to use the tempate builder to display the latest video blog post at the top and add the default blog list bellow…

Yes that would be it. Great!! is there a documentation or sample data included to recreate that look of the demo-blog “multi author” and then display the latest video blog post on top. Perfect that is what we need. Thank you so much! Danke schøn!

Hey! the theme comes with a dummy data import button to re-create the theme demo with a single click, so you can work from that point on forward :)

I’m so impressed with authors like Kriesi… so professional. If there was a Themeforest award for Customer Care… I think he should get it. For the rest of you coat-tail riders who think you can get custom websites for peanuts… go someplace else or do the hard work like the rest of us and stop complaining…

I guess I know to whom this is directed ;D Thanks for your support ;)

Hi sir, i am using your 2.2 version template and i wordpress 3.5.2 I would like to know if: - 2.2 is compatible with wordpress 3.7.1 - if updatinf from 2.2 to 2.4 i lost something.. or i have to set the page again - if updating it easy (i have just change the core files?)

you advice me to update wordpress with new version of template? Thanks.

Settings in theme panel won’t be affected by the update since its stored in the database, not in your files

If you have changed the language file I would recommend to back it up before updating and then replacing it :)

You can also post the language file in our support forums if you improved/added new language strings so we add it to the next version of the theme ;)

oh ok sir.. of course. I am using italian language. If you give me your mail the next week i will send you the languae… I have no problem to do it :)))

please send the mail to testimonials [at] kriesi [dot] at

Wow, KaMai. I find you immensely irritating and I only read a tiny portion of your 45 posts. Glad I don’t have to provide support as I’m not that polite. Maybe you should have someone code your site from scratch instead of overloading the support and comment forums with your issues. It’s a $55 theme. Use it the way it’s meant to be used and you won’t have any problems. I haven’t had any.

Thanks a lot for your support! :)

Yes, this does not look like a fun job! Thanks for your help. Did manage to find the very helpful layer slider tutorials on my own. So nice to modify a theme without digging through thousands of lines in the CSS.

Hi Kriesi,

I have problems with your theme, since I updated it. I wrote you an e-mail on that matter on Nov. 21st and a reminder today. Please answer!

Greetz Christopher

Hey! Sorry for that, we provide support only via our support forum. I usually also try to respond to those mails and at least redirect you to the forum but have been ill for a few days so I am behind schedule. Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? My support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site :)

O.k. will do so. Thx for your reply

Thanks! And once again sorry for the delay :)

Greetings Kriesi, I’d like to know if an audio player plugin for example like this one ( could be inserted into the header or any other suitable space on the page. I build flutes and I would like for customers to hear music in a background of a website recorded by me? I’m deciding on purchasing the theme and that is why I’m asking different theme authors of this question. Thank you, Artem.

Hey! Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the player so I can’t offer a definite answer. Would recommend to ask the author of the player if its possible to either add the player by php function, wordpress hook or shortcode to a page. If thats the case it should be no problem to activate it for enfold :)

hi I downloaded the latest version of the theme and the masonry is no option can you tell me where you download the latest version?

Hey! Guess you are talking about the masonry blog? There is no option yet to display the default blog as masonry but we will add it to one of the next versions. For now you would need to create a custom page, activate the template builder and add a masonry element :)

Hey, I can’t seem to get Home v6: Classic 4 Column to work on my wordpress. Its using the default (persistent) menu? How do i get the menu with navigation on the left and social media icons on the right?

Hey! You can set the menu globaly in your wordpress backend at enfold->header

It would be so nice if you guys could have something like this:

A sort of fullscreen slider where you can “snap” scroll down to another one… Perfect for presentations!

Guess that wont happen, sorry. I really dont like it when a website does that and changes the way my scrolling works :/

Hi there,

I’ve downloaded this website and i’m having difficulty making the shop. I want to make a masonry shop. Is there a tutorial or something that can help me? I have no idea where to start!


you should be able to remove the default shop by simply removing the page from the dropdown and leaving it blank

Yes! Success. Thanks for all your help :)

Great! :)

how can i add a custom code like below in a page using advanced editor?

Which custom code? :)

I am sorry. I pasted the code but it got omitted when i posted the message. please see here

basically i meant that if i use any HTML code using advanced editor, how should i do that? I tried converted to classic editor but it just showed me as blank.

I guess the easist way would be to just add a text element and then add the html code in there :)

Hi there

I have an issue with breadcrumbs on portfolio item pages…

Basically if I access a portfolio item page from the – say – About Us page, on the breadcrumbs of the portfolio item pages it will display: Home > About Us > Portfolio Item Page

But if I come from – say – Where we are – then on the breadcrumbs of the portfolio item pages it will display: Home > Where we are > Portfolio Item Page

This sucks quite a bit as I want to keep my items under one single voice. How can I do that?

Thank you

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? My support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site so we can check that ourself :)

Sorry, just aswered myself.

never mind ;D

Hello, would you mind to send me a link to a PHPdoc? Maren

Hey! Unfortunately there is none, since 99% of our users are not good enough with php for that :/

If you let me know what exactly you want to do/know maybe I can help :)

You as a developer should know how easy it is to create a phpdoc. is more or less just comments.

How can your volunteers (your mods are volunteers, right?) work without having a doc?


My mods are paid support staff and know the framework because they have to deal with it every day :)

On a basic level you are certainly right, its “just” comments. But it would take a very long time at this point to document everything and I think you are the first customer ever who asked me for a php-doc. So not sure if it is worth the effort at this point :)

Hi, is it possible to place custom widget areas in the main columns as well as the sidebar column?

Whats the current theme version?

2.4? 2.4.2? 2.5?????

Everywehere another number…. Please update the informations!


Hey! Sorry or the confusion, current version is 2.4.2

Is there an audio widget for portfolios mate?

Hey! Unfortunately not, sorry :/ Although if you want to use audio on the single portfolio page you should be able to simply use the wordpress built-in audio shortcode

That’s what I thought… thanks.