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Hello my images appear with a question mark for this after noon? In Article … LayerSlider sliders and media ….?

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? My support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

Hello my images appear with a question mark? In the article … LayerSlider sliders and media ….?

Hey! Please see the previous comment :)

Hello my images appear with a question mark? In the article … LayerSlider sliders and media ….?

Hey! Please see the previous comment :)

Can a fairly dominant clickable phone number for mobilebe added in the upper right hand corner?



Hey! When choosing one of the headers with an additional menu you can select to display a phone number instead or in addition to that menu at the top:

Not sure though if it would be dominant enough for you :) Maybe with a small additional CSS rule to change the color?

Sorry if this is a double comment. I don’t see it posted.

Can a clickable phone number for mobile be added in the upper right hand corner? And make it fairly noticeable while in desktop mode?


No problem :) See previous response

Great theme! how do you set up the transparent slider with the image locked in the background. like in this example: down the page where it says “The Office”.

Hey! Thats simply a color section element with a fixed background and some text inside :)

I have used several top rated themes on themeforest and I have to say that this is the best theme by far.

I recently converted all my sites over to this them and it has not only improved the quality of my sites, but also streamlined the process of creating a website for beginners like myself.

My only compliant is that the support site uses the Enfold theme and has a ton of features that are not included in the theme because the author wants to his version “unique”.

Some of these features “exclusive” to the authors Enfold child theme are amazing and could easily make this theme the top sold item in Envato Marketplace if the author would incorporate them into the theme.

Other than that I would recommend this theme to anyone looking to take their site to the next level.

Excellent job and keep up the good work.

Thanks a lot for the nice testimonial ;D

“a ton of features” might be to much? Its actually 3 additional elements, other than that its only small css modifications :)

Some of the stuff will for sure make it into future releases :)



This is the latest version of the theme and the latest version of Wordpress… and I still have a question mark each image ….

and my extensions are Captcha Contact Form 7 WordPress SEO WP Maintenance Mode …

everything is ok it came in Settings / Media / Organize my sent folder files monthly and annual…. Thx

as said, please open a thread in our support forum with a link to your site. In case it is protected you can also create an account for the support team to access the admin area and append a private post with that data in the forum. This will speed up the process of investigation :)

Does enfold support feature that clicking menu button leads to different section of the parallax pages?

Example, contact us at the button of parallax, so the top menu’s contact us, if the user clicks contact us, it will auto scroll to contact us(bottom) not load to another page?

Yes thats easily possible. You just need to add a “color section” element in the template builder and apply a custom name (eg: contact), then create a menu item or button with the link set to href=”#contact”

is it possible to set background images

Yes, of course :)

good job / i like

thanks a lot! :)

Hi – Perhaps about to purchase, but one issue stops me. Can I leave image proportions in galleries and portfolios, rather than cropping them to fit the grid? I’m an artist, and a different crop is an entirely different image. And on the same general topic: will it be possible to have portfolios where images can pile on each other without being resized to fit horizontal grid lines. If I’m restricted to one box proportion, or constantly changing proportion, I may need to find another theme, but I hope not, as everything but this issue makes me pretty happy. Thanks in advance…

Hey! You can use the masonry element to display images proporional:

Guess thats what you are looking for?

It looks like everything I need is there – thanks very much. The little “purchased” box should appear above this reply. :) So, drinks are on me tonight. Enjoy.

Haha, thanks a lot :D

Can you tell me is there s dedicated Team/Staff tab in the admin section where one can create staff profiles, website links, fb, twitter, etc?

Hey! The theme uses atemplate builder element for each team member you want to display. This can then look something like this:

The builder element allows you to add image, title, social media etc Hope this helps :)

Hi Kriesi, this is a great theme – congratulations! I have a 3-column setup, however the padding between each column is too large. Can you please tell me how to reduce the padding between columns?


Hey! Unfortunately that would require to edit the grid system that is used be the theme (in grid.css) and I really cant recommend that, since not only is it a complicated change but it might also break various parts of the theme if not done correctly…

I purchased this theme for a web hosting provider company, before a month i hire a person to design a theme for me hosting company he uploaded a nulled theme.

I purchase enfold for the same site, but i think its very difficult to customize your theme, i choose this due to top 2nd position.

but its now useless for me :(

Hey! Where exactly do you have trouble with? Maybe we can help if you provide us with some more information?


I’d like to have a one page site, having in header Features, Team, others, accesible from header to the sections like in

I’ve seen and read that it’s possible to have a “one page portfolio”, but I’d like more “Homev1” and, the most important that can’t see, access from header to the sections in the same page.

I’d like to click in Some Enfold Core Features or About us, in the header, and access to the section in the same page, not going other, am I explaining? Would be possible?


Hey! I am not sure if I understand everythin 100% but I am pretty sure that you can do with enfold what you are trying to accomplish So if you want to build a one page portfolio with similar elements as in home v1 and the main menu linking to the sections: this is easily done, yes


Well, I’m in:

all right?

I’d like that in header menu, when I click “Features”, I go to “Showcasing your work has never been more fun”, when I click “Headers”, I go to “Some Enfold Core Features”, when I click “Portfolio” I go to “About us”, all of them in the first home/one/single page!

Better? :-)

Yep thats easily possible :)

You just need to name each of those sections (you can do that in the backend in the advanced layout editor) and foe example name them contact, about-us, etc.

Then create a menu in your backend at appearance->menu and link to #contact and #about-us :)

Hello, I’m after some help!

I want a slider with logos running along the bottom of my homepage (which I know how to create) and each logo needs to link to a selection of portfolio entries that relate to that specific company. Each logo needs to link to a different set of portfolio entries. I already have a set of portfolio categories defined which slices up the portfolio entries on another level for another page. Any ideas how I set this up?

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site along with the description on what you want to accomplish :)

it will work for webhosting company ?, please let me so i can try

Ah, yes of course it will work :)

you can do this for me?, there are only few static pages

Hey! Sorry we ourself cant offer a service like that (sorry if that came across wrong in my previous answer, I thought you simply wanted to hire a freelancer for this job)

For small task like this I would recommend to hire a developer for a few hours at :)

Also let me know, how do i rate this theme ?

You can rate the theme at your accounts download section :)