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HELP PLEASE! Hi Kriesi, I ve just bought Enfold, and when i wanted to register to the support forum, I pasted de purchase code correctly, and mispelled my email!! When i wanted to try again it says: “SORRY, BUT THAT ITEM PURCHASE CODE HAS ALREADY BEEN REGISTERED WITH ANOTHER ACCOUNT. PLEASE LOGIN TO THAT ACCOUNT TO CONTINUE, OR CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT WITH ANOTHER PURCHASE CODE.”

Any way to solve this?! Sorry for my mistake ;)

great. I re-sent the password ;)

Awesome! Works great!

glad i could help :)

Hi, A few questions : 1. Does the page builder works on custom post types (not Enfold’s ones) ? 2. Is it possible to disable the sidebar on custom post types, meaning work with a full width layout ? 3. Are they known conflicts with Visual Composer plugin ?

Thanks a lot. Cheers Eric

Couldn’t wait. Have bought it ! But quite a big surprise : I couldn’t find a way to allow comments on Pages … and I suspect this is not foreseen by the theme …

Yes thats true, the page template does not use the comment function. sorry for the late reply, I was away for the weekend :/

You can add the request to our request list though, maybe we will find the time to add it in one of the next versions:

Is this available as a regular theme outside of WP?

Not sure what you mean by regular theme :) It is only available as a WordPress Theme and needs to be run on a self hosted installation of wordpress :)


Hab wieder eine Frage. Ich habe mir das plugin installiert welches du empfiehlst für den shop. ich bekomme die rechte sidebar einfach nicht raus. Wenn ich eine neue Seite anlege kann ich diese einfach mit no sidebar ausschalten. Sobald diese Seite als shop fungiert, kommt die sidebar…


Freut mich dass ich helfen konnte, schönen Gruss aus Wien ;)

.. hat nicht lange gehalten. Fullscreen kann ich es auf allen seiten einstellen welche mit dem shop zu tun haben, ausser beim shop selbst. advanced template builder, kannst mir das etwas näher, für duumys erklären?

Wenn du eine neue page machst kannst du den advanced template builder aktivieren und dann unter “plugin Elements” ein shop element hinzufügen. danach noch das layout der page in der sidebar auf fullwidth ändern. das sollts gewesen sein :)

HI, I used the support link and went to you support page however I can’t find the answer in the forum, how do I contact you directly? I have an this error appearing:

Warning: trim() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/fanfulla/public_html/wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/slideshow.php on line 448

Need to know hoe to remove it. Website is

cheers Kinnear

Hey! Have you created a thread in our support forum as well?

if not please do so, its much easier to keep track of conversations there:

I have gone onto your site and registered however I can’t see where I can raise a topic, that is why I contacted you through here. I can search but not post a new one, can you please advise me on what I might be doing wrong as it shouldn’t be too hard.

Hey! if logged in you should be able to find the new thread form at the bottom of this page:

I am not sure what is causing the issue but for a quickfix you should be able to open the file enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/slideshow.php and scroll down to line 448, and there replace the word trim with @trim

Will investigate the issue further :)


My portfolio_entries page shows ten product pictures, the last one more. I want to a page shows that nine product pictures. my link:

please help me.


Hey! The setting that is used to control the number of posts is located at settings->reading :)


Glad I could help :)

Dear Kriesi

I am going to develop a website in English and Arabic with two separate WP installation. I liked you theme very much but my problem with RTL support.

How can i get it. Thanks

Hey! An RTL stylesheet is planned for Januuary next year with version 2.6 :)

If you need it earlier you would need to hire someone to do the job for you :)

Dear Kriesi

I am going to develop a website in English and Arabic with two separate WP installation. I liked you theme very much but my problem with RTL support.

How can i get it. Thanks

Please see the previous answer :)

I would like to say that I love this theme so much.

I have sidebar in the blog with last news. Is it possilbe to setup this site bar withoud the pictures?

See my page (sidebar on the right):

Best Regards, Tomek


add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
.news-thumb {
display: none;

It works. Thank you.

glad i could help

Which of your themes would you recommend that is most similar in layout and functionality to for example:

Its for a clients video portfolio hosted on vimeo.

Unfortunately none of my themes really matches the layout and style of the one you linked here, sorry. Enfold is certainly our most flexible theme but even with Enfold you would need to do some code customizations if you want it very similar…

Hi Kriesi,

Before to buy your theme, I try all the features and I found a little bug with PrettyPhoto Lightbox on mobile device.

When I rotate the view and reorient the device, pretty photo doesn’t not refresh the frame and it create a lot of bugs with size view. You will think to fix this issue?

Hey! Thanks for the notification. I have reported it to the prettyphoto creator so it can get fixed with the next version :)

Thanks, I answer by email :)

Hei Kriesi, take a look to message :)

Hey. please check your email for rtl now.

Hello, just bought this theme – very nice, good work! How can I change the length of the excerpt? If I try this in functions.php, nothing happens:

function custom_excerpt_length( $length ) { return 20; } add_filter( 'excerpt_length', 'custom_excerpt_length', 999 );


Hey! Depends on which excerpt we are talking about? If you want to change the length of the blog entries on the blog overview page:

you need to use the read more tag here:

Hi Kresi,

Im trying to set up a gallery so when I click on an image it reloads fullsize in a new window – the theme seems to automatically point the link to a scaled version at 1030px across not the fullsize image – its driving me mental.

What do I need to do?

Hey! Not sure what exactly you want to do but this might need some theme customization. Mind opening up a thread in our support forum with some more information and a link to your site so we can decide whether this is easy enough to be covered by our support?

Hi there I would like to purchased asap your theme but first I need to confirm one thing:

1. Can I have 2 BIG call-to-action buttons in the slider place like here (

2. Can I implement key figures like here in the bar bellow the video

Thanks, Alex

1.) If you want to use buttons this big i would recommend to use images and place them within the layerslider so the automatically scale well on smaller devices. But if done that way it would work fine :)

2.) Unfortunately at this point there is no shortcode or element for something like this. you would need to use a statistics or graph plugin for that…

I’ve looked everywhere, but I cant find this function:

Is there a way to disable the sidebar on portfolio pages? It looks like it is linked to “Sidebar on Single Post Pages”, but i do want to display it on blogs, just not the portfolio. Or at least that the portfolio pages have a different sidebar, without setting the sidebar page by page.

Guess you are talking of portfolio single pages? there is currently no global option for that, sorry, you need to edit the setting for each entry

Hi! I’m new to this board. I’m interested in buying this theme but I’m concerned about the navigation bar which does not seem to be docked on the tablet and mobile versions. I like the fact that it’s docked while I scroll the page and that it retracts (logo gets smaller) on the desktop version, but on the tablet & mobile version, I “lose” the navigation! Is it possible to have it docked and/or have a short menu on the tablet/mobile versions? This is decisive in my buying this theme. Thanks for your help! Alex

Hey Alex! Since mobile devices need as much screen real estate as possible for the content we decided to “undock” the menu on tablets and and phones. Also, a lot of older android devices have big problems with the css “fixed” property that is used to stick the menu to the top. It can be changed but it would require some css changes :)

Hi – client’s site requires to have inner pages with left and right sidebars. Before I purchase the theme, is there an easy way to do that?

Hey! Unfortunately not really. the closest thing would be to use the template builder with a 1/4 – 2/4 – 1/4 page layout but I could only recommend this if you would use it on a few pages. applying it across the site would probably not the best solution…

I send you an email from themeforest where I indicate you another theme where prettyphoto issue is fixed?

Thanks :)

Yep I got the link, thanks for that :)


I would like to know, if you have a demo access for the admin, to try the Page Builder.

Also, with bbPress integration… can I create a support center?

Thanks, Fran.

Hey! Unfortunately not. To see the builder in action we currently only got our tutorial videos:

I use the bpress plugin for my support forum so its definitely possible: