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Hey there Kriesi… I can’t seem to figure out how to create a forum?.... can you point me in the right direction?...

Since I didn’t import the dummy content, I’m wondering if it was a page you set up… but is it something I can build with the content elements? If so… what do I use to do that?...

Thanks so much!

Hey! You need to install the plugin and activate it, once that is done you can create new forums in your wordpress backend :)

Hello Kriesi. I am new to use your theme.can you please tell me how to add new iconbox ,when we creating a new page in theme. Thanku

Hey! Easiest way is to open the new page, switch to advanced layout editor and insert a column element. (eg 1/3) then change the tab to “content elements” and into the column add an icon box element :)


how do i get the shopping basket to appear when using this theme with woo commerce?

The basket appears as soon as woocommerce is activated and the user adds a product to the cart :)

hi please look at

I am trying to change the hover colour of the drop down menu, what is the css to do this?

Guess you are talking about the hover color of the first level menu items? this should work:
.header_color .main_menu ul:first-child > li a:hover{


I want to change what’s displayed on the 404 page. How do I do that?


Hey! Currently you would need to edit the template 404.php file in your enfold theme folder

Cool Themes…. I have a few website, i will consider this theme for my Interior Design Car Picture website and my other website


I can’t find how to disable the overlay on the images when there is a link on them. I use Nextgen Gallery, I could disable the overlay for the images with the “NoLightbox” class, but for the albums it doesn’t work since it is just a link and not a lightbox. So here is my question : how can I disable this overlay ?


After updating WP and Enfold the widgets are back to the roots, all content ist lost.. Seems like a bug.

Ah they just are under the inactive widgets -> had to drag it again up and that was all. Problem solved :-)

What is the main difference between this theme and avada?I have 2 sites and one of them with avada and for the other one I am looking for a similar but not the same theme. ThanX Paula :


is there a feature set and ETA for v2.5 ?

thx for your great work & support!


Happy Holidays!... When adding content to a layer slider… is there a way to import a Photoshop file with all the layers?... or do I have to export each individual layer from Photoshop as a PNG and then import each individual layer through the library…


It appears you removed ability to rename portfolio item slug on theme update. Is that true? How can I change slug manually? All my portfolio pages are now erroring out with a 404 message because I had changed my portfolio slug.

Hi, need help. my client purchased this theme and has problem on the layerslider not being responsive. this is the site.


Great theme! I have a question: When I place custom div tags or any kind of code in a text box in the Advanced Layout Editor, then save my progress, the text box erases my code. Is there a setting or something I’m missing? Please advise.

Thanks you!

Hi, I was wondering how easy is it to edit this theme after initial set up? Usually I use HTML based themes so I am not that familiar with WP, but my friend wants me to set up something for him so he can easily edit it in the future without any HTML knowledge.


search the menu is not responding, can you help me?

I want to purchase this theme but have some confusion,that is- can i install this theme on local & after customization can i move on live server

Hey !! Folks Anyone can reply

Hey! Sorry for the late reply, answers are always a little slow around christmas :)

As for your question: yes of course thats possible :)

i cant login in support system :( i´ve got problems integrating wp_affiliate and enfold and i don´t know why!!

Hi, I have a question about the main slider. I want to place ? block with text that will always remain in the same place on all slides (motionless). Slides will change, and the text will remain. How can I do this?

Thank you for the good theme!

Good day. I purchased your theme and have a question. I spent hours looking through your theme options and through Google Chrome’s inspect element, but was unable to find out how to change the font size for certain elements of the website. Please tell me how and where to change the font sizes for the paragraph tag, for H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 tags. No where in your options do you allow this and I need to know how to. Thanks.