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Can you please let me know how to change the format for the contact email/result page (it appears in one line, like: Name: testContact Number: 10101010E-Mail: 2323@test.comFax: 282828Enquiry: qwrqwrqwr ). which is quite confusing!

I want to set it as list format for example:





Thanks for your help.

Hm. Cant tell for sure but updating the folder “framework” might help :)

Tried that, didn’t work. Thanks

Mind opening a thread in our support forum with link to your site and a description of the problem? We might need your login credentials to check this further but first I would like to check which version the various parts of the theme are currently running and if the update worked properly :)

Hello Kriesi, On the main navigation, how can I change the normal (not hover state) text from light gray, to to black? Is it in the dynamic – css. php or elsewhere to make these changes.

Also if possible how to change hover state bg to a solid color? Ahead Thx for your time.

Kriesi, I have to apologize, I made a silly mistake. I pulled your fix-up codes from email not from here, in the comments section, which in email it had added pre- your code , where it dawned on me when looking in comments section pre> wasn’t in code at all. So for you and everyone here, Both of Kiesi’s Fixes worked flawless. Again I apologize. But do have to say your direct responses with us it great, showing how serious you are about your product today and for the future, giving me validity in your product. Thx for what you do, it was much needed, for everyone else, no matter what potential customers are viewing the theme on, from desktop to tablet to mobile, Android to IOS, it views perfectly, loads in less than 3 seconds, giving them and Google the experience they want. And that my friend is why I chose your theme, versatility and speed! Thx Again

thanks for the nice testimonial :)

YW cus it’s True! Thx Again and look forward towards the future changes and updates.

Kriesi, this is a fantastic theme! It’s truly a masterpiece, which makes developing a professional-grade website a simple task.

After building a website with it, I have run into a couple situations where having different style progress bars would be really nice. Specifically, the things I think would like are circular progress bars, solid progress bars (currently only striped is possible), and being able to have text show on the progress bar without the shading behind it (which currently covers the progress bar so you can’t see how much of the bar is filled). Is there any chance you could incorporate these variations in a future update? The best example I could find is in the Flexform theme (

Thanks in advance! And thank you for all the hard work you put into this theme!

hey! Thanks for the suggestions, I added it to my “possible”-todo list ;)

glad you like the theme ;)

Hi guys, if you go to and click on the image it brings up 2 light boxes… Please assist, not sure why this is happening to all the portfolio images.

Hey! Must be a plugin that adds a second lightbox to the theme. Any running that might do this?

Yes it happens to me also!! When you click an image it brings to modal boxes. I use Responsive Lightbox from dfactory is there anyway we could disable and also take off the .js files so it does not load for nothing in double? Because the lightbox that the theme is using is not quite mobile friendly. Please advice.

P.s. Images are key to showcase work or products therefore a simple integration of a true responsive lightbox could be a huge add on. Like many authors are doing.


you can disable the default lightbox by opening the file js/avia.js and removing line 55:


2.5 will not include that header option. new header options will be added in 2.6 :)

Ok perfect thanks for the quick reply. Will a header option in 2.6 version resemble that one of the elision theme?

Chances are good :)

If you are a real developer and plan to make significant changes, skip this theme. It is BAD news. Child theming does not work if you want to change more than a few styles. The containers are totally screwed up. For example, the entire viewport is 200-500 pixels larger than what is shown on the screen. Which means theme updates can be catastrophes. Also, the responsive design was made desktop first. Max width media queries abound.

Hey! I am actually not sure what exactly you want to do that doesnt work. Child themes work perfectly fine as can be seen on

I have changed a lot there, without ever touching the core theme :) Would be glad to hear what you are trying to do and what didn’t work out, since I am pretty sure its possible…

Hi How can I make my shopping page woo commerce With the home page slide show above it?

I will appreciate your help


Hi The slider works thanks But the issue comes when I want to add my products just like the woo commerce page listing the products and price Sincerely


You mean the product grid? If I do that them the shop page with products shows a link to the product listed with a category

What am I missing? I will appreciate your help



mind opening a thread in out support forum with a link to your site and the description of the problem. not sure exactly what the problem is without seeing what you have currently set up in the layout builder…

I can’t find my purchase code and I need help with my logo being large but also the entire header resizing when i scroll.

Hey! Here is a description on how to get the purchase code so you can open a forum thread:


Why the layer slider didn´t start automatically like in your demo version? in my case it´s stopped an i don´t know why… They are any preferences to do? I didn´t find anything… – please hep – BR

Hey! Mind openening a thread in our support forum with link to your site and maybe a description or screenshot of your layerslider settings:

In a One Page design, there is any option that the fixed menu can show the section we are located while we scroll? Maybe illuminating the menu item?... I’ve seen that once you click on a menu item this item doesn’t keep illuminated or marked to know where we are. Any idea?

What do you mean with “real one page”?

my site uses a main menu that links to other pages. a real one page site would use the main menu to link to various sections of a single page. if the theme is used that way the active menu item will be highlighted correctly :)

Ok.. Thanks! I’ve allready purchased the theme.. Good work.

7 Months ago you had a solution for making the iPad show the Mobile Menu when it is vertical.

You solution was open up the ” avia.js “ file and to find…

if(first_level_items > 8 && !bottom_menu)

And to replace it with …

if(first_level_items > 1 && !bottom_menu)

Now in version 2.4.5 the code is nowhere to be found.

We really need this “Mobile Menu” to display on iPads because the right menu and the dropdowns bleed right off the page

Please let us know what to modify and where.

Also, please consider adding this “Mobile Menu” option for tablets to the admin panel in the next update.

Thanks in advance.

- turner2f

Hey! Actually the code was rewritten to not be based on the number of menu items, which was the case previously, but based on the length of the menu.

It should display the default menu only if it fits, otherwise display the mobile button. If this doesnt work for you please open a thread in our support forum ;)

How do we get the far right dropdown menus to float left so that they do not bleed off the web page?

Thanks in advance.

- turner2f

Depending on the number of menu items we could probably write a custom css rule for this but not without knowing the id of the menu item.

If you want us to help with that please open a thread in our support forum with a link to your site so we can check the id in your source code :)

To add to turner2f, I would make this an option, because 90 percent of consumers want to see the full site when viewing on their iPad in the vertical position including the Navigational menu. Maybe you want to try to cut down on the tabs (5-6 max, I find works well before logo rides over first tab) and merge into drop downs or move navigation menu down to its own container (in a previous fix I saw in the comments) and add logo/ header above menu giving you more room for more tabs. Just food for thought, but definitely would suggest to make it an option instead of a standard to keep bounce rate down.

Hi, I have 2 pre purchase questions.

1. Can i have the ajax portfolio as my home page instead of the slider?

2. Can i have side navigation instead of top navigation?

1.) yes of course

2.) the main navigation only works on the top, sorry. you could have an additional navigation in your sidebar but removing the top nav would unfortunately not work out of the box

Is Enfold version 2.4.5 ready for WordPress 3.8.1 ?

Or should I wait ?

Works fine :) We encountered some small styling glitches in the backend but nothing that causes any problems. Next version will remove those glitches as well ;)

Looking to potentially purchase this theme, but need to make sure it is compatible with PHP 5.4 as my hosting site is upgrading now. Can you please confirm? Thanks!

Hey! The theme works fine on my local 5.4 testserver, so in most cases it should work fine on yours too ;)


Is it easy to add a login & subscribe pop up window in the header ?

Thank you

Hey! Its not possible out of the box. you would need to use a plugin for this, similar to this one:

Hello !

I just create my first website with enfold theme. I have a problem with the enfold theme options. Actually, I can’t edit the “styling” options. When I change an item like color, I “save all changes”, but when I check my webpage, nothing have change… Can you explain me what’s happen ?


Not without seeing the actual homepage :) Mind openening a thread in our support forum at

Please add a link to your site and a list of all plugins you are running. maybe one of them is causing the problem :)

Thanks, I have already disable all the plugins. You can see my homepage : Currently, for example, there’s a problem with the color of the menu (it should be blue) and the footer (it should be black), there’s a problem with the font too. xx


Is it possible to have testimonials in a widget area or do we have to put the testimonials content element manually on every page?


only thing you could do is to use the shortcode generator in default editor mode and generate a testimonial shortcode, then paste that shortcode into a text widget :)

Hey, I want to insert a mailto Link for the social service for every team member on my page. Can you help?

Hey! Not sure what exactly you want to accomplish. are you talking about the team member element?