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Hi, I just updated to the latest version of Enfold and all of a sudden my menu settings changed and when I go to click on menu to check the settings it looks like the css has disapeared. I’m also getting an error below it that says

Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/jencjones/public_html/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 525

Please help

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum?

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you are running any plugins that might interfere with the theme :)

Hi, first of all thanks for this great update. But I would like to know if this new version of Enfold is fully compatible with the new WooCommerce 2.1


Please wait another day or two with updating woocommerce. we are currently testing ourself and with the help of existing buyers will fix any issues we find as soon as possible :)

In the most recent version 2.5 it looks like the CTA button option is selectable in the fullwidth easy slider but not in the easy slider

Yes. The easy slider is not really big enough, especially on mobile devices to display a button at all so we left that option out for the moment…

‘bout time you added the background video stuff! Great work, keep it up! :)

PS: Since Chrome doesn’t have any smooth scrolling by default, how about adding a smooth scroller? The parallax stuff would benefit a lot… :D

If probably would look nicer but changing the browsers default behavior in that way is nothing I really consider. I actually hate it when some scripts change the way my window scroll and I wouldn’t want to force that on anyone :P

Hi there Kriesi,

I almost bought an other theme solely because of the video support. I decided to pick up Enfold instead and am delighted to see that now it also has this feature. Spectacular work! Just wanted to say thanks. :)

Glad you like it :)

Seen this ? Would you say it would work for enfold?


Hey! Since this is no wordpress plugin you would need to build it into the theme yourself by modifying it. that will work based on your php and javascrip knowledge :)


Making it so that we can easily choose more than one layerslider module to use at the same time so that we can define which one shows responsively. For instance…the full website slider isn’t really going to look great on a phone since it will be too small to see detail. So if we could set some IF statements for if the screen width is 480px or less, then use the phone optimized slider. If it is between 481px and 768px, then use the tablet version. And so on. You know….kinda how like you have the theme setup for its different responsive modes?

We’re talking about an extra meg or so of data for the smaller, mobile version. Not exactly a data plan killer.

But will reduce the overall loading speed dramatically when you are not on good connection. I happen to live in vienna where we got overall great connectivity for our devices, much better than most locations in the US as I have been told, and I still find myself waiting too long for mobile sites to load.

If you really think this is a good solution for you there is an easy way to do it:

add 2 layersliders with the template builder beneath each other. Each one gets a unique id by default. Then add a simple css rule with media queries that hides one if you are on a small screen and displays the other.

But I REALLY would advise against it…

Adding something like this to your quickcss field in enfold->styling should do the trick


@media only screen and (max-width: 767px)

Hi guys!! is it me or the parallax on this theme is hardly noticeable?? is it possible to make it a little visible? or have control on the speed? here is a more visible parallax page

kindly advice

Hey! The parallax effect is more subtle by default but we might add some option to modify the speed of the element :)

thanks for the suggestion ;)

On the previous page, I had a question for see the theme options. I post me comment here so you can not overlooked it. I would have liked to look at the possibilities. I doubt between 2 themes and the basics of the possibilities of the themes can make my choice.

1.) Is it possible behind the envelop your email typing, so that visitors can see him clearly standing without clicking.

2.) Is there a possibility (or plan to add this in the future) to make fancy headers and overlapping sliders like The7?

3.) The top tabs are boring on your demo, can they make a little more spectacular? And can they make without lines around them?

4.) What content boulder are you using, can I use a demo to try? Because you always use it for everything on your site, so must simple work with it. And can you use it in fullscreen mode?

5.) Can you use content boulder also for blog post?

6.) Is it possible to make 2 (or more) different blogs? For exemple like news and product information? And linking from main menu Without category between it.

7.) Can you put down testimonials, partners, team and benefits in separate sections in the back end?

8.) Can you change the font size of the navigation menu?

9.) Can you change the heading settings (H1 to H6 tags)?

10.) Can you set a favicon in the settings?

11.) Do you support related posts?

12.) Do you support internal link building for pre-specified keywords?

13.) Do you support out of the box defending for spam comments?

14.) How can I set the language to Dutch?

15.) I don’t want to use a pull down menu. I want to use tabs for it. Is it possible to use the content boulder in the tabs?

1.) Still not sure but I think the answer is no

2.) with the next few versions. I cant tell exactly because there are some other themes in need of updates

3.) Yes you can add a hover color with custom.css – its just nothing we will add ourself

5.) Probably not, because of they way templates are created

7.) well you can save them as template snippets and insert them into multiple parts of the theme but it lacks the flexibility of a database

12.) Since I have never done this before I cant really recommend a good plugin for that, sorry

You can ask simple questions in the forum but based on the amount of pre sales questions you got I can already tell that we will probably send you to a developer at one point or another.

Support covers setup of the theme and help if something is not working but if you need 10 customizations, no matter how small this is a job for a freelancer and not the support team :)

Hi Kriesi,

Cheers for your answers. I think I will buy your theme. The options in The7 with the facy headers and overlapping sliders are beautiful. That’s why I doubted so much between that one and yours.

It would be great if your content builder would also available for posts. I think many people will like this new update.

No, I think not 10 customizations. The font size modification is only if it does not fit. And propably for remove some border on tabs and FAQ. And I mean that you going including in a new update the hover color for tabs?

Thanks again for the excellent pre-purchase support!


Will see what we can do to match the header of the7 :)

Hoever the template builder for posts will probably never come…

Font size and removing some borders or changing some colors is not a problem for the support team. We can probably also help with the hover color but It won’t be added to a theme update :)

Hi, I need remove INTERESTING LINKS from footer, I use only 1 column without text.

Hey! If you edit the code the changes would be lost with the next update. If you use a theme setting a theme update wont affect it.

What you are trying to do is get rid of all footer widgets am I right?

Then go to your backend at enfold->footer and set the “Default Footer Widgets & Socket Settings” to display only the socket but no widgets.

No, I need position for widgeds but text remove. Because i have footer as image with text in image. I need only remove text…

since I cant see what exactly I am dealing with:

you can edit/remove the text of the dummy widget in file enfold/includes/admin/register-widget-area.php at the bottom at around line 95-100

Hi Kriesi!

I´ve got a problem with the mega menu. You show on your side that it is possible to use mega menu where it is easier to move the menu items up and down with the blue arrows. Unfortunately I cannot see this page, I have written in german only “Menüs bearbeiten”, but no “Headers” and no “Submenu” option on top. There are also no blue arrows on the items to go up and down.

Thanks in advance for you help ;) Krisz

Hey! Du solltest die positionen einfach per drag and drop verändern können, die pfeile sind eigentlich nur aktiv wenn javascript deaktiviert ist.

Der Screenshot ist aus ner älteren wordpress version aber es sollte dir möglich sein ein “Headers” oder “Submenu” menü selbst anzulegen indem du auf den “create a new menu” link am beginn der seite klickst :)

Sorry für meine späte Rückmeldung, und nochmals vielen Dank für den Support! LG Krisz

You are welcome ;)

Hi Kriesi

Thanks for the new update. Great with video background and video in easy slider. I have briefly tested it with IE11, Chrome, Safari, Firefox. Works! An issue with ipad I hope you can solve: It does not automaticly play video, but I guess thats because mobile devices in general do not automaticly play video. BUT it is NOT possible to make it play AT ALL by pushing the play-button!? I am loading video from vimeo+ (but I guess that is irrelevant?) and have tried various settings without any result.

very best regards

Thanks for your reply. I will try that tomorrow. Any idea what has happened – and what I could do not to make it happen again? I really like your theme and intend to buy further copies for more customers, so I will only have to learn “how to…”, best practices etc for this one theme :)

best regards

Hey! No idea what happened here. I will test it locally and see if I can somehow reproduce the issue :)

OK, thanks again!

Best theme I’ve picked up to date.. does every job under the sun.

I do have one questions though..

It it possible t make a google maps widget the full width on a page with no padding on the widget/map container, where the rest of the content on that page is boxed layout.

All the best and thanks for a sweet theme..:)

Hey! Currently not, at least not without customization but we will add a new maps template builder element with one of the next updates that does that job :)

Super.. happy to wait :) many thanks for the quick reply and time with this.. All the best for now..

I just wanted to say to anyone thinking of buying this theme that it is the only theme you will EVER need.

The theme is easy to work with for non-developers.

It is updated frequently, and with great new features that WORK with the newest versions of wordpress.

And if you have trouble, the support staff is excellent, in fact probably the best I have ever experienced. Very quick to reply and ALWAYS solves the problem. ALWAYS very helpful. In fact, they may even go the extra mile and teach you something you didn’t know.

This theme is worth way more than what the price is.

Excellent product and superb support!

Thanks a lot for that great testimonial :)

This is the greatest theme i have on the 20 i use. i will now only use your theme for future client … thanks

I am in pre prod for a new client that will have woocommerce and bbpress. i need to have a layer slider on all pages but some page are not listed. internal plugin page , so i can’t put the shortcode.

could you tell my where, file name, on with line i can put the php code for havind my layer slider showing on all pages.

home my english is not so bad ( french)


Hey! the easiest way is probably to edit the header.php file. you could add the code for the layerslider directly bellow the main div.

For your convenience i have also added a hook to the end of the file so if you download version 2.5.2 once its approved (should be in a few ours) you can execute functions like this:

add_action('ava_after_main_container', 'my_custom_function');

function my_custom_function()
 // execute code for layerslider or what not

such a function could then be placed in the child theme of your customers or in the functions.php file

Hi kriesi they are some issues on Safari 7 and IE9 with the new elements . greetz Naci

Hey Naci!

Would you mind to describe those issue? Its working fine for me so any information you can provide would help :)

Hi Christian!

How can I make a larger button that the option “larger”?

you would need to modify the css again. if you drop me a link to your site that holds the button I can help with that

Hi Kriesi,

Great theme! I only have one strange problem. When I hover over images, the text, right of those images, jumps under the image.

Can I fix this?

See :


Siegfried Geryl


You have admin access (see private reply) on

The printscreens are here for the other visitors :)

Let me know if you have no acces but it should work ;)

Thanks for your support! You’re the best :D

This solved this problem:

Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under Styling tab

.entry-content a { display: inline!important; }

Thanks Yagit!

Glad the team could help :)

Hi Kriesi!

recently I had to deal with a website that requests a menu made of abbreviations so here is my ‘wish list’ for future improvements: - menu’s voices with the ‘alt’ feature so when you hover the abbreviation one may see the detailed description Hope you may consider this and improve soon the theme so to use it soon !

Tks for your great job, my best regards.

Noted ;)

Hi, May I know the instant Search feature support Chinese Language? And how many character does it need to input at least? (usually 2 characters in Latin, but we need 1 character in Chinese)

Hey! It should work with chinese but the current char query is 3.

However changing that is rather easy, there is a function in the js/ajax.js file in line 1385 that accepts a parameter that is set to:

minChars: 3

if this is changed to

minChars: 1

the search will be triggered after the first keystroke