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I’m thinking about purchasing Enfold to launch a travel offshoot of my other very highly trafficked site and was wondering if it’s possible to install/embed an Expedia Affiliate widget into the header?

Where would the widget code be added?

2) On the other hand, if I wanted instead to just design a ROW on my main page to contain this widget, would that be possible as well and how might you recommend the best way to accomplish this?

I am including the widget code for your review and possible testing.

Thank you.

[whoa, long code removed]


1.) Unfortunately I cannot test this widget code that way. There is no real widget area in the header, so you would either need to hook into the header.php file to add the widget and then style it or add it directly to the header.php file

2.) the easiest way would be to insert a shortcode that generates the widget code. if this is a wordpress plugin it probably already comes with a shortcode that you can use…

PS: I flagged your comment so the support team can remove the widget code, it really makes no sense to post it here and clutters up the page for people trying to inform themselves :)

Video addition is absolutely gold.
How about a few more header styles. No pressure.

on top of my list ;)

1) How do we change the font color of the text fields for the contact form ?

I was able to do a CSS modification for the “Text Area”, but not for the “Text Fields”

2) How do we change border colors for the contact form ?

Nevermind, I figured it out…

#top .avia_ajax_form .text_input, #top .avia_ajax_form .select, #top .avia_ajax_form .text_area{
color: #0498bd;

.text_input {
color: #0498bd !important;


- turner2f,

Great :)

At this point I would ask you to please post all future requests in the forum. I know that its sometimes faster to get an answer here, but I try to keep this comment thread as clean as possible for pre sale questions :)

OK. Will do.


A few comments above there was a request for more header styles and you replied that they are on top of your list. When we should expect it please?

I would like to have something like Navigation under the logo but without social icons, to be able to increase the height of the menu, to disable the lines between titles and to change the colour independently of the rest of the header.

Thank you!

Got no ETA for this since there are a few other themes in need of an update but I will try to add it to the next version :)

In the meantime could you please tell if & how I can make “Header with bottom menu + social media icons” fixed and shrinking?

Thank you!

add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
#top #header {
position: fixed;

#top #main{

this would stick the header to the top. I am afraid making it shrink would take some work in the javascript files, and there is no easy solution for this…

Sorry Kriesi,

but with 2.5 I see that pretty photo issue on mobile devices with pinch and rotation was not fixed


Hey! which issue exactly are you talking about :)

It’s very simple to reproduce. Open a pretty photo image and rotate the tablet. Image will not center and if you pinch to zoom out, you can see that you go out from the body and see a gray background out of the main body. Is ended you an email some month ago about this issue

You’re probably already working on it, but when updating to WooCommerce 2.1 (or 2.1.1) the catalog tab dissappears, which makes adjusting settings like shop items per page very hard.

Yep, woocommerce removed the tab. the latest theme version (2.5.2) adds the settings to chose items per page and columns to the products tab ;)

I just want to document this here for future reference…


(1) Concerning how to customize the sidebar for the “404 Page” see:

- OR -

(2) Concerning how to make the default 404 sidebar disappear see:



thanks :)

Hi, I tried to upload more fontello icons to the theme, but I got this message:

Couldn’t add the font. The script returned the following error:

Fatal error: Class ‘ZipArchive’ not found in /web/htdocs/ on line 103

ZipArchive is a class that is installed on most of the servers that run php. if its not on your server your hosting provider is running a rather unusual setup and I would simply ask if he could install the package. more often than not hosting providers do not have any problems with that :)

So, if they do not, I suppose I can’t install icons, right?

Not really no. It might be possible for a developer to add the necessary files and database entries by hand but there is no easy workaround I am afraid…

Hey ! please check your email :D

Feature Request -

The ability to add custom ids or classes to regular content sections, or at least the ability to use the color section other than full width.

For example:

I’ve had to hack this essentially to get the dark background behind the form. I need to be able to leave this site in the hands of the business owner soon and he won’t be able to create new landing pages with encapsulated forms because I have to grab the classes from the page specific avia numbered sections.

If I’m being dumb and there is a better way to do this (that can be easily duplicated) please feel free to call me out. : )

Thanks and thanks for the great theme!

Unfortunately there is (currently) no easy way to add a custom css class to columns. The request makes sense and I will think about a way to add this to the builder, although I am pretty sure it might take a while, since unfortunately when I first built the column element I didn’t consider this :/

Looks like the best solution is to use a widget area. This actually works pretty well because I can use varying forms to pull location data for my signups and I can style this as I like. Will do for now! Thanks for your response.

Glad you found a workaround for now and thanks for the suggestion :)

Hi - Just upgraded to 2.5 and have some strangeness with Layerslider. Going to open a thread in your support but briefly here is the situation.

Prior to 2.5 Update we have been testing Enfold with “your” Layerslider disabled, and using separate Layerslider plugin, to test out the new video features while waiting for your upgrade. All was working well.

We run a development site on localhost, and after installing the 2.5 upgrade all is seamless…

However, when we deploy to the staging server two things happen: 1/ the exported slider from the localhost site imports into the staging site, but we lose all transitions and timings. I can workaround by having both sites open and copy/pasting between them, but as we go from dev – staging -live often, I am concerned there is an issue. There is no problem with the exported JSON file – if I bring it into another Layerslider install it imports fine.

2/ The second thing is the strange part. The Layerslider interface on the dev (localhost) installation is different from the remote staging installation. Specifically the tabs for each layer. On localhost, they appear as: Basic / Options / Link / Style / Attributes On remote server they are: Content / Transition / Link / Styles / Attributes

Everything is running WP 3.8. Both Enfold installs done from the same Enfold package at the same time. Any idea what is happening?

Unfortunately no idea at the moment sorry. Since you say you have already opened a thread in our support forum mind adding a link to your server as well so we can take a look at the front end and possible at the backend.

Are both installations running the layerslider that comes with the theme or is one running the plugin version?

thats the strange thing – upgraded both to 2.5 with bundled Layerslider – will follow up in support forum.

k thanks. this might need some more investigation :)

Hi possibly answered previously but was wondering if the theme has support for anchor points on the single page layout? Or if this is something coming soon?

Thanks Andy

Already available :)

You need to use the color section layout element and then when editing the element apply a unique id like “contact”. you can then link to to scroll to that point

How can i show the articles of my home page, like the image in the link below, without having the sidebar? blog Thanks

Hey! And which blog settings are you using in Enfold->General Settins->Blog Style?

If changing those settings doesnt work please let me know in our forum at so we can investigate the issue further. Might be a bug and its easier for me and my team to have a discussion in our forum where we can get login details etc…

thanks :)

Great theme so far…kudos! What I really need (desperately) however, is to add in my uploaded hosted .mp4, .webm, and .ogv video(s) to use in the slider (Homepage)and other areas as backgrounds with text.

I have been considering the move from the Salient Theme to yours as I like more of the features and ease of use and after reading that recent updates would include this option…I went ahead and made the move.

However, after getting the theme and setting it up, I don’t see any options for this or instruction info to help me do it…despite all the talk that it can be done?

I hope I didn’t make a mistake on switching theme now. I really need to get this working so any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks again!

Just purchased the theme so I would assume it is current. I found out how do the background through color section…great!

You missed the point about ”...add in my uploaded hosted .mp4, .webm, and .ogv video(s) to use in the slider (Homepage)...”

This is the most priority. I need to get the video in the slider! I need to display video as the first thing visitors see upon arriving to the site. And no, not imbedded, full width slider as Salient example: I want to be able to link these videos from the Media area (self hosted). Hope this explains it better now.

Thank you

Ok, only after adding a slider element inside page setup, I found the option to add video. Great, perfect. We’re making progress. You sure don’t make easy though.

NOW, where are the options for changing the “caption” style?? Example: You have the option to include caption with your video slide but the text is small, color white, and it automatically puts a transparent background behind. That’s not a problem IF we can change these options. (i.e. transparency, font color, size etc.).

I see there’s options for this in “Layerslider” but….not in the other ones.

Please let me know how I can accomplish this.

Cheers Joe

Hey Joe!

The Easyslider is called “easy” because it only offers a few options and should enable users to quickly build slideshow without worring about too many options. Thus the caption styles are limited to the few options you can see. If you need a different look you can either ask for help in our forum at or you can use the layerslider which offers a lot more options :)

Im wondering if there is any way to change the color of the Icons within the template? They are currently grey and would like to change them to turquoise. Where would I find these files to change color either with photoshop or Code?

Hey! If you post me a link to your site and to the icons you want to change I can provide you with a small css snippet that you can enter in your theme backend that will change the color :)

Can I call a wp page with the layout builder? I have a page built with owned php and i need to make de homepage with a box (1/1) with it. Its possible?

Hey! What you are trying to do is to load a wordpress template file into a 1/1 column element is that correct?

If so, by default this is not possible, unless you want to use an iframe which you could simply add to a text element…


How can I run a Fullscreen Slideshow with Youtube video and display it in high resolution video? Vimeo with no problems, but I can not see youtube videos in high resolution from the first second of the video.

Thank you.

Hey! The theme automatically appends the parameter to the url that requests youtube to send a HD stream. Not sure why youtube wouldn’t send the correct format.

If you check the source code of the embedded iframe, does it contain a hd=1 parameter? (If you dont know how to check that you can also send me a url to yours site and I will :) )

May. Fixed. Thanks for everything.

Great to hear :)

Hi, I’ve downloaded last version 2.5.2 and tried to update the version previously installed and working (2.5) UNSUCCESSFULLY ! The new theme resulted corrupted and website not viewable and accessible any more! I could only return to 1.3 version that was the one I purchased last year. Of course it is missing of lots of features and upgrades and so the website is not even the shadow of what it was before trying to update to 2.5.2. I’ve tried to recover the previous version 2.5 and/or 2.5.1 but no way as in the download area there is only the 2.5.2 that gave me lots of PROBLEMS! As you may figure out, this is very URGENT for me as I need to have sliders and all other features running properly. Please help! thank you !

Hey! Not sure why the auto update would not work but the easiest way to get the latest version is to download the files here:

You can then either update the theme via ftp, or delete the old theme in your wordpress backend and upload the new one :)

Post, pages, etc should not be affected if the theme is temporarily deleted…

Hi, I have some new questions:

1.) Is this theme natively support one of (free) event calendar or booking plugin? what I think: installing the plugin, the new insertable object appears in the layout builder to use it

2.) Is it possible in the Contact form, that select element not select from comma seperated values, but selects from the name of the portfolio items, from selected category?

Thanks cstibi


1.) No template builder elements but this one seems to be the favorite among our users:

Shortcodes should of course work :)

2.) It is probably possible but not ouf the box. It would require a developer about 2 hours to custom code this into the theme I guess

Thanks for your answer

You are welcome :)

When will theme be optimized for WP 3.8.1 ?

And will it be ready for WooCoomerce 2.1.2 ?



already done…