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the vimeo or youtube video in the fullscreen slider doesn’t work all time, sometimes it loads and sometimes not, i really can’t figure out why. I’m afraid to publish the site with not being able to handle the video visibility. Kindly check it on , its the first thing on the homepage. Please advise

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum?Seems to work fine for me but we got a few poeple who reported similar problems and might need more information about setup, browser etc



I’ve been searching the documentation and this forum, but i can’t seem te find it anywhere: how do I create a parallax section? Thanks for helping me out here!

Best, Jeroen

Hey! you just add a color section in the layout builder, then edit the section and add a background image. once you have added the image a few additional options will appear and you can then select “parallax” from the “Background Attachment” option

Advanced Layout Editor post add? found Congratulations

I love you

Its not really a supported option but if really necessary it works. shortcodes work fine of course :)

thank you very nice theme the design is really very nice

thanks :)

Hi there.. on a testimonials page, it would be handy to be able to view the image in full when clicked. Is this possible, or if not what would be the closest method to adopt? Thanks !

Hey! Sorry for the late reply. Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently on a short road trip and only can answer easy questions since I got no access to the enfold files ;)

Sure.. have done :) Hope you’re driving fast & safe ;)

thanks. and of course ;)

Hi, Is there any RTL included? If not, do you have any plan for it? Thanks.

Hey! RTL will be added at the beginning of the next month. the RTL CSS file is pretty much ready, we just need to transfer funds to our contractor now and receive the files which might take a little :)

Hi I really like your theme options wonderful to be honest. I need to know however if i can make the size of the video frames show in a layout like this theme . I hope i dont offend you by posting another persons theme but to be honest there theme is not easy to work with and the only thing interesting is the fact that they have a very nice video display layout. from an esthetics perspective.

Guess you are talking about the video grid bellow the slider? The tempalte builder would allow such a layout but it wouldnt be something that is easily updated (adding a video wont automatically move all other videos a slot further down the line like a blog)

I am really interested in this theme and wanted to buy. I have parallel plex hosting with godaddy and worried if this theme run well with godaddy wordpress application as godaddy do a lot of restriction in the type of scripts that is in the theme….

Hey! Can’t remember about many godaddy related threads so I would assume it works fine in most cases. However I can’t guarantee that it works on the “parallel plex” plan because I simply don’t know what that is and if it affects the theme ;D

Hello And Congratulations for the theme I want to ask when i hover the mouse to this page in the pic to the left with the pensil to protected post he show me the content of the post. is this normal?

Not sure what you mean. The posts is protected for me so clicking it doesnt show the actual content, it just shows the login form for me :) -This is what I mean.On hover I must see this? Thank You :)

Ah thanks! that seems to be a bug. we will fix that in the next version :)


I have a blog page that is showing the page title as “Archive for category: News.” I just want it to show “News.” Can you help me figure out how to do that, please?

You can see it here:



Hey Lindsay!

Sorry for the late reply. Seems you already solved the issue? :)

Yes, it is resolved now. Thanks!

Great, thanks for the notice :)

Question: On the 4 column portfolio do have pagination? I see it on the 3 column. Thanks.

Compliment: Beautiful template! Well thought out for store front and presentation. I have purchase many templates and non compare!

Hey! Yes, the pagination is displayed based on the options you enter in the portfolio element and whether or not you have more than that many items :)

Hi! Excellent code and template…. congratulations… I would like to know if I can create a private area (User login) where can I place specific content? Also, How make it multi-language? Thank you in advanced!



The theme does not support any user login protected areas out of the box but as far as I know there are quite a few plugin solutions out there that should work fine with the theme :)

The theme supports the wpml plugin for multilanguage

Hi Kriesi super Theme, benutze so far another famous WP theme, but would like to change possible to yours . so quick the mega menu , can you implement or add pics into it.. ? thanks ;-)

Yes, thats possible. you just need to add the html img tag in there :)

This would be great if the lightbox function allowed video. If it does, you should show it in the demo. In the Preview the portfolio says “video” but they’re just images in reality.

Hey! It acutally does :)

If you use this link:

click on the “video” filter and hover over item #3 you will see a play symbol instead of the default overlay. clicking it will open a lightbox video :)

That’s great. Thanks!

you are welcome :)


How do I change the font for the website? Like, the font for everything. I have a CSS issue and I need to fix it. The only fix would be to switch fonts.

Fonts – such as the font used for menu links.

Hey! The fonts are changed in the enfold->styling tab in your backend. If you want to apply another custom font or another default font feel free to open up a thread in our support forum with link to your website and description of what you want to accomplish :)

How to adjust gap between links in the drop down menus that drops from the header main menu. By default there is a big gap between links due to which the drop down menu touches the bottom status bar of the browser if there are around 4 links. Please advise how to fix this !

Hey! Would you mind describing your problem in detail or sending me a screenshot or link to your site. I am not quite sure what you are talking about :)

Please check the screenshot at ... The red marked big gap between two links I want to reduce.

Hey! This looks very weird. Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? Please add this screenshot and also a screenshot of your backend settings so we can try to reproduce the error and tell you what to change (or if its a bug change it with an update)

Adding a link to the site might also help :)

Hi, As you haven’t replied to my reply from two days ago (you did with others but not mine) I’m posting the question again here in hopes I get an answer.

Previous question: 2 days ago

Ok, only after adding a slider element inside page setup, I found the option to add video. Great, perfect. We’re making progress. You sure don’t make easy though!

1. NOW, where are the options for changing the “caption” style?? Example: You have the option to include caption with your video slide but the text is small, color white, and it automatically puts a transparent background behind. That’s not a problem IF we can change these options. (i.e. transparency, font color, size etc.).

I see there’s options for this in “Layerslider” but….not in the other ones.

Please let me know how I can accomplish this.

Cheers Joe

Hey Joe!

I replied to the previous request. sorry for the late reply I am currently on a short trip and have a hard time getting solid internet connection :)

I would recommend to use our support forum at for any problems you encounter :)

Wow, what a joke. First you make me wait over three days…then you tell me I should use the forum to find answers??

I guess you’re selective on who you decide you help. I see you answer other peoples questions. Guess I’m on my own…thanks for nothing!

Hey! I am sorry for that and yes, since I was only answering from an iPad I couldn’t really fix problems that required me to take a look at the source code or any files.

Also please note that on my profile, as well as on the themes support tab I state that support is provided via forum only. The item comments are reserved for pre-sale questions…

There is a reason I send you guys to the support forum and one of the reasons is that I am not always available (I am just one person, how could I? ) However we have a team of 5 people answering in the forums :)

Before to purchase I need this info:

is it possible to add photoswipe function? I have tested your demo site, and found that only a particular slider has swipe capability, but every other galleries doesn’t

Hey! The sliders got that by default, unfortunately the galleries do not, at least at this point…

Thanks. Please, consider Photoswipe instead of PrettyPhoto for mobile

Also, about PrettyPhoto, I can’t see any social icon below photos opened with PrettyPhoto on your theme: have you modifyed it? Is there an option to enable or disable them?

Thank you

thanks for the link. yes they are disabled by default but can easily be re ativated.

in the file js/avia.js at around line 960 the prettyPhoto function is called with social tools set to empty. if that parameter is removed it will display the soical icons :)

Hi, Yet another question, issue with the Partner/Logo element. They don’t load very well…distorted and tight together. All my logos are exactly the same height but still It doesn’t resize them very well.

Is there a way to separate the logos evenly? Like the demo pages?

After loading all the logos I noticed they are all tight together with no way to separate them. I tried using the Masonry Gallery instead and noticed you have a feature to this (Gap between elements) and they resize images perfectly. Only thing is this element doesn’t auto scroll so I can’t use it.

Thanks for the help!

Please see the answer to your latest post :)

Hi Kriesi,

Is the current version v2.5.2 instead of v2.5.0? And with this v2.5.2, it would be compatible with WooCommerce v2.1.2?

Thank you.

Thanks, awesome!

But it would be great if this is mentioned on the front page as it is still stated as v2.5.0.

Hey! Minor releases usually play well together. The theme changelog is located on the bottom of the item-page ;)

Change log didn’t mention about v2.5.2, only v2.5.0. So, that’s how I came here but already downloaded and tested v2.5.2. Working awesomely. Thank you.

Hi Kriesi,

Is there anyway I can customise the image ‘alt’ tags on your sliders?

Thank you,


Hey! This depends on which slider you are using? :)

Hi Kriesi,

I’m using the LayerSlider WP as configured by default after installing the demo content.

I have added them in the standard way through the image library, but they seem to be over written by the slider to “01”, “02” etc.

Also I’ve noticed the theme is scoring potentially punishably low page speed scores, in googles page speed analyser I’m getting scores of 42 & 49. I have tried WP Super Cache but it doesn’t seem to make any difference, can you recommend any plugins that work well with this theme to increase page speed?

Thank you,


Hey! The layerslider currently does not support that option as far as I know, will need to check if the next version that will come with the next enfold update will offer the option.

As for page speed: I would recommend the wp supercache plugin as well as the better wp-minify plugin to optimize the speed.