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Thank you for the great Theme! it is one of my favourites!

My client’s website using “enfold” just went live today and the first blog post was published, but there are two problems:

1) The sharing buttons only show up under pages not under the blog page and also not under the blog posts (despite the settings being right – see screenshot)

2) Under the comment section my newsletter plugin ads a field but it lacks some CSS (see screenshot)

Link to the site is

Can you help us? Thank you.



Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? My support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us which plugns you are using so we can try and reproduce/fix the issues.

add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling to remove the allowed tags list:
.form-allowed-tags {
display: none;

glad I could help :)

So, I have Enfold and it is great, and I really like the pagebuilder and Kriesis thoughts about a theme should be a theme.

But only one thing missing, either release page builder as a plugin or switch to visual composer.

I know you have said it before, is this ever going to happend?

Hey! Although it is possible to extract the page builder if its necessary its currently nothing I really consider a great option, so releasing the builder as a standalone plugin for the public probably wont happen soon…

here is another good reason to make it a plugin, the option to switch theme and if you do you have to buy the plugin, more money to you:)

Is there any way I can add an a “attach file” button to a form” So people can upload a file?

Also, I purchased this a while ago and have noticed that in the updated version the icon bob icons are clickable. Can I change this for my site?


1) not with the default form builder that comes with the theme. you would need to use a plugin for that

2.) if you update the theme to the latest version you should be able to easily use that option in your iconboxes :)

Does this theme provide page navigation links underneath blog posts and archive listings for sites that have numbered pages?

Yes, both should work just fine :)

Okay, but is adding the WP-PageNavi plugin recommended?

Should not be necessary :)

When I was logging in as admin and when I view the site, the admin bar on the top is away. When I set another theme then I see the admin bar as well.

I used InstantWP to build my website over again. You now what the error is?


I have figured it out the problem was this plug-in which is installed by default on InstantWP: WP Native Dashboard You already know this problem?

Hm, no I have never heard of it. also without having an url to check the source code its quite hard for me to help and fix the issue. It might be that your testserver is running on a low memory setting. Mind sending me a screenshot of the html code of the start page. there should be a html comment blog that says

“Debugging Info for Theme support”

This might help me :)

Sorry I have allready delete this plug-in because I used only the dutch language, so I don’t need it. But some server stuf I think you can’t change something.

Here’s something from the debugging info

<!— Debugging Info for Theme support:

Theme: Enfold Version: 2.5.2 Installed: enfold AviaFramework Version: 1.8.6 AviaBuilder Version: 0.5 ML:128-PU:31-PLA:4 —>

Hi, after installing woocommerce (the old version 2.0), it requested to have woocommerce pages to be installed. Normally other theme with support of woocommerce will include these pages when the dummy data is imported (I have imported the dummy data and found no woocommerce pages). Does enfold have its own custom woocommerce pages or just relies on the default woocommerce pages?

If using the default woocommerce pages, will the general styling be the same as the enfold theme?

Thank you in advance.

Thank you :)

You are welcome :)


Your theme references 10+ CSS files. Do you have a compressed version?


I would recommend to use the execellent better wp minify plugin which combines css and js files for you and also minifes them if required :)

I am also using this on the theme demo and it makes more sense to use it than to use a separate set of compressed css files :)

Hello, please is it possible to add elements from right sidebar on the right side of menu, or above menu? I have custom social icons and language switch as widgets: and I need to put it on the right side of main menu or above. Thank you.

Hey! If you use one of the various other header layouts its possible to add social icons there. if you use wpml the theme will also display a language switch automatically :)

Hi , I’m looking into purchasing this theme but I have a question regarding icon sets. My business is a specialty trade business so the standard icon sets for most premium themes are usually the same and don’t have the kind of icons associated with my business. There’s a site that has many icon sets the link is I was wondering if there was a way to import or somehow use one of the icon sets they provide with this theme. Thanks in advance for the help

Hey! The theme supports importing different icon sets is they are based on iconfonts.

We usually recommend to use an iconfront from where you can select and create your own.

Can’t really tell if designdeck icons would be supported. If those are image based icons then importing is not possible…

Forgive me if I sound a little blunt but… I haven’t had replies to my repeated questions for over three days and could really use the support with using your theme. As such I will try again by posting a summary here and as well open a ticket to hopefully get a response.

1. Where are the options for changing the “caption” style?? Example: You have the option to include caption with your video slide but the text is small, color white, and it automatically puts a transparent background behind. That’s not a problem IF we can change these options. (i.e. transparency, font color, size etc.).

2. Having an issue with the Partner/Logo element. They don’t load very well…distorted and tight together. All my logos are exactly the same height but still It doesn’t resize them very well. Is there a way to separate the logos evenly? Like the demo pages?

After loading all the logos I noticed they are all tight together with no way to separate them so I tried using the “Masonry Gallery” instead (as a fix)and noticed you have a feature for this (Gap between elements) and they resize images perfectly. Only thing is… this element doesn’t auto scroll to show multiple logos(images) so I can’t use it. Please let me know how I can accomplish this.

3. How do I change the font size and color of text on individual pages (not globally) without effecting the rest of my formatting?

4. Every time I “Bold” text in the text editor, it automatically styles the text with link color. I need to just bold text WITHOUT picking up these global settings.

Appreciate your help!!! Joe

Hey Joe!

I replied to the previous request. sorry for the late reply I am currently on a short trip and have a hard time getting solid internet connection and cant really help with any requests :)

I would recommend to use our support forum at for any problems you encounter :)

2.) as for #2 please post a link to your site when you open a forum thread so we can take a look at the issue

3+4) probably also require some small css changes which my team can provide, but as with #2 a link would be mandatory :)

Hi Kriesi I just bought your fantastic theme for a client and I will have to buy another one for the next customer. Could you provide a new dummy as the current demo? Thank you so much for this beautiful theme

Great, thanks

I’ve updated my Italian translation a week ago in your support forum for this version. I hope that will be included in the next update. Greetings

Thanks a lot :)

Hello! I was wondering if you could help me with something. I’m helping out on a site that uses Enfold (another developer set it up). The site was set up with no main menu showing, but instead has the menu links in the sidebar using JQuery Accordian Menu widget (client wanted vertical nav). The sidebar wasn’t displaying on mobile, so I tried pasting in some CSS you recommended in another post to make it display.

So now that I’ve done that, of course my sidebar nav shows beneath the body content, as expected. I see now that the pop-up nav for mobile is showing, but since there is no menu specified as “main menu,” it’s empty.

My question is… is there anyway to HIDE the main menu when viewing on desktop, and then show the main menu drop-down (pop-up) for mobile ONLY? I’d rather continue hiding the sidebar for mobile, if possible. Hope that makes sense.

The site in question:

Thank you in advance!


Yikes. Something got screwed up. As soon as I added a menu for the header, it now displays in my header all the time and I can’t get rid of it. I hate walking into someone else’s job.

I figured it out. I added: .main_menu ul { display: none; }

Great to hear :)

Hi Kriesi,

We’re looking to build a one page single scroll website and we’re trying to figure out how embed the video in our top slider.

We like the style of “Home v7: One Page Portfolio” and we want to be able to add the video into the slider (just like the second slide here: The goal is to have both text and an embed video.

Could you please provide us with step by step instructions on how to do this?

Thanks! :)

Hey! Please see your previous question…

Hello Kriesi,

I just need to remove the ”?” sign in the verifier section of the contact form. So, instead of saying, for example, “8 + 3 = ?” the label reads: “8 + 3 = ”.

Thanks, :)

Guess the only option that doesnt require changing the php code is to simply hide it by adding this css rule to your backend at enfold->styling in the quick css field:

.value_verifier_label {
overflow: hidden;
width: 38px;
white-space: nowrap;

Perfect! Thanks

You are welcome! :)

Can I hire you or find freelancer to re design my website base on your template?

If yes, pls show me how

Hey! You can hire our partner agency “WerkPress”:

the are very familiar with our themes :)


I’m considering buying this theme, but the parrallax doesn’t seem to work in Internet Explorer?

We have checked in both IE 8, IE 9, IE 10 & IE 11 and in none of these is it working? We have checked in Windows 7 Prof…

Hm this is weird. Works fine for me but I will see what I can do and if I can reproduce the issue :)

Yes please do…8) I will see if I can check in other Windows versions…

Hi Kriesi,

already using CHOICES and EUNOIA, I’ve discovered ENFOLD for one of my next projects (film festival). Before purchase, a few questions about the masonry portfolio:

1) Can I set the masonry overview to display the single items ajaxed?

2) I’m in doubt what happens showing long movie titles as portfolio title. Breaking the text or hiding the image?

3) Or can I display image and text not overlayed but successively and show the masonry item with a flexible height? I think, most themeforest clients know “masonry” as flexible ordering without a horizontal line.

Thanks a lot Bernd

No that wouldn’t mess up the layout but it certainly wouldnt look as polished :) In that case I would simply set a css rule for a minimum height of the content area. We can provide that if necessary and once you are done setting up the portfolio :)

Hi Kriesi, thanks for your promise. I think I’ll try it. Best regards, Bernd

Have fun ;)

I’ve had this theme for a week and finding it to be one of the most frustrating, time consuming themes to setup. Simple things like setting the site’s colors from menus to headings.

Avada wins hands down in terms of setting up a sites colour styling.

Every little thing, one needs to scour the support forum or do a search in this comment section.

The page builder is great, but the time spent working with the css for basic things, cancels out time spent with page builder. There are some great elements to it. I won’t be using this theme again.

i do love the full width slider and the gallery options

Thanks for your opinion :)

We are in the process of improving the CSS styling options from the backend but since I consider the avada options panel quite bloated I don’t want to follow that route, therefore our solution takes a little longer but will hopefully be as advanced as our layout editor when compared to other themes :)

Can you remove the animation when you move over the image? I would hope that only the image moves slightly when you hover the mouse over it.

Are you talking about removing the overlay on linked images?

That would work like this:


I have a quick question. I would like to place some text above my blog posts. Can you tell me how I can do that?


Hey! Currently with the default blog there is no real way to do that, unlesss you want to edit the index.php file directly. what you could do is create a custom page, switch to the advanced layout editor and add your textblock above a blog element…