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Hi again

How can I add widget to header?

Hey! I am sorry this is currently not possible. you would need to add the widget code directly to the header.php file

You wrote this one: “Whether you have never touched a line of code or are a WordPress-Ninja, this theme is built for users of all skill levels…”

Are you sure about this? i am not that expert but i am interested to buy your template. I had an experience i bought a template and i got very SIMPLE simple that is mean i have to build from the scratch.

Hey! Most of our customers are really happy with the template builder. Although I can’t guarantee that you like the way the theme works I think the rating speaks for itself.

You can take a look at some of the template builder videos here. If you can grasp the concept I am pretty sure you wont have a problem:

Hi, How can i disable just the logo auto resize on header? i still want to use the fixed header…


Hey! Currently not possible but the next version (2.6) will offer that option ;)

Should arrive during the next week ;)


you are welcome :)

Hi There,

Pre-purchase questions

Is there a limit to the number of images that can be displayed in a portfolio? I noticed at the bottom of some of the portfolios in the demo there is a ‘Load More’ I would rather have all the images on the page if possible.

When viewing the demo on my phone. The portfolio options all display as a single column. Is it possible to have the whole portfolio display or alternately display in 2 or 3 columns rather than the responsive design defaulting to one column only?



1.) yes any number is possible

2.) that would require some small css modifications. we can help with that once you have set up your site :)

Thanks so much! I’ve purchased the theme & reading through the documentation. Looking forward to building my site. :-)

All the best with your purchase :) Have fun!

I see there is a drag and drop page builder. Do I need to use the shortcodes to enter the content or is the content also available in a drag and drop way? If it is what are the shortcodes for? Do the offer more possibilities? Thanks.


Shortcodes and layout builder are basically the same system. You can use either one of them but the end result is the same. i of course would recommend to use the layout builder since its much easier to use :)


How do i change the menu layout to this

I can’t find it in your header or menu layout option.

Kindly assist.

Hey! You can change the header in your backend at enfold->header. just use the dropdown to select different header types :)

Thanks.. I am getting 2 scrollers.. why is this happening

mind dropping me a link?

Can you help me with Color Sections? I added a color section to my home page and I only want the revolution slider in this area. I have a text box below that that’s not in the color section, but it’s filling the page content area too. I also want to add a sidebar that begins below the color section/slider. I tried adding another color section to set it back to the content color, but that just pushes the sidebar below the content. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any assistance is much appreciated!


Yes thats actually behaving as intended. Color sections are always fullwidth so you either deactivate the sidebar on that page and work with columns inside the color section or you remove the color section :)

Thanks. I don’t know why I’m having such a time with this. All I want is a slider that’s the full-with of the content area (1130px) underneath the navigation, then underneath that, the content at the left and a right sidebar. I know this can be done, but on mine, the sidebar is directly under the nav and reducing the size of my slider. Last time I’ll bug you! ;)

Make sure to use the correct slideshow element. if the revolution slider plugin is installed you should get a new template builder element in the tab “plugin additions”. use this to display the slider and you are good to go :)

Does Enfold have the option to have Shopping Cart options for the header? Mainly looking for the ajax cart and login/account links.

hey! the cart buttons appears automatically once an item was added to the cart. you can also set a secondary menu with a menu of your choice, like login, account etc

Hi, How can i change the elements vertical order on the responsive view? my site is rtl so i need the elements vertical order will be reversed…i’m talking about text blocks, images, etc…


Hey! We will add an RTL stylesheet with an update next week that should heavily improve the behavior of RTL sites…


One Proble after updating to 2.5.4 – my hole pages messed up because the “white space” between my page builder parts are not the same as before. I realized that the white space for example 50px dont uply in pixels anymore..??? When i put it only to 2 it outputs nearly 20 to 30 pixels…

Please have a look to this issue Chris


Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum?

Please add a link to your site so we can take a look at the issue and try to reproduce the problem…


Good job!

I have one question please : i entered that css on your theme to NOT resize the logo when scrolling down : height: 88px !important; line-height: 88px !important; }

header_main .container, .main_menu ul:first-child > li a {

But now my submenu has a huge spave between items when develop it on the menu.

What can i do please?



the link of the website : i installed the last update of the theme I installed your css to keep the size of the logo when scrolling down. see by yourself that the submenu space between items is huge. and the name of the page on left part under the logo is missplaced. for final after the update i lost my widget “transposh” i integrated into your header (the two flags).

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey! I am not sure if you have made any customizations or css changes to the header but I cant reproduce the problem. since the current version is 2.6.2 and you are running 2.6.1 please do an update first so we can rule out any previous bugs :)


Me again…

How can erase the author and posted on posts?


not sure if this is what you are looking for (if its not please describe in more detail what you want to accomplish.)

Add this to your backend at Enfold->styling into the quick css field:

.text-sep-cat, .blog-author {
display: none;

I can’t upload wordpress (by adding new theme) on the main page. I just simply clicked the downloaded folder (All of it) in zip format. But it didnt even go throuh when I clicked install, nth happens! What to do?

Noted that I use (Wordpress Managed package offer by godaddy) so basically I logged in through godaddy to enter admin panel unlike most users. Can I use that exact folder I downloaded from themeforest to add theme. Or do I need to extract the file first or something?

Hey! You either need to extract the folder and only upload the “enfold” folder or when you are on the download page you make sure to download “theme files only”


How can I get a sidebar navigation like the one you have on this site?

I mean, where you put the sidebar in the right side below a full width element in the top? I’ve also seen where you put the sidebar in the left side in the top, and underneath a full width element…

So how do you devide the sidebar navigation?

Cheers Michael

Hey! If you use a color section element the sidebar will always be pushed down. You can also simply just add the widget element in oyur template builder into a column shortcode and display a sidebar in there :)

I want to eastablish a Multilingual web by your theme,but I can’t find a place to modify some itemes,For example,’leave a reply’,’comments’,etc. When i want to establish spanish web,how to change ‘leave a reply’,’comments’ etc. by english.

Hey! If you want to runt the website with multiple languages you will need a plugin like WPML for that. If you simply want to run a spanish website make sure to install the spanish wordpress version and the theme will also appear in spanish :)

Hi kriesi! I made my project with ENFOLD using the woocommerce plugin. I create my own product catalogue display page (the landing shop page) using Enfold pages because I wanted to change the image sizes and with a fullwith layer slyder WP on the top. I have two problems: 1. if I set this own page in woocommmerce (woocommerce settings – product options – Product and shop page) as my catalogue display page, the fullwith layer slyder dont work. 2. Secondly when I’m at my chart page and its empty there is a button to return to the shop but doesn’t work. Once clicked reloads the same page. I think because I didnt define my product and shop page in woocommerce settings. Thank you for your help

Hi, I have huge bug on explorer.. cant see some text block and buttons texts…

Hey! Mind opening a thread in our support forum at

At the time of writing this I dont have access to IE, but my team will take care of you :)


you are welcome :)

Hello Kriesi, congrats for the great theme. I’d just like to know if there’s any kind of out of the box shortcode for counters, just like “delivered projects”, “customers count”, “cafes takens”, etc. I’ve seen a very good one on Brooklyn theme and would like to know if you have something like that, before I jump in Enfold. Thank you!

Hey! Currently not but I have already created such a shortcode as a plugin and I am using in on my site. will arrive with one of the next updates here as well :)

Sounds great. Thank you!

you are welcome :)

Hey! you shouldnt worry to much about that. most of these errors are from the styleswitcher plugin that allos to preview multiple skins. a few are from the layerslider which are also fixed in the latest version ;)

Hi, Kriesi. Thanks for the awesome theme.

I’m currently doing some tests before my website go to the web. Meanshile I’ve checked the theme takes until 8 or 10 seconds to load.

Some tips to get the theme faster? Please help me.


Thanks in advance.



Funny, its actually much faster for me when I test your demo. what you can try is to use a caching plugin like wp-supercache and a script minifier like better wp minify.

Those 2 should heavily improve performance of any wordpress theme out there :)

Hi, Kriesi. I’ve just installed the plugin “WP-Minify” and the website looks like better for now! Thanks you very much!

great :)