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Could you please add the theme setting for the translator? I bought theme GOODSPACE,FLATCO. In their theme setting,i could tranlate some element letter when i want to eastablish other langue web. For example,LEAVE A REPLY (BLOG),CONTINUE READING (BLOG) ,BY (BLOG/PORTFOLIO) ,TAG,COMMENT (BLOG/PORTFOLIO) ,etc. I find that you don’t add the theme setting for the traslator. Could you understand ?It’s very easy for you to add the theme setting. Could you update for it and add this function?


I dont think that a translator should be part of a theme. There are multiple plugins that can do the job and have a dedicated team behind them, so I would recommend to simply use one of those :)

Hi A pre-buy question. Do you support any membership plugin? Also, on demo I saw a blog to be password protected. Is that feature included in theme? How does it work? I could not find any documentation on that. Please let me know. Thanks


Most membership plugins should work fine with the theme :) The protected blog post is a default wordpress features. When writing a post or page you can set the post to be protected by a password:


I have used the theme before and really like it so i want to use it again. But before i purchase a new license I have a question. Is it possible to make a one page site with this theme? Kinda like homepage version 7 but than with top navigation for the sections instead of pages?



Yes. you simply apply a name to each section you use ( like “portfolio” or “contact”) and then create a menu that links to those section ids by adding the anchor tag, eg:


This looks like an amazing theme. I have a pre-purchase question though.

The pricing and data table shortcodes have the $ sign after the number. For example: 50$

But dollars in the USA and Australia (and other countries) are displayed with the dollar sign first. For example: $50

Is there an easy fix for this?


Hey! Thats no problem at all. you simply add $50 instead of 50$ into the textarea in your backend ;)

Haha! Thanks :) I thought the $ was hardcoded. That makes it much easier to use than I thought. Thanks for clarifying :)

Since people need to use this for all kinds of currencies I decided to make the whole thing work without any hardcoded symbols :)

hi… great job!!!

I have a pb with the portfolio categories NOT showing in the masonry one..the one . i am talking about the names of the categories showed above the portfolio itself. The only category showed is the “all” one. What can i do?

Thanks in advance


I just update the theme…problem solved…


Glad you found it! :)

Playing with it, friends.

Hi kriesi! I bought twice your theme and I’m very happy with the results
I made one of my projects with ENFOLD using the woocommerce plugin. I create my own product catalogue display page (the landing shop page) using Enfold pages because I wanted to change the image sizes and with a fullwith layer slyder WP on the top. I have two problems:
1. if I set this own page in woocommmerce (woocommerce settings – product options – Product and shop page) as my catalogue display page, the fullwith layer slyder dont work.
2. Secondly when I’m at my chart page and its empty there is a button to return to the shop but doesn’t work. Once clicked reloads the same page. I think because I didnt define my product and shop page in woocommerce settings. Thank you for your help


1) the layerslider is set to only work on pages that use the advanced layout editor (since it requires dedicated html markup), so you would need to build a custom shop page with the advanced editor by adding the layout editor and afterwards your products from the products element

2.) that might be the case, yes. is there a reason why you didnt set those pages? as far as i know woocommerce needs them to operate flawlessly… Thats not really anything that is changed by the theme :)

Thank you Kiresi… For the point 1, I already created a custom shop page with the advanced editor. But this page can’t be defined in Woocommerce settings as my product-shop page because if I do it, the fullwith slider wont work. May I send you in private my link to the project so you can see the problem?... Thank you

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes. If you want to send the link in private you can open the thread with the error description first and then add a “private reply” that only you and moderators will see

on updating the them all my png images are not anymore showing the transparency… any quick tip to reload all the png files fastly?


Hey! I cant imagine that this is a theme issue since I can upload PNG files just fine an none of our customer reported similar problems. mind trying to activate the default wordpress theme and upload and embed an image if this also happens?

it was the plugin WP image protect lite that caused the pb…

Sorry for the time.


No worries, glad you solved it :)

Hello, great theme by the way!

In team members, is there a way of the “Add/Edit Social Service or Icon Links” to be a vimeo/youtube link that opens in lightbox?

Thank you very much!!

Hey! This is disabled by default since most people want to use those urls to link to a profile rather than a video. you would need to open the file:

config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/team.php and search for the word “noLightbox” in line 257 and remove it.

Youtube and vimeo links will open in a lightbox then…

Thank you for the quick and precise answer! Going to buy these theme now!

Glad I could help :)

Is there a way to get the icon boxes over an image (as shown on the demo for “contact us” on the main page)?

I don’t see anywhere to edit CSS or add this option

Hey! Its quite simple actually:

You need to add a color section and within that color section add the columns and icon boxes. Then edit the color section by clicking the edit icon at the top left and you will be able to add a background image :)


Can you help me with a support guy guys?

Hey! What exactly do you need?

I was wondering if it’s possible to assign custom body background images for each page separately? So for example I would have backgroundX.jpg on home page and backgroundY.jpg on blog page? Of course I have boxed version of theme in my mind.

The second question is about logo. I need to use 3 different logos assigned to specific pages (imagine that website represents 3 small companies). I guess your theme doesn’t support that feature by default? Do you perhaps have any idea how to implement that, would it be hard to do it?



1.) Not without setting those background iamges via css sorry :/

2.) If you know hot to use wordpress filters: the logo function allows to change the logo programmatically by using the “avf_logo” filter. a function like this in your functions.php file would solve the problem:


function my_logo_filter($url)
    if(is_page('abc')) $url ='/link/to/logo1.png';
    if(is_page('xyz')) $url ='/link/to/logo2.png';
    if(is_page('fgh')) $url ='/link/to/logo3.png';

    return $url;

I’m getting all kinds of odd messages from my contact form and I have the captcha enabled. Can you help me stop this, please?

The messages are like this:

Name: LRboq217 E-Mail:

Message: 94m5 Mens Sunglasses 1h9 6m2 7l7 g321k

Hey! This is quite odd since the captcha works very well for me and my site. i will see if we can improve security with one of the next updates…

Any way to fix this without an update as I don’t want to update the theme?

No. the only way would be to use a plugin instead that allows to set one of those super hard captchas that even frustrates humans _

I bought this theme and it’s amazing! Many thanks! I have only one question: Are you planning to update the LayerSlider plugin to the latest version? I spent a full day searching how to activate the Layer Parallax (available with 5.0.0 and greater) and then I find out that 4.6.5 version came with theme… It was frustrating! :-S

Ha, sorry for that. Version 2.6 of the theme which will arrive soon will use the latest version of the layerslider plugin though :)

Sorry for that! Cheers! Kriesi

Love the theme! One question: How can i get rid of the text (filename) when you hover your mouse over an image from the easy slider.

(walking people)


I have the latest version of Wordpress.

Hm. not sure why this is happening for you. the only other way I could imagine would be to edit the template files directly but I wouldn’t consider this a smart solution, since you would need to edit those files with every new update :/

New theme and Wordpress user question regarding the copyright – any way to automate the copyright year?

I am afraid not by default. However you should be able to use a plugin like this and add the shortcode to the copyright input field:

I have written the 3000. comment for this great theme. Any discount for my next purchase? ;)

Anytime. you just need to convince themeforest to set up a discount system :D

Hello. I need to install a fresh version of the theme because something happened to the stylesheet, which is weird because no one touched it. Anyway, I tried deleting the theme and uploading a new one, but it’s still picking up all of the old settings. I want to rebuild from scratch. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Settings are stored in your database. If you want to get rid of all the settings you would need to remove the database entries assosiated with the theme. its probably easier to whipe the database and set up a new installation, since you dont need to go and search for theme related entries….

Hi, a pre-sale question

It´s compatible with Contact Form 7 and WordPress SEO by Yoast?

Thanks! :D


Yes it is. However we do not include styles for CF7, so you might do a little css styling if you want everything to blend perfectly into the theme :)

if you want to build simple forms though: the theme already comes with a form builder included, that can create various different fields:

Can I add images to the mega menus?


Hey! Yes thats possible :)