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First of all, this is the best theme I’ve ever worked in :)

I’ve just updated the theme to its newest version. Now I have some problems with the testimonials. They are somehow conflicting with the footer. You can see it here:

I have tried to register an account at your support website, but I never receive the password on my email.

Can you help me?

Hey! Actually not sure what exactly the problem is. everything looks fine to me?

Hey Kriesi. Thanks for your reply :)

I had to change the design because of a costumer deadline. I changed the testimonial layout to grids. And what you are seeing now works. But when I change the testimonial layout to slider-function, then the footer lays upon the testimonials. This happened when I updated the theme to 2.5.4.

The lines in the special heading-function also became very light colored after updating the theme, which seems odd. You can see what I mean here:

I have acces to your support site now. If it works better for you, I can just open a thread there? :)

For the future please create a thread in the support forum, yes.

For now: I think I know what you mean with the testimonial slider in 2.5.4 and the next update will fix that.

The very light special heading lines can be fixed by simply re-saving the theme options. The color stylesheet will be re-generated then and that should solve the problem :)

Hi, I bought a template, but I need to add a button to the top menu. Button next to the search icon. Next, I needed to create links to pages but its section such as: Home – products Home – About Us? Do you understand me? Just # links. Thank you for the quick reply


Unfortunately there is currently no option to display a menu item as button though I am currently thinking about that.

Adding section links is possible though. You need to use the advanced layout builder and add color sections. when editing a color section you can apply a unique id, like “contact” or “about-us”

Once that is done go to appearance->menus and add a link with the url #contact or #about-us


Sorry I looked through comments but couldn’t find this one… does this theme come with a social share plugin or do you recommend one that works best with this theme? Thanks in advance.

Hey! No, it currently does not. I plan to include something like that in one of the next versions though.

meanwhile I have heard good things about but to be honest, I have never tested it…

Great I’ll try it.. thanks!


I’m needing to know how I can add custom CSS selectors to these buttons within a shortcode. Is there a way to do that?

For example, on the homepage: I need to add these implementations.

Here’s what I have so far:

[av_button label=’Get Started Now’ link=’' link_target=’’ color=’custom’ custom_bg=’#91cf3a’ custom_font=’#ffffff’ size=’large’ position=’center’ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’ue859’ font=’entypo-fontello’] [av_button label=’Learn More’ link=’manually,' link_target=’’ color=’custom’ custom_bg=’#4095d0’ custom_font=’#ffffff’ size=’large’ position=’center’ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’ueef6’ font=’fontello’]

The issue is that I would like to make the buttons have the same padding.

Thanks, Josh

Hey! if you follow these instructions each shortcode gets an extra field that allows you to set a custom css class:

Hope this is what you need :)

I’m having an issue with the Contact Form. My client wants to change the e-mail he receives when someone fills out the Contact Form. He wants to just remove some of the field headers so he can easily copy and paste data without manually removing the field header. This is extremely simple to do with CF7. However, I don’t like the styling of CF7. I much prefer the styling of your Contact Form in the visual editor. You can see the form here: I want to keep that form looking the exact same, just want to edit the e-mail we receive. How can I do this?

Hey! This is unfortunately nothing easy to pull off. (it might in fact be easier to use CF7 and re-style it)

However: the form message gets generated in the php file framework/php/class-form-generator.php

the send() functions builds the actual html string, unfortunately this is rather complicated to edit. Hope this somehow helps…

I used Gravity Forms instead

Glad to hear that :)

How do i get the latest home page variations, without using dummy data?

When I click on import dummy data, it states:

Importing the dummy data will overwrite your current Theme Option settings and delete any custom Templates you have built with the template Builder. Proceed anyways?

I have my site pretty set already and wouldn’t want to lose anything!

Here is the code:

Simply open a new page and paste the code into the text editor, then switch to the advanced layout editor and save the page. This doesnt work as perfectly as the import dummy data but its still a lot faster than building everything from scratch :)

Support team is very very fast and good. Just perfect :)

Thanks a lot :)


I am assisting a client with a website using this theme. He asked in the avia layout builder, if there’s a way to add and edit alt tags and title tags?

Thanks you in advanced!


The builder itself usually does not allow to do that, however in most cases it simply fetches the image data that is provided in the backend at media->library

Thanks for letting me know. :)

Are you releasing new update today? Please tell me you have included side bar for WC product pages in this update :)

Kriesi mega kudos to your support team they really provide the best support I’ve ever seen! I find so many solutions just searching your forum

Ok, on mobile smart phone layout is there a way to have the current WC products right sidebar display below the woocommerce content rather than where it appears now below the main product image and above tabbed content which is not a good user experience

Hm, no sorry this is currently not possible :/

Ok thanks for now I will try to use @media querry to hide the product page side bar on smart phones

i have Enfold Theme and Enfold Child Theme installed, but both of them have theme update, which theme should i fill in user name and API key?

2) but i do not want to show

thanks i already know how to do that.

link shows how to remove the backlink to, in case you didnt find it yet :)

Hallo Kriesi,

bin stark am Überlegen, mir das Enfold zuzulegen, zwei Fragen vorab dazu:

Zum Einen: Ist die Themeadministration auch auf Deutsch oder nur Englisch einstellbar?

Und das Zweite: Gibt es ein Darstellungsproblem mit dem Footer-Menü ganz unten, wenn das Fenster verkleinert wird? Da schieben sich die Menüeinträge unschön/unbündig ineinander/untereinander, das ist auch beim Theme Demo gut zu beobachten. Abhilfe in Aussicht?

Danke & beste Grüße, Tobias


Ein Großteil des Adminbereichs ist mittlerweile auch auf deutsch zu haben, allerdings noch nicht alles.

Ja, da haben wir im nächsten update schon ein paar kleine styling Korrekturen drinnen :)


Hello. I need to add a file upload section to the contact form. is that possible? Thanks


I am sorry this is currently not possible. you would need to use a dedicated contact form plugin that supports file uploads for that…

Great theme!

Thanks a lot!

  • I didnt see that you had a Forum – I’m registering there.
HI there I’ve got three images in a gallery. No matter what I do I can’t get them to be centered. There is always a fourth area on the right that is grey.

Hey! mind dropping me a link to the page so I can take a look at it?

THANK YOU! I changed the gallery type to “Perfect Grid” and it seems to have solved the issue. Thank you VERY much for the timely help both here and in the forum.. Excellent help. Much appreciated.

glad you solved it. you are welcome :)

Trying to install. I got this error: Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

Directory is writable.

Hey! this does not sound like a theme problem. please try to install any other theme and see if that works. if it doesnt it might be a server problem.

You could also try to create the uploads folder with an ftp programm and set it to chmod 777 so wordpress can add files

Hallo Kriesi,

kann man bei dem Header das Logo in die Mitte legen?

Noch nicht. die option kommt in den nächsten paar tagen mit dem kommenden update :)

Where do you get that side cart on your demo? does that come with enfold or is it a plugin?

hey! you need to activate the woocommerce shop plugin and then add a product to the cart to display it :)

Check out this page: I am going to have 100 exhibitors listed with a photo above and social icons below. (See first two lines. ) When I make an update to the page it disappears. Then I cant even get back into wordpress. I have to walk away and try an hour or so later. Please advise. Is Enfold not able to accommodate this design.? Is there another way I should do this? My client loves it! And I was so excited when I laid it out but now I am afraid it wont acommodate all 100 images when I get them in there. THANK YOU!

Thank you. I guess this is an issue with an issue. :) I registered for you support forum and it told I would receive an email with a password. I did not. It is not in my spam either? email: Thank you! Jodie

Just got it. Thank you for your support!

great :)

I have a question before I buy this theme. I do not like the small map from the contact us page. Is any way to make the map extend all the way across 100% on the header like other themes like kayllas for example?

hey! good timing :) we have that in the next update that will come at the beginning of the next week :)


I’m trying to achieve a very simple thing but it seems it can’t be done properly. At I’m trying to insert an image on homepage with 1130px X 500px dimensions. As per instructions in the forum I’ve got the following result

Could you please take a look and let me know what should be corrected in order to work properly?

Thank you!

hey. not sure what exactly you did there. the easiest way to accomplish this layout should be to add a color section and then when you edit the color section in the layout builder add a minimum height and a background image in the editor


I’ve followed the instructions on the forum but nevermind that…

Now I’ve just followed your tip and created a colour section inside of which I’ve inserted an image. You can see the result on the website. My question is how can I make the image to full body width and at 500px height (now is just 455 px)?

Please be so kind and help me with the custom code to reduce the space between this image and the heading under it (just for the home). For the other pages how can I reduce the space between header menu and image (as in

Thank you!