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Hi! Is there an option to show the categories, as a filter, in the blogs-shortcode?

Thank you, Tania

hey. this is only possible for the masonry blog:

Default Creative Commons license

In the bottom side of “page” section in Enfold, is possible to select the desired kind of CC license.

My question is : where can I setup my own ‘default CC license’? Thank you gio

Hey! I am not sure what you mean by that, mind to elaborate?


i am wondering what kind of the element which in the bottom of the “home V6 classic 4 column” is it a widget or content element? and where i can add my testmonial file?


Thats a partner/logo element (from the media elements tab). what exactly do you mean by testimonial file?


I am very green on this ! I tried import Dummy but somehow it won’t updating the site and when I try Visit Site for preview, it show me this Error 404 – page not found on top but most slider won’t appear ?

Greatly appreciate you can assist me !

Cheers !

Hey! Mind opening a thread in our support forum with a link to your site?


HI Why I can not change text/color in “promobox”? I did it before, but when I did try today – it doesn’t work, I can’t save changes.


Which button? the promobox button? Same way you would edit the promobox content. you just need to scroll down in the modal window a little to see the options

I can not edit promobox and button. Block with button. I put my text and color, click save but nothing is not happening, changes didn’t save.

in this case we might need to take a look at your backend. Mind opening up a thread in our support forum?

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

very weird. never had this one before. might indeed be a javascript problem. mind posting a link to your site?

I use lokalhost at this moment.

Any Plugins running on your local installation that might cause problems? are you running the latest theme and wordpress version?

Hi Kriesi

Just got back from a 2 week Mexican vacation and found that you have updated Enfold twice while I have been gone. Is it ok to update the theme without any issues? please advise.

I also need to know how the licensing works as I will be needing to pay you some more money soon.

My original purchase has gone on a site that is not finished but it is live

I am now working on another site using Enfold but its a few weeks from completion

I will need to purchase another license for this, how do i do this?

Lastly, I know that you get requests for lots of technical additions but I would really like a chunky header option, bottom nav with a larger area above to center a logo. A lot of the sites I have waiting to be moved to Enfold are glamour based and not corporate so I would love to have more flexibility on the header side. I know that changes can be made via CSS but I hate spending time on support forums and I am a complete novice so options out of the box are great for me.

Ive purchased 4 of the top themes and have a developers subscription on ET but only Enfold works for me. If you can throw in some Visual theme updates along with your other stuff then I am a happy man

Cheers Kriesi

Kindest regards



Updating should not casue any problems ;)

To buy a second license for your second project simply hit the purchase button again and get a second copy. you account will receive a second purchase code then if you ever need to verify the purchase :)

The next update will add some more heder options and I am also working on some new styling and skin options. hopefully they are what you need :)

HELLO! I love your site! However, I got very disappponted when I tested it on my samsung note 2. The menu and the tab on the side to change styles didn’t work. Are you guys aware of that? THANKS!


I am sorry, cant really reproduce the issue. the site works fine on my android devices, however I have currently only access to a google nexus 7. Guess you are using google chrome on your samsung phone?

THANKS for your reply! I am using the sprint carrier/provider one that comes with the service.

hm i am not sure which browser this device is using out of the box (we got no sprint here in austria ;) )?

Hi, Is there a way to make the main slider change when I change the language of my website? I am using WPML plugin but I doesn’t seems to work. The slider is always the same no matter which language I choose.

Hey! Since you can set a completely different page for another language you can also create a completely different slider and add it to that page :)

Shouldnt really be a problem to do that :) If you need further instructions I probably need more information on what you want to achieve :)

Hey Kriesi-Team,

I have opended a thread on your support forum with the ticket # 233728 yesterday morning, but still did not get any response from you guys.

Could you please care about my problem and check the problem? There is apparently a coding error, what caused the mess on my site.

Thanks a lot!

Best Regards..

Hey! your post is in our support queue and we will take care of it as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay but we are always a little bit slower on weekends ;)

when you view source: you will find

how do i change enfold to other name?

you would need to change the folder name via ftp on your webserver. however you have to be aware that this might cause issues if you have already set up options for your site since they are based on the theme name

Was planning to heavily use the masonry or blog grid function. In fact a lot of my posts would probably not be viewed by someone clicking through to get the full page blog view. If I set the blog post up with a bulleted list, or maybe a shortcode to access a “highlighter” text function, will these show up on the masonry or blog grid view? Or are those just designed to show raw text and those features don’t show up until you click through to the individual post? Thanks!

Hey! those elements use the post excerpt to display in grid view. which means you can add list items for example in your excerpt and they will show. however shortcodes are not executed and will just display as raw test


Great looking theme. Is there a RTL support coming soon?


Just one question – is there an option in the admin panel to turn it to RTL?

RTL will automatically activate based on the wordpress language you install. so if you are running wordpress in hebrew for example the theme should switch to RTL automatically

Well, Let’s see :)

If you will add a button in the admin panel it will be magnificent, trust me.

Hi, we really like your theme and are about to buy some copies. Since we have also german speaking customers we think it would be a good idea to have a german speaking developer up the sleeve :) Don’t want to offend your design skills but we really don’t like the playful touch of some of your design elements, e.g. circles, white borders or round corners around images, etc. Also some of your elements just appear a bit to large. We prefer an even more minimalistic and sophisticated design like in the Brooklyn or Salient themes for example. Do you think you’ll implement more minimalistic design options for those elements and last but not least more design options for the header? We really would appreciate your effort. Thanks.


No offense taken, everyone is entitled to their own taste :) New Header options are coming with an update today and although I probably wont offer additional designs for single elements we are working on some additional stylesheets that change the whole look and feel of the theme (working currently on flat and minimal designs)

Perfect! Thank you!

Hi I am thinking to buy this theme but need to know if the backgrounds are changeable. as I have a customer who wants a tropical feel


Yes of course :)


I’m interesting in purchasing this theme. I have a question: can I create a menu for my paid members only? Basically my site will have two set of menus: one for visitors and one for logged in users.



The theme supports a beta feature which allows to display different menus for logged in/out users.

to acivate the feature you need to add the following line of php to the top of your functions.php file:


Hey! add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
#top .inner_product_header h3 {
margin-top: 25px;
#top .inner_product_header .price {
position: absolute;
top: 13px;

this will reverse the visual order :)

Pre-purchase Question:

I’m hoping to have a slider scrolling through photos, and then text in the foreground that doesn’t move/scroll at all. For example:

I was wondering if your theme has this capability?

A slider with text that also transitions is quite easy to find, but finding one where the text doesn’t change between slides is rather difficult :(

Thanks so much in advance, and fantastic theme by the way! I can’t wait to see the header options you’ve added in the next version :)


Hm. This is possible with a php filter function. its not to hard to add but it would require you to add some additional css styling. Probably depends on how good you are with css to accomplish this :)

Hi there,

I bought your Enfold theme today. Can you tell me where can I find the sample data file to import so my site will look exactly like your demo? Thanks!


Go to enfold->theme options and hit the import dummy data button :)