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Hi Kriesi,’

how do i make my shop page like “Masonry Shop Example” and i see no option on my end to make my home page the “shop page” do i have to tweak something?



got it :) i was blind to it …thanks

i love this template also I Love to Sapo! thanks so much!


one more thing :) is there a way to have the menu collapse just like the one you have in small devices but for a tablet?


yes. if you are using the latest version of the theme you can set to show the mobile menu on tablets as well. go to enfold->headers->mobile menu to do that :)

Does your theme have filtering capability in Blog like in Portfolio?


Hey! The dummy data does not yet contain this but its really easy to do: just create a new page, switch to the advanced layout builder and add a fullwidth masonry element :)

if you want to add a color bar to the active filter you can add this to the quick css field in enfold->styling:

#top .active_sort {
border-top: 2px solid;

Wow your theme is awesome and your support is best of the best!! Thank you!!

glad I could help :)

How do I activate the masonry shop layout?

You need to create a page, switch to the advanced template builder and then add the fullwidth masonry element from the “content elements” tab. Then edit the element and set the entries to display to products

Hello Kriesi

I have set only two widgets to be default- “Search” and “Recent Posts”. But on my contact page, it is showing two more widgets on top of Search widget – “Latest Posts” and “Categories”.

And on all Category pages (shown on main menu bar) it is showing two another different widgets above search widget named – “Fresh Posts” and “Latest from Labhanshi”.

I am not sure, from where these are coming. Can you suggest me, what i am doing wrong here. Or if there is some issue with the sidebars.
For reference you can view it on-

Thanks :)


did you add any widgets to either the “display everywhere” or the “sidebar pages” widget area? if so then the default widgets should be deactivated…

Yes, thanks for the hint :) i found that i have added on “Sidebar blog” and Sidebar Pages too, apart from Display everywhere. But-

1. If i select the “Default sidebar” under the Sidebar setting of any page, then should not it overwrite the rule to display the widgets which i have added in “Sidebar Pages” from widgets section. And viceversa too.

2. It may not makes complete sense if we want to set Sidebar Settings for each page individually using these options, if it didn’t overwrite the rule. Would like to have your suggestion on this :)

3. Are these terms similar – “Display Everywhere” in widgets section and “Default Sidebar” in sidebar settings of any page.

Thanks :)

Hi there! Can I make the IconBox become a link?

the whole box? thats not possible sorry :/ currently you can only link the title + icon


All my portfolio items are suddenly only showing small thumbnails for the image on the page. I used Image from Avia layout builder, and that worked originally, now I have to use easy slider to display images at proper size…

mind dropping me a link to your site so I can take a look at it? Not sure if I fully understand the problem :)

Im trying to implement the forum system like you have on your demo site, however I cannot find WHERE it would be?

I’m not sure what I need to do to get this going properly.

I know its a special page, not a short-code, but I cannot find anything regarding the forum.

Please help.


Hey! You need to install this plugin: :)

Thats pretty much it :)

Hello: how can I hide the Theme Update Option from the themes options sidebar? I found this solution in your comments and blog, but it didn’t work.. “add this to your functions.php file: add_theme_support(‘avia_manual_updates_only’);” I am waiting for your help… Thank you so much in advanced…


Hey! as you correctly said: if you add this to the top of your functions.php file it should disable the theme options:


If that doesnt work feel free to open a thread in our support forum here and we will take a closer look at the issue:

Hi there! I’d love to purchase this theme, but was wondering if you had any insight for using it as for a tourism website? I’d need to use a reservation plugin with woocommerce (or another compatible checkout) and have it all work and be easily manageable. Please let me know your thoughts and if you have any recommendations for how to accomplish this. Thanks!

Hey! Unfortunately I dont have experience with reservation plugins but a quick google search showed up quite a few woocommerce extensions that can do this so I guess it should be easy to do by just installing one of these extensions in addition to the theme and woocommerce ;)

i am getting errors with the latest update (can not give you a link to site, sorry) Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting ‘]’ in /wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/contentslider.php on line 394

Hey! Cant really imagine what could cause this error other than a corrupt file, because it works fine for me and everyone else :)

Mind trying to download and install the theme once again so we can make sure that your files are not messed up?

You can get the latest version here:

I downloaded it 5 more times. Same problem. (btw, every time i download it again it goes off the themeforest max lifetime download count of 50)

no worries the max download count can be adjusted by the support if necessary, its just a general security measure to prevent distribution.

Since I cannot reproduce the issue and no one else got it its hard for me to help without a link. The only solution right now that I can imagine is to get rid of the content slider altogether by opening the file enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/ via ftp and deleting the contentslider.php file

Hello, Is there any way to show Subscribe Us box in any page, where users can enter their email ID for subscription.

And can the total subscriber number be shown besides that box saying Sign up or subscribe to us.


Hey! This feature is not implemented since the theme does not have a newsletter feature. you would probably need a plugin for a service like mailchimp for that :)


When i go to my website and check it on mobile my logo alignment is center. But i want my logo to align to the left.


Hey! This should already happen. Are you running the latest version of the theme? mind dropping me a link so I can take a look at it?

I made it a bit smaller. Now its fits perfectly. But i would like to send the link in private. Is that possible?

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? Once you have written the initial post you can add a private reply with link and login credentials that only moderators can see :)


I also want to put some icons in my menu. I tryed some plugins with no succes..

Would be awsome if this is possible.


I will see if thats somehow possible. you can place a feature request here so we can keep track of your suggestion:

Dear friend, almost 18 hours a day your hosting shows error , “ The connection has timed out” you earn thousand atleast spend some bucks to get some good hosting.


I am sorry to hear that you got problems but I got a uptime monitor running and the site is available 99.9% of the time. I would notice it if it were not available 18 hours a day, since I would no longer earn anything ;D

I would recommend to clear your browser cache (hold shift + relaod page) since its the only explanation I got: that the site was once really down for a few minutes, your browser cached the result and now you are always getting the error page…

Hello kriesi

I have one pre-sales question. We want to achieve the effect used by this site on TOP of home page – where there are 4 steps from entering customer sites’ URL to DONE. Having Big search bar type field with GO button. He is using VENERA theme –

Is it possible to achieve such effect with your theme.
Do you have any idea, that Venera theme has got any such built in system or any plugin he is using.

If not possible with your theme, can you add any such feature or else can you suggest what plugin will work for this.

This is very much required for our next project. Kindly share your suggestions.


Hey! Its not possible out of the box and I am pretty sure that its also a customization of the venera theme since this is a feature which is kind of special and doesnt really make sense in a generic template.

Unfortunately I don’t know a plugin that can do that although the market leader in form building: might be able to do it. Otherwise you can request a customization from our partner agency here:

Thought to hear if there is any possibility to get into some fancy hoverefekter and other options for portfoliet?

And the opportunity to create logo grids (picture and link)?

Otherwise it’s a very good theme! Good work :)

Hey! Logogrids are already available:

I am thinking about an additional hover effect. will see what I can come up with :)


I am new to WordPress, could I add plugins (from themeforest or other wp plugin site) to this theme? and how difficult is it?


Hey! Yes of course. difficulty always depends on the plugin and how well in integrates into the theme. Most of the times its very easy but sometimes you need to adjust some CSS styling to make the plugin blend in perfectly with the rest of the website :)

Loading time is the make it or break it element for me. What loading time am I looking at for a landing page with couple of sections, 1-2 optimized images and a logo slider with 3-5 logos? Also, does the theme have any kind of rating system? Awesome job, btw!

Hey! Loading time depends on a lot that is outside the scope of the theme control, like your server and where the request comes from, so any number I tell you is really just made up and can be true or not ;D

The theme is optimized to work with plugins like w3 supercache which generates cached html files for each page of your site so your server is the only bottleneck ;)

I am running it on my themedemo, so if that is fast enough for you I guess you could expect similar results on your own installation. Unfortunately the theme does not offer a rating system right now, sorry…

Well, I am happy with it, just to let the others know. A simple rating system would do wonders, though ;)

Feel free to submit it as a feature request so we can keep track of it :)

Hi Kriesi,

Brilliant work guys, I have one pre-sale question, is it possible to create hidden project planner like this in your theme?

If no, are you planning to implement it soon?

Hey! The theme allows to build a form like this out of the box with the form builder, however you would need to place the form on a separate page. we dont plan to add something like the fancy show/hide effect like on the site you linked to since its to specific for a generic theme like enfold :)

Hello, I just purchased the theme but after installed, only blank pages show up on the site. Third party plugins are not activated. I placed a support ticket 1 hr ago but no response so far. Help is greatly appreciated!!

Hey! Sorry i was away for the weekend. If you did not receive a response in the forum yet please drop me a link to the thread so I can take a look at it :)