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You’re example on you sales page here for FullScreen slider shows no header or footer: But the linked example is not fullscreen:

Is this not really fullscreen? or is the example just temporarily broken?

Hey! Fullscreen will always keep the header visible but you can also set it transparent like here, if thats what you need:

Do You ATTACH to the template some DEMO PAGES that can be edited in HTML editor? It is possible to EDIT THE SHORTCODES in HTML editor?

I already have a theme ENVISION. There’s the AWFUL VISUAL COMPOSER (content creator) and the pages can not be edited.

Have I to understand that in the demo pages can not be changed the text, dimensions of elements and background color? If I would like to have sites similar to your demo page, just with different text and the order of the elements, I would have to create itfrom scratch?

I could not copy the shortcodes from the demo pages?

Hey! Of course you can change all of that, but not in code view. you would be seeing the advanced layout builder and change all of that in there. here is a video that shows how the layout builder works:


Some quick questions about the Enfold theme:

1. Under team, can you ad email and phone number of each person? I only see icons for social media.

2. Can you define how many coloms you want under team? So the images of each person becomes smaller?

3. Is it possible to get the “black and white” effect on the portfolio homepage view as seen on your Angular theme? So when you roll-over for color preview?

Thanks for you help!


1.) Yes

2.) yes (1-5 columns possible. also 2/3 + 1/3 etc)

3.) currently not sorry. the thing is that the bw effect in angular is done with javascript but there are already a few browsers that allow this option with pure css. once all modern browsers allow that feature we will add it to enfold :)


I’ve added Latest Portfolio widget at the footer. I’ve chosen the option to display title and excerpt.

How do I remove excerpt and place it at date time’s location? I think the changes should be at class-framework-widgets.php.

I swapped this line:
echo "<span class="news-time">".get_the_time($time_format)."</span>";
with this line:
echo "<span class="news-excerpt">".the_excerpt()."</span>";

But it didn’t work. Hope to get a little help here. Thanks!

Hey! It should be possible to do this via css now. if you drop me a link to your page i will send you a small css snippet that does what you want :)

Do you have a support email? My current site is still in development, therefore I password protected it.

in that case please open up a thread in our support forum with a detailed explanation of what you want. you can also post the password in a private replay so only moderators can see it :)

Also, is it possible to add an outbound link at the top navigation menu? Means the link will open another site, not a page.

Yes of course. the theme uses the wordpress menu manager at appearance->menus which allows you to add any linke you want :)

The icons are not showing up on the buttons.

Hey! It works fine for me. which browser are you using?

Hi. Since i update to wordpress 3.9 my text editor of enlold. Look white and the options are disabled. Can I change something or maybe wordpress 3.9 is not compatible at 100% ?

Thanks since know for any help. Best regards Jose A Guzman Hernandez

Hey! Please update the theme to the latest version, we have released an update for that a few days before 3.9 was released :)

Hi In the past, i have successfully changed the Team-member-name to an h5 from the default h3 by changing the team.php file. This doesn’t seem to be working on the latest update.

I changed line 272 in Team.php. This doesn’t seem to be working on the latest update.


Hey! Doing what you described works fine for me. Sure that you didnt miss anything? :)

Hi, would i be able to create a mega menu like the one here:

So it looks like it’s full width

Hey! I am afraid this is not possible out of the box with enfold, but this css snippet would let it appear fullscreen:

You can add that to the backend of the theme in the quick css field at enfold->general styling:

#top #header .avia_mega_div{ overflow:visible; }
#top #header .avia_mega_div:after {
position: absolute;
height: 99.5%; width: 100%;
background: #fff; content: "";
top: 0; z-index: 1111;
right: 100%;
border-top: 2px solid #c3512f;
#top #header .avia_mega_div:before {
position: absolute;
height: 99.5%; width: 100%;
background: #fff; content: "";
top: 0; z-index: 1111;
left: 100%;
border-top: 2px solid #c3512f;

hello, I have a problem to add a link in the menu I can not unroll a menu to customize the link thank you for help

Hey! Mind describing the problem in detail. not sure what exactly the problem is, based on your current description :)

hello, I have a problem to add a link in the menu I can not unroll a menu to customize the link thank you

see previous aquestions ;)


Is it possible to use the advanced layout editor in the “tabs” content area? I know I can copy and past code into it using the default editor, but I want it to easy for my client to edit the content inside the tabs. I need to build a lot of content in the tabs option, which is why I want to be able to do this.

If this is not possible, what work around do you recommend? Can I just use the advanced layout editor normally and have buttons on it so that when I click the button it will change the content on the page just like the tabs would do?

Hey! I am afraid the workaround you described (pasting shortcodes into tabs) is currently the only possible option to add elements into a tab…


I installed WPML and I have a problem.. once I started using it, the avia layout builder and all widgets on the edit page stopped responding and I cant use anything..

the area with the screen content turned blank and also I cant press the ‘screen options’ because it dosent work, what am I doing wrong?


sorry – I managed and fixed the problem :-) downloaded the new version and it now works…

Great to hear ;)

Hi :)

I used WPML and added another language (hebrew). everything is working properly but I wanted to know, How do I embed a font just for the hebrew version?

thank you

Hey! I am afraid I dont know. this is definitley a question you should ask at the wpml forum, since its a plugin related question, not a theme question :)

I am sure they can write a 3 line function that solves the issue within minutes, where I would need to read the whole wpml documentation to do that ;D

How do i change the background color of the part where there is the page title and breadcrumb? Also How do I change the size of the title?



The colors of the “Alternate Area” (enfold->styling) are applied here. If you want to change the font size add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
#top .main-title.entry-title {
font-size: 26px;

I’m running 3.9 and the latest version of Enfold, but the visual editor isn’t working. Suggestions?

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum?

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you are running any plugins. A more detailed error description would help as well. “not working” is very vague ;)

Tried playing around with the advanced style editing….I select an element, click edit and nothing happens. Newest version of Enfold and newest version of WordPress.

Can you add a section for additional header tags? Like you did for Analytics, but one that is in the header section right after the title and meta tags that are part of the theme already? There are a LOT of tags that people want to have in there for SEO and every time there is an update we have to remember to save that section, then update, then add them back. Otherwise a simple update to the theme breaks the SEO.

Has there been any talks on fixing and adding options for the rich snippets used? I mentioned this a while back, but most of the sections one uses automatically have specific rich snippets included that most of the time don’t apply to the content. That too affects SEO. Would be a simple fix for you guys to do. Just an added section with a dropdown with preset rich snippets to choose from, one of them being “none” and one of them being “custom” where we can manually put a specific one. The “none” option should be the default.

Sorry, but no. It is better to not have rich snippets than to incorrectly have a site full of them.

We are back to my initial question. Mind to share the source of this claim?

Other than that: Although your request might seem like a small one to you, adding an option to chose the markup by dropdown and then offer a form that changes based on the type of markup would take a LOT of work and require a good amount of framework rewriting. even for a single generic template builder element it would probably take me a week or more, simply because the system is not meant to work that way.

To sum it up:
  • Disabling the feature is easy enough if you dont like it, but I do understand that you would like some form of markup added.
  • I am happy to add additional parameters to the markup helper so you can build your own filter logic and deactivate the markup for all elements except those were you want it to appear, based on element names, classes or whatnot. no big deal. If you use a child theme approach no update from anyone else will temper with your results.
  • What I currently can’t do is bake something like this into the template builder. You can believe me that I would do it if it were that easy but the builder is not equipped to handle the multiform approach that you describe within the modal window.

If none of this makes you happy I am sorry to lose you as a customer. (Although in all honesty, I don’t know a single theme out there that offers the option you request here)

I do care about every customers opinion, especially those who use the theme more often, but I am afraid there are limits to what I can easily add to the theme without affecting 25000 other customers who are waiting for other features and updates. Sorry for that.

I have already shared the source….Google. If you mark something up incorrectly it will affect your SEO. It’s there in play English bud.

I do not use a child theme for most clients. No point to doing so just for a single filter and it just confuses the client when you hand it off to them if they don’t know what it is.

Other themes aren’t throwing in specific rich snippets for every single little sections, they leave that out and only do the main ones that apply to the page and headings alone. Your themes are the only ones I have seen that attached “creative works” to every little section/widget/etc.

Either give us control over the rich snippets so we your customers can control our SEO, or just leave them out and let us put them in ourselves within the text block. Anyone using your themes with this in it are forced to use the SEO that you put in….that isn’t right and it affects rankings….as spelled out in plain English by Google. Sorry, it’s clear that you guys aren’t SEO experts as anyone doing SEO professionally wouldn’t throw one in all over the place like that. Just look at your demo site in the testing tool. A page like that should not look like that in that testing tool…’s a mess in terms of SEO.

Well, I cant find it so would you mind quoting the passage you are talking about?

I am running several sites with this theme and all of them are performing great. (Most of them exceptionally well and much better than the way the ranked before) I have seen others use the theme with great success so forgive me if I don’t change code that affects 26000 websites based on something someone says without a quote or link to the actual words “this is bad for your site”, since based on my experience everything works great.

I will add a general option to deactivate the markup with a checkbox, just so we can end this discussion. In the future please use child themes since I don’t know if we will ever add anything that you don’t like and I probably wont do this again.

Hello, your theme are very great, congrats! I need to know how to remove the date from posts meta info, I’ve tried without success. Regards.

Hey! If you are running the latest version of the theme (2.7)

You should be able to remove the date by going to enfold->blog layout in your backend and unchecking the option for date

Please give it some time during the weekend ;)

hi…great theme! love it! i want the same slider on every page of my website…do i have to put “Erweiterter LayerSlider” on every single page, portfolio item, etc?


I am afraid there is no “universal” setting to display a slider on each page so you would need to add the element to each manually, yes :/