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The blog page is showing this error. Can anyone help me?

I set it to Blog in the Enfold settings.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/content/j/s/r/jsrichardson/html/wp-content/themes/enfold/includes/loop-index.php on line 156

Hey! Mind posting me a link to your site so I can take a look at the issue myself?

The blog page is showing this error. Can anyone help me?

I set it to Blog in the Enfold settings.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/content/j/s/r/jsrichardson/html/wp-content/themes/enfold/includes/loop-index.php on line 156

See previous answer ;)

Very good looking theme! I have 2 pre-puchase questions: 1- Seems that the div of images on products pages on the shop has an error: there is a scroll bar (with any browser I tried) next to the images, and when you click on the image, the scroll bar disappear. Is it only a problem of my pc? (see this page )

2- I need an ecommerce theme, and I’m trying to figure out wich is best for me between Enfold, Abundance and Replete. And I really love Enfold but it lacks of an important thing: a “login/register” at the top of the page like the others two themes. Do you think it is possible and simple to add them by myself? (a “login – register” that after login it turns to “username – logout”). After purchase, can your support forum help me on this?

1.) Thanks for noticing. I will add a fix for this with a patch later today :)

2.) Yes thats possible. the theme supports the option to place a conditional secondary menus above the header. Once you have purchased the theme feel free to open a thread in our support forum and we will help with that :)

I installed version 2.7.1 and my logo is malfunctioning. When you scroll vertically it gets smaller and when you make your window smaller horizontally it stays the same. HELP. I need to launch this Site ASAP. Thank you! ( I love this theme, first issue of this kind!)

Hey! Mind dropping me a link to your site so I can take a look? Also do you know which version you were using previously?

Hi there, If I want to customize the bottom part, is that possible? I’d really would like it to not be so tall and have some kind of line treatment at the top like you have on Broadscope.

Let me know and thank you for your time

Hey! I would require a few simple extra css rules that we can provide if you want to :) Just let me know if you need help with it once you purchased the theme ;)

Sounds great, thank you.

You are welcome :)

How can I update my theme to have the transparent menu? I have purchased the theme few moths ago. Thanks,

If your current theme version is above 2.0 you can go to enfold->updates in your backend and enter your username and API key to update the theme. otherwise you need to do it manually via FTP:
Hello, Not sure if you can or even have any interest in helping me with my issue as it is a cross plugin related problem. I use a plugin called Private content on my website and the registration form looked fine on a default theme, but for some reason it is not displaying properly here: Can you help me fix this please? Thanks.

This should do:

div#recaptcha_widget_div {
background: #fff;
margin-top: 18px;
border-radius: 3px;
border: 1px solid #e1e1e1;

div#recaptcha_area {
margin: 36px auto;

Awesome, did exactly what I needed, thanks again!

you are welcome, glad I could help ;)


Is there any way to add “attach file” to contact form? We would love to have that kind of option in contact form. For example if customer wants so add some reference pictures based on their questions.

thank you

Hey! This is currently not possible sorry. I have never added this options because it requires a great deal of security but If I ever find a fool proof tutorial on how to implement something like this I will probably add it to the theme. Meanwhile you would need to use a contact form plugin for that…


I love this theme! But since we updated to WordPress 3.9, something weird has been happening. We cannot edit from the Visual tab. Nothing appears in that window. When we click on Text, we can see the code and can edit things there, but what do we need to do to get the Visual tab back?


I know this is probably a very dumb question (apologies in advance) but is there an easy way to update the theme without re-purchasing it? Thanks!

Eegads—I found the API key and was able to update the theme. I updated the theme from 2.2 to 2.7.1 without any problems. Now, however, it’s saying “Error establishing database connection” when I go to the site and will not even allow me to login. ??

Very weird. this does not really sound like a theme issues since the theme does not touch your database connections in any way.

If its just a coincidence and your database is currently down it might solve itself within a few hours (but you can definitley ask your hosting provider if there is something wrong in the meantime)

I assume you did not change any of your database settings in the wp-config.php file?

I need to setup the a contact form that forwards the user to another page (a demo page). Any suggestions how I can accomplish this? I only see an area to display a message.

Thanks again!

I am afraid we wont be able to release the update this week. within the next 2 weeks is probably possible…

The forward to a new page is a nice feature, but I have grown to like the message that appears after submit. I even have displayed a mini landing page in the message box, but there is some code that does not work in that feature. I need to add- but it is not working in message popup. Why can’t it except code like this? What can we do? Thanks,

Hey! Its probably because all of this is added to a shortcode and shortcodes are rather picky when it comes to its attributes. so if you add any html with a mix of ’ and ” characters or other special chars this can in some cases break the shortcode. This is unfortunately a wordpress problem in general :/


great theme congr. Just one question. I prefer to not have the ffade hoover effect in images. I’ve added this code .image-overlay-inside, .image-overlay.overlay-type-extern { display: none; } and this .justified-image-grid .image-overlay-inside, .justified-image-grid .image-overlay.overlay-type-extern {display: none !important;} in quick css without result..any idea?

.image-overlay {
visibility: hidden;

should do the trick :)

nice update ;)

Glad you like it :)


I’ve recently just made product category pages, however, it looks as if the default layout is three products. Is there anyway to change this to a 4 column layout?

Thanks, Josh

Hey! The theme adds some options to your backend at woocommerce->settings->products at the bottom that lets you chose the column count :)

Hello, excuse my English. I am interested in this template, and I want to ask whether there are other options than just displaying posts (title only with perex …) Thanks for the answer.

Not sure what “perex” is? title only is possible and you can also display protfolio entries, products etc


Need your help asap

1.After the update from 2.7 to 2.7.1 my startpage does not show up the masonry gallery any more and also does not show the content slider… The page is empty…only a grey background. When i create a new fullwidth slider for example it does not show up the images…??? I debug the error and get this message:

Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /var/www/vhosts/ in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 33

Thank you so much

This is kind of weird, since I am not seeing any of those issues. Are you also using the latest version of wordpress, just to make sure we are all on the same version of everything? :)

Hi – Yes, everthing is on the latest Version…. It is a Multisite with subfolder set up. I downloaded the theme again to avoid a broken download – no change, same issue. With the older version everything works fine…

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum then? We will probably need to take a closer look at your installation and it might be necessary to exchange login details which we can do in the forum with private replies.

Please add the link to your site and all the information you have added above so the team is up to date :)

Feature requests: Could you add some options to the contact form shortcode, namely: 1. Multiple recipients allowed separated bij colon (; 2. An option to interject som HTML into the form via a form element. So some sub-headings can be used in the form. 3. An option to not send the form via AJAX but just with a normal post.


1 +2 are already in the making. Not sure what you mean by #3?

For the future: feel free to submit feature requests here:

Sorry I used the wrong forum :-P I made a specific template to do something with the forms post data, but since it is being sent via AJAX I cannot get to the $_POST values after sending. Anyway, thanks for your fast response, and I will post future requests on the other page from now on.


A, I see, thanks for the clarification :)


is there any fast way to disable the build in lightbox of Enfold?

thanks in advance

open file: enfold/js/avia.js in a text editor and remove line 61:


Thank you vey much!

Glad I could help :)

Presale Question Does this theme support multiple portfolios? I need 2 main portfolio sections. Thanks

Yes it does. You can add any number of portfolios and control what is displayed via portfolio categories

Is there any way to change how the menu loads in mobile view? That is the only thing keeping me from purchasing. Instead of opening up a separate page, wanted to see if the menu (navigation) would just simply open on top of the webpage.

Not sure what you mean :) The current menu moves in from the side but does not open a new page that only contains the menu, if its that what you are concerned about

Feature request: Please add more features to the Video element in the advanced layout builder! I’m unable to find a way to display a video with thumbnail/poster currently….huge headache. But I love the theme!

Thanks for the suggestion. would you mind adding it here so we can keep track:

also if it becomes popular with other users we might add it faster ;)