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I am very new to WordPress etc. I have been having trouble uploading the theme to WordPress, I’m not too sure what I am doing wrong. But whenever I try and upload the ‘’ file I always get a 500 (Internal Server) Error.

Hey! I am sorry but I am currently on vacation.

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which google maps widget do u use in ur demo?

Hi guys, I am having two major issues with this theme. First problem is the display in explorer 10. After a few minutes or less I get a pop up saying their is a problem with the page and internet explorer needs to close!! This does not happen on any other browser. I tried on friends pc also and he gets same problem.

Other issue I’m having is the images in woo commerce. For some reason the images seem to cut off the top and bottom. I do not understand why as some images are large than those that have been cut but the larger ones are fine and sometime this is a reverse situation. A nice theme design just so many bugging issues. what is needed to fix this problems please

Hey! I am sorry but I am currently on vacation.

Please post any support requests in our support forum at

My team will take care of you as fast as possible :)

I am considering this theme very carefully and have a couple of questions: 1) I notice you don’t advertise unlimited widgets and sidebars, although you do mention a couple of blogstyle formats with sidebars and the theme is very customizable. Is this theme fundamentally different from themes that use widgets? Or can I still use WP social plugins, etc., the way I would on another template that advertises unlimited sidebars and widgets? 2) How does the SEO work for pages with many different layouts? Is there some priority given in the code to the certain kinds of content so that the search engines find a post on a page more easily than picking up a weather widget first if it happens to be in the top left column? 3) And when the theme is updated, and we’ve got all these pages we’ve designed ourselves that may be different from each other and different from other themes, how do we make sure there’s no jumble after an Enfold Theme update? Is Enfold a child theme? Is everything we do to customize our Enfold theme considered a child template? Thanks!

This may be an absurd question, but if I want to eliminate some of the white space between design elements in Enfold, is there some global way of doing that? Or is that such a fundamental aspect of the design that it would be way too complicated to do it?

Hi, Just I purchased this theme and now I will test in my computer. So Can I ask sample data like your demo ?

Hi :) Awesome Theme! I am looking at it for a couple of clients & have a few questions . . .

1. Are slider images clickable? 2. Will videos in gallery or portfolio play in lightbox when clicked? 3. Re: Services page, can that format with image/slider at top as is sized on demo be used for other pages?, or, a sized slider with a static image? 4. Can “blank page” be used as a landing page without menu? 5. Is the “forums” template tied to buddy press or is this a separate format?

Thank you so very much for your kind & speedy reply. You are greatly appreciated!

Peace & Blessings Linda Lou

I can’t get over how COOL this theme is! AMAZING WORK!!! It’s the EASIEST THEME I’ve ever had to work with! Worth every penny!

Quick question: I’m not seeing any of the shortcodes when working inside of a page other than Dropcap. All of the shortcodes are there when creating a post, but not when creating a page. Is there a toggle switch or something for this somewhere? Cheers!


I really like this theme and have a quick question before I buy it. i read that enfold is multilingual ready, but:

1. Can I properly add a language switcher in the gray submenu on top for example) 2. Can the contact form (field names an the message “Your message has been sent!”) be used in multiple languages.

I’ve these questions because I had these problems with other themes (not yours).

Thanks in advance! Bjorn

Hello, nice theme.

I have a presales question. Which are the limitations of the megamenu, can I add images and format it as desired? if not can I install ubermenu without problems?

Thanks George

I’m looking at purchasing this theme and I have a presale question.

For the Single Portfolio: 2/3 Gallery, I can have a different gallery for each individual project correct? Basically I need only additional photos for each project to be displayed underneath in the thumbnail section.


I may have made a mistake when I went ahead, while waiting for some answers, and bought this theme. It’s clear I didn’t understand something about how it is coded. When I installed it and tested it on all devices, I discovered that I can’t resize it or any part of it at all on iPad and iPhone! Is there something I’m missing here? People in my age group, 50-70, are going to have trouble seeing some of the elements if they can’t resize some parts of it. Is there an option I can change? Or is there a plugin I can use that will make it more adjustable? Or is there a single setting that would make all of the fonts larger? The contents of the slider are also very hard to see. Thanks!

Hey! I am sorry but I am currently on vacation.

Please post any support requests in our support forum at

My team will take care of you as fast as possible :)

Hello, PM Sent ! Thank you

In the Home Page “Most Beautiful Theme Ever” How do I remove the pre-established black background and Super Flexable Layout on Slider? I see the “eyes” that close off but not sure if this is what removes these so I can just use my own pictures


i am just about to purchase, just the question: do you plan to make the slider fullscreen compatible? so that it’s fullwidth and height and scaling down when resizing the browser.

Please tell me if you plan to add this feature.

Yes I plan to add this feature

oh cool, any idea when this will be added?

Amazing ;-) Thanks

Great theme! Is there a way to customize vimeo embeding?

Nice you offer demo data with the theme..thanks

Hello…I’ve downloaded the latest install package and it seems it only installs version Version 1.3.1. Where might version 1.4 be???? Thank you!

Never mind it’s 1.4. – just forgot to update the version number ;)