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Hello, there has been some issues with a double vertical scroll bar that appears only when the admin bar is present. I have read few posts in your support page. But I want to know if there has been a definitive fix for this issue. Just curious…

I am doing galleries with several photos and the scroll bar is there when I ma logged in as admin but once I do log out the page loads ok. Thanks,

Hey! Actually I dont know exactly what issues you are talking about. mind linking to the support threads or creating a thread in the forum yourself with a link to your site and the login credentials attached as private data so we can take a look ourself? :)

Hi Krisie:

I want the background search icon to be transparent on hover.

Now I have this code for the menu items. .av-main-nav>li>a:hover { background: #364d5a !important; color: #b3e6d8 !important; }


Solved ;)

menu-item-search a:hover {

background-color: transparent !important; }

Glad you found a solution yourself ;)

I am considering purchasing this theme and had a question:

  • Does Enfold have a child theme or way to use custom CSS to customize the website?
  • Yes to both of them. we provide a basic child theme and enfold also has a small textarea for custom css in case you just want to apply some quick css changes ;)

    Prospective Buyer here. Enfold live preview loads the index page normally on my Galaxy S3, running in both Android’s browser and Lightning Browser on the Android v4.1.2 OS.

    However, on my Motorola Xoom with Android v4.1.1, the Enfold opening page force closes both browsers after the page has loaded 75% of the content. If I enter a URL to one of the preview pages other than the default live preview page, I do not experience the closing of the browser. Any ideas?

    Sorry for the late reply. Please see previous answer :)

    Oops, my bad! Sorry for the double post. I thought the first one didn’t post. Thanks for the reply.

    glad i could help :)

    Dear Admin,

    please help me,

    i use the theme with bbpress plugin. the user profile of bbpress plugin page layout is broken on my website.

    please help me fix this.

    this is my web’s link :

    thanks a lot


    Please update the theme, as well as wordpress and bbpress to the latest version. that should fix any issues. if it doesnt let me know so I can investigate further ;)

    Hi, I’ve got installed Uji Countdown Pro but I can’t configure a countdown because the screen goes behind the Aviva Text Block Editor… Any chance you know how to help me out? Thanks in advance, David


    Are you running the latest version of wordpress (3.9.1) as well as the latest theme version (2.8.1)?

    If so please open a thread in our support forum at and attach the login credentials as private data so we can take a look ourself :)

    I am using the the avf_logo hook to swap logos at different pages, how do I also change the url of the different logos?


    hey. the logo link is filtered by the “avf_logo_link” hook. you can either use this one or output your owncustom markup (html + logo + link, etc) with the “avf_logo_final_output” filter

    Works! Excellent Support!

    Glad I could help :)

    I just bought my second copy of Enfold, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying many more. It’s pure delight to work with this theme, and your support is wonderful. So happy to have found the only theme I’ll ever need.

    Thanks for the nice testimonial! Glad you like it :)


    I was wondering how do you change the mobile navigation icon (three dots and three lines) to something else?

    Hey! Thats part of the iconfont and the character code is defined at functions.php line 214. you would need to replace the icon code with something else in order to change the mobile menu

    Wow 30,000 purchasers! Thank you and congrats team Kriesi and all who contribute to this fantastic theme :)

    Thanks a lot! We are indeed very proud of that accomplishment as well :)

    Hi there, Awesome theme! I am just about to buy the theme, but I am wondering if the theme is translated to Swedish yet! If not, is there anyway to translate it by myself!

    Hey! The theme comes with a swedish translation file but since we rely on our users to submit those files it is not yet 100% translated. If you want to you can contribute and we will add the translation to a future theme release.

    Here is our info thread:

    how can i remove/minimize the gap between the main navigation item and the subnavigation drop down. Please see the screenshot at

    great. you need to adjust the top % value :)

    thanks a lot :)

    You are welcome ;)

    Hello ,

    I have some conflict beetwen your template and one plugin .How can I fix that? My widgets are all empty but I always get some other “widgets”.

    Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently on a short trip so I can only solve the most basic requests here, sinceI dont have access to my testinstalaltions ;)

    Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

    Presale Question:

    I need three languages: English, French and Arabic. Is it possible with Enfold? As you know, English n Frensh goes from left to right and Arabic from right to left.


    Hey! Yes thats possible with the WPML Plugin. Enfold does support RTL languages like Arabic and Hebrew ;)

    Hi, can you reply to my email :) ??

    Hey! As I told you, I am afraid the requests you got are mostly not that complicated to solve but are not covered by support since it would take me an estimated 2-4 hours to test the necessary solutions and write up an email on how to use that. Would still recommend to hire someone at to do the job and pay them a little for the effort ;)

    Hi there I very recently paid for a copy of this template , installed it and began editing the default home page.

    On viewing the site from outside of WordPress admin there is a button suddenly appearing on the screen with i don’t see at all when editing.

    You only see this blue button when viewing the page on the live site.

    The button says SAVE on it and seems to be linking to this div class item

    I never put it there and i’ve no idea why it’s there or how it got there at all..! Can you tell me what this is and how i get rid of it please as it’s very annoying.

    This can be viewed on the following URL: This mysterious button which is blue is located under the second colour section.

    Many thanks AberdeenDC

    Hey! I am afraid I cant access the site, only get a placeholder page :)

    Mind opening up a thread in our support forum and adding the login credentials as private data so me or my team can check the backend as well?


    Hey … this was looked at yesterday and this issue was resolved.

    The guy that picked up this ticket on your own support just went it and fixed it… Which was great.

    Site is now in maintenance mode as it’s still being developed.

    Many thanks…! AberdeenDC

    Great to hear, glad we could solve it ;)

    Hello, may i have a big image with a zoom effect like this in my homepage? (instead of the slider).

    thank you.

    i delete this line in “base.css”? ...but then i broke some important functions of the theme, or only the overlay for linking images?

    .image-overlay{position: absolute; background: #fff; z-index: 500; height:100%; width:100%; opacity: 0; filter:alpha(opacity=0);}

    add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
    #top .image-overlay{visibility:hidden;}

    that should fix your problem and is also theme-update proof ;)

    yeah! now it works! perfect support, great theme. 5 stars!

    what would i see there? :)

    now loading again

    Oh, yes the site was done yesterday for a 3 minute maintenance ;)

    Hi guy, is that your theme?

    I like the 3 buttons under the logo..

    Yes thats enfold, but the 3 buttons are a customization by the user. nothing which is available out of the box I am afraid :)

    Hi there,

    First of all congratulations for your awesome work!

    I have a pre-purchase question for you.

    Let’s say I have a website which needs three page ‘templates’. One for the homepage, a second one for the contact page and a third one for every other website’s page.

    The question focuses on the third ‘template’ that will be used for every other page of the website.

    Does your theme support the use of WP Featured Image on the page’s header area?

    I would like every page to have a different header image, only by adding a featured image through WP’s standard page administration, without having to create countless ‘Templates’ (one for every page).

    This image would have to appear on the header section (under the menu), be full width and responsive and not be limited to the main text area width. It would have to look like the homepage slider (without of course being a slider, or have sliding text, effects etc.).

    To clarify more, the ‘template’ layout should be as the following example.

    Menu width: 3/3, 100% Featured image width 3/3, 100% Main Content width 2/3, 66,6% + right column with e.g. contact details 1/3, 33,3% (100% in total) Footer width: 3/3, 100% with some content, menu, copyright etc.

    Thank you in advance for your time, effort and help.

    Thank you very much for the quick reply!

    So if I create one basic layout and use it/inject it on every page (except home & contact) and then change the header image to every single page, should it work that way?

    Also do you think that buying something like ‘Visual Composer for Wordpress’ would work with your theme to help me accomplish this?

    Thank you again!

    1.) Yes that would work

    2.) using the visual composer would basically be the same thing as using our layout builder. they are quite similar with a few different approaches but I am not even sure if they would be compatible :)

    Thank you again for your time and reply!

    Take care