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How do I remove “Enfold Theme by Kriesi” which is appended to the copyright in the footer? I don’t want to use CSS to hide it, as that is bad for SEO.

hello I have updated to 1.4 but it still show 1.3.1 version?

Got the theme. Great job! Small question: ALT tags on images. None display from the ones I’ve entered into WP Media Library. Do you support ALT Tags on any images? Nothing showing in source code on full size or thumbnails… Really important for me my friend. Advice is grateful.

I re-post a previous comment in order to purchase enfold: Hello, Enfold is a really amazing theme. I need to use a plugin for making members. The members won’t pay for susbscription but I need to control the process: I don’t want anybody become a member, only people I previously choose, and wp-members is perfect for that. Does WP-MEMBERS work fine with Enfold? Do you recommend any other plugin for this task? Regards.

Hi, i’m having 3 problems…

1 – In firefox the “Blog Posts” shows wrong, the width stays full.

2 – In the footer configurations i use “Default Footer Widgets & Socket Settings” but nothing changes.

3 – ALT tags on images shows only one time on hover. can i change this to all time i hover?

Can u help me?

Hi, I really like the theme. It’s so clean. Is the demo data available? That would make a big difference to me. Thanks future digital media.

@spadilla: you just need to add [nolink] to your copyright message in the enfold theme settings.

How do I make the social icon links open a new tab/window to keep visitors on my site.

Dear Kriesi. The theme won´t install. Trying to upload in wordpress using the “” file. Getting the message…

“Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.” No options but clicking, Please try again.

I´m using Chrome browser Version 26.0.1410.65 on iMAC, OSX 10.8.3, WP version 3.5.1

Regards // Pete

@competencereklam : Hi I had he same problem, it may be because of the maximum upload file size of your WP installation, which may be 10MB when the Theme zip is 12MB. Either you ask your provider to increase the size (soemthing mine -Bluehost – didn’t do…!) or you install via FTP, which is how I bypassed the problem and there is also a video by Kriesi somewhere here on how to install via FTP. Really easy.

i have problem now only if enfold theme is activated, filter doesn’t work in pages and archives. plz help me~

I’m having some trouble understanding how the juxtaposition of layers are controlled. I thought it would be transparent layers all the same size but that doesn’t seem so, how do you control where an item slides out to? Does this make sense? I can change out what slides into the slider above the background image but cannot control where it slides to.I’m just using the demo content as a template. Thank you, I’m excited to work with this.

Pre-purchase question; First; Your new theme is simply amazing Kriesi, I am so excited.

I am building an extensive corporate website that requires about 10 different forms, some long ones. Can I build unlimited “contact forms”, with custom fields etc and place them where I choose throughout the site?

Thank you!

I’m dying to buy this theme but I was wondering if there is demo content involved, also, there is a way to create boxes for content with maybe color headers? Or do you know a good plugin for that to use on this theme? I really wanna buy asap! thanks!

i have a problem with Gravity Forms Version 1.7.2. There is a lot of empy space (40-50px) under the form that pushes the other items in the page down. how can i fix that?

Hi, can YouTube videos be embedded in to this template in the front page?




1st of all, i really appreciate your work, well done, you deserve every penny friend. Pre-buy questions:

1- Can i use the same image-overlay class to any image i want? 2- I didnt see any sidenav in your features list, is there any? If yes, can i add one into one of your single portfolio pages? 3- Do you have more image-overlay classes maybe? :) i would like to customize that abit

thanks in advance


How do I remove “Enfold Theme by Kriesi” which is appended to the copyright in the footer? I don’t want to use CSS to hide it, as that is bad for SEO.

Hi, Nice theme. I am intending to buy 1 copy. But have you checked your live preview without the purchase frame over the screen in a iPhone. It always crash and never open. So I could not check it in a iPhone or iPad. Would you please check the matter and try to solve it? I am looking forward to check it in an iPhone and purchase it. Russell

Can you create a video gallery using this theme to pull videos from vimeo? Thanks