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Is it possible, or do you have plans, to add page transitions like fade?


Hey! I am thinking about it. The biggest problem is that fading might require javascript and ajax requests which often breaks external plugins :/

There are some themes on here that offer different transitions. Don’t want to promote them here so I will send you link. I have other questions as well. I’m on the fence between yours and theirs.

Hi have a question for you. How can I add my own icons to the available icons?

Here is a short tutorial:

Only thing different is that the upload button has moved to enfold->import/export in your backend ;)


How can I turn a full width 4 column (standard layout) easy masonry product area into a 3 column full width masonry?

Hey! Currently there is no simple option for that. Would only work with some customization. If you want to do this and need help feel free to open up a thread in our support forum ;)

i’m sure this has been asked but can you implement a video portfolio instead of just pictures? looks really good. i would just love that function

Are you talking about the overview page (the grid) or the single portfolio pages. the single pages are able to show video, the grid is not ;)

Hi there!

I love your work, great theme, suits my business well.

I have, however been having issues for the past day or so.

My home page will simply not load, and the dashboard/wordpress seems sluggish, times out all the time etc.

I’m not very good with coding, and it took a while to figure out how to layout the site but with persistence I finally did it, so please take this into consideration when replying :)

This is my URL. Please help me out! is my email if you wish to converse through there.

Cheers and thanks in advance, Shao

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum?

Please add the link to your site and attach your login credentials as private data so the moderators can check if there is something wrong in your backend ;)

Any additional information like recent changes/updates/plugins might also help us ;)

Hi Kriesi,

I just wanted to ask if you removed the PrettyPhoto lightbox with the latest update?

Thanks :)

where can i see the documentation of this modern lightbox script?

Thanks you so much :) Great support! keep up.

Nice work and good support

Thanks a lot ;)

I want boxed layout with 1600px width instead of the predefined width: 1130px. I tested this: .responsive #top.boxed { width: 1600px; } Box shows 1350px now, not 1600. Can you show me how to have a bigger boxed version. Fullscreen on 27’‘Mac the site looks too small with 1130px boxed. full width looks to wide compared to the centered content when fullscreen-browsing.

Hey! This would require to change the whole css grid, something which I really cant recommend, especially since we are planning to add that feature with the next update. So although it will take a little until the update is done I would recommend to wait for it ;)

Hi Kriesi:

I fail to understand how to create a Masonry Gallery with the category filter on the top like, I mean the tags “All/CSS/HTML/Photography/PSD/VIDEO”.

I have created a Masonry Gallery element within a Page, but I cannot find the way to show the categories. Is it mandatory to create a portfolio? Is so, can you show me how to do that? Is there any other way to create a Masonry Gallery but creating filters based on the images?

Thanks in advance for your help!


If you are using images there is no option for a filter. The filter option only works for masonry based on the “masonry element” in your content elements tab.

Those masonries rely on blog entries, products or portfolio entries and since all of them got categories and tags (something which images do not have) you can use the filter

I use the “back and white” predefined style option. I have an one px border line on top of the website (solid white). My header Background is turned to black, cant find out where to ajust the CSS to make this line disappear.

mind posting me a link to the site so I can take a look?

Hi, I tryed to create a copy of the default model page “page.php” that I named page-entreprise.php. My model is working but it’s like it miss some css and is boxed…

Does you theme use the model for loading some features that would break if I use a different model?

Hey! It actually should work. Mind opening up a thread in our support forum?

Please add a link to your site and also add login credentials attached as private data so we can take a look at the template file, maybe there is something missing or maybe you have encountered a bug that we need to fix ;)

Hi Kriesi,

Well done on your success!

Im just about to buy another copy of the theme, but i need to know if it will be possible to achieve the feature request.

I need to add elements over a fullscreen slide show like this –

I know that you recently added the video feature to the colour section which i have used to nearly get that background image effect on the site above, but i can only have one image, is there a ways around this?

I am afraid there is no easy way without some extra styling. I am currently adding the option to set the first caption of a slideshow as “permanent caption” that overlays all other slides as well.

You could probably use that to add your won images/columns/etc but it would definitely be a hackish approach ;D

Can someone from Kriesi please contact me?

My visual editor has stopped working, and I can’t log in to the forums to post a support request – I’ve requested a password reset via, but it’s not being sent to me.

I really need to get this sorted out, and can’t seem to find one common solution via the forums.


UTD WP install Most recent version of Enfold (re installed via FTP this morning) Tried with all plugins turned off

Nothing is fixing this issue…

Contact me direct at carol AT for log in info.

Hey! Quick question: you are using the gmail account “frenchbulldogz” – is this correct? If so I will reset the password and send you one manually

Have you ever used Enfold with Ultra Cart? Or do you know if it integrates well?


Hey! I am afraid I have no experience or data to share about the plugin, sorry :/

Hi, from the last update the lightbox stopped working. I used it to link youtube videos in a box, but now when you click on the images the box says: “the image could not be loaded”. This is a page full of video:

Thank You! Paolo Mantero

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently on vacation and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add the link to your site as well so they can take a look ;) Thanks!

[edit] sorry had wrong account open, see below

Quick question, right now when use masonry blog within a fullwidth content area it only displays 2 columns. If I remove it from content area and leave as its own element then it spans the entire pages with multiple columns. However, my layout is a boxed layout. I would simply like to have 4 columns masonry within the boxed layout. Any easy way to change this?

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? This will probably require some css modifications and my team can take a look at your site if and how that could be done ;)

Please add a link to your site as well . Cheers!

Is it possible to make the pages full width? As in 0 padding. I want my sidebar to touch the edge of the screen.

I know this may mess some things up, but I would like to give it a shot.


We are planning to improve the grid layout with the next update so this should be possible in the future. Right now I would not recommend to edit this by yourself since you would need to change all the grid values in css/grid.css to % based values in order to make that work…

Hi. I am using enfold in the boxed layout. My client doesn’t like that the cart appears on the far right over her background image. Is there anyway to get this to appear next to the search icon in the headerbar?


Hey! I am afraid it is not possible with some modification of the javascript that shows and hides the cart button. It would probably take an hour or two to change the script and test it so I am afraid it is out of our default support scope. If its really necessary and you need help with that I think you should find someone at who can do that for a reasonable amount ;)

can you use any google font with this theme? Do we get to chose from the full library? Thanks

Hey! By default there is only a pre selected list available but its quite easy to add any google font you like with a small modification. If you decide to use the theme and need help with adding new fonts just open a thread in our support forum and we will guide you trough the process ;)