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Pre purchase question: do you support header image? Meaning an image behind the logo, menus, etc.?

This is a great theme! Thank you! Great support also.

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Thanks a lot!

Hi, Love the theme! How do i remove the “active” bg color?
add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->General Styling:
#top .widget_nav_menu .current_page_item {
background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);
box-shadow: none;

Hello, Can you tell me how to add article / blog viz. link. I need a preview image and right next to the title. Under the heading text. Top that site was divided into two halves (one half, two Hafia). Thank you for the quick reply.

Hi, I have a problem with the list of articles. After every second link in the mobile version and the tablet does not make me jump. For the third link is always 2x more space than it should be. How to fix it? Thank you for the quick reply.

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my team will tackle complicated requests like yours ;)

Okay. No problem. Can you tell me, when I can edit single post with small preview image – size. I need bigger. The best no square but rectangle. Where can I change dimensions ? Thanks you.

Hi Kriesi, Im working on new pages for my site that would include a calendar. I need to know if you are working on an Event management system for Enfold as suggested in the features request forum, or otherwise what free or paid events plugin would you recommend for your theme. Thx!

Hey! The plugin integration we are planning wont require you to do anything. It will just add styling and maybe change the layout of the default templates for the calendar but you can already start using the plugin right now and once the update arrives it will simply look a little more polished and Enfold-fitting ;)

I can see The Events Calendar doesnt use shortcodes and their calendars and or events cant be embedded… Thats huge disadvantage. Could you possibly work on that when integrating it with enfold?!

hm interesting. didn’t think about that. will do some research if this is possible :)

Hi there,

Thanks for building such a good theme.

Quick question:

Do you have a premium support option available which provides faster support at all?



Hey kevin!

I am afraid we don’t but we are quite good at answeing support requests in our forum so feel free to give it a shot:

Hi there! Thanks for the nice theme! I noticed that on a page that I have more subpages (topics) they don’t appear all either on the drop down menu or the mega menu. My site is and on the page Dangers I have 21 subpages. The last ones do not appear from the home page. From other pages, if you check the menu, even less subpages appear. This way, content of the website never appears for the readers. What can I do for that? Thanks!

Hey! Not sure I completly understand the problem. Mind opening up a thread in our support forum with a detailed description. You can also attach your login credentials as private data or screenshots if you think a look at your backend might help us to understand and solve the issue ;)


is there someting wrong with the facebook widget on the current wp version? First it was working well but not it is not.


Working fine for me. What exactly is the priblem?


How can I fix that the icon boxes has same height? They have different height due to text content.

Some questions:

1: I have problems regarding the font in menu, I have selected white but its still grey.

2: Footer also, widgets title colour white but still grei.

3: Footer menu active link bg should be blue with white font, but still same.

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently on vacation with no access to theme files but my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site as well ;)

Hi Kriesi,

Can the portfolio items be arranged on pages? I have a client that wants the items in a specific order but I see no way to sort them.


Hey! Currently this is only possible by changing the query parameters:

Thank you.

you are welcome ;)

Hi, How could I replace the logo image in the header with just text? Thanks,

Hey! I am afraid, due to the nature of the shrinking logo image this is currently not really possible, since its not possible to shrink text in the same way without a lot of extra javascript effort :/

OK, thanks very much!

Hi Kreisi!

I love this theme. We used it for I’m am hoping to purchase it for a new project I am working on. I have three pre-purchase questions:

1. Is there a shortcode or simple way for me to display a custom number of posts from a specific category? 2. Is there a simple way to make sure all post featured images are at a 16:9 ratio and of a specific size (using above shortcode)? 3. How many levels of hierarchy can your right sidebar navigation expand to handle?



Kriesi, any word on this. Especially the question about displaying a specific number of posts from a category?

It is down to Enfold or Avada. I love Enfold (have used before), but Avada can do this and it’s a really important feature for this project.

1.) Yes multiple ways. The easiest is the blog element which allows you to display multiple posts either in blog or grid form. You can also use the masonry element or the magazine element. Each of them has a different layout but can display a number of posts based on category

2.) Would require you to make sure that the thumbnail size which is defined in functions.php in the image array at the top has a pixel value that corresponds to 16:9

3.) I have tested it with 3 but If I remember correctly it is meant to work with any number of sublevels

Very nice theme! Does the video background support audio/sound?

Thanks, Jared

Hey! The background doesnt. Only the video slideshows allow to activate/deactivate sound

Hello !

Is there any chance to get button from Kriesi homepage ( ) ?

so nice design !

thanks :-)

Hey! I am afraid you would need to do those changes yourself. All slider now support two buttons beside each other, as can be seen here:

They just look a little different. An hour of CSS work could change that but our support unfortunately does not cover that ;)

Ok ! Thaks for tips ! will do that

Hello, I have a question for magazine element.

How can I add pagination for magazine element? I can’t find any options to turn it on.


Hey! I am afraid there currently is none. The magazine element is meant to display a limited number of items only without any pagination…


Setting a large sortable portfolio grid (9 items per page, 12 pages, 14 categories): How do I manage to show all 14 category-tags at each page, and not only those actually displayed at the selected page?

Hm ,that would probably require some css customization. Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? My team will take a look at that (since I am on vacation) and let you know if this can be easily done ;)

Hi! Thanks for the support. I need some help.

1. How do i lower the width of the left-sidebar?

2. How do i remove the “bold” effect when the left-sidebar menu item is active?


Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently on vacation and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site as well ;)

Hi, is it possible to add a blog and event calendar to the iconboxes? If so, can you explain how?

Please see for an example of what we want to do. Also, we just really want the three boxes with white background, so if there is a better solution that iconboxes, please let me know.

Thank you for your time, and the great theme!

Hey! I am sorry thats currently not really possible out of the box. what you could try is to use a plugin that allows you to display recent events or posts with a shortcode. you could then paste this shortcode into the iconbox…

Hi, how can I translate on russian “Share this entry” button in the end of the posts?

You need to edit the russian language file. You can read more about how to do that here:

but it will be included in the update, all other options are translated, but only “Share this entry” button in english

Hey! If you use the current file as a base for your translation and post a link to the file in the forum thread we will add it to the next update as well ;)