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Hi Kriesi,

I’m currently looking to upgrade my hosting from a generic plan with GoDaddy to a managed WordPress solution from a company like WP Engine or Pagely. Most of these hosts cache their sites and serve them over a CDN.

I’m not an expert on those topics, so I wanted to double-check that Enfold will run smoothly and the caching won’t present any issues with the theme or bundled plugins. Although I’ve had great experiences with Enfold so far, I know that sometimes caching can cause headaches. I want to be sure that out of the box Enfold will be ready to excel on a managed host that utilizes caching and other WordPress perks.

Are there any particular hosts you would recommend or suggestions for consideration when weighing my options for a managed WordPress host?

Thanks, Kriesi! I’m looking forward to using Enfold when I get setup on my new host.



Hey Ryan!

As far as I know there should be no issues. I think we have had some people that needed help with the theme and posted their wp-engine credentials and everything seemed to work fine. Can’t imagine that there is any difference on other hosts :)

Hi Kriesi – Awesome! Thanks a ton for the feedback :) It’s reassuring to hear your thoughts and know that you have been able to lend a hand in the past.

I bought this theme a while ago and haven’t gotten around to using it yet. I will, when I get time, and something just occurred to me; is this compatible with the WP Job Manager plugins, or would it need a bit of work to get it to work properly? I’m guessing you’ve been asked before but can’t see a reference here.

As a second question – another possibilty – I am looking for a wp template to replace another website ( and wonder if it would be easy to create a proper searchable directory to replace (for example) the page at (it’s currently a manual page but I’d like to create a way for people to register and create their own profiles on the site). Maybe there are some plugins that work with this template that might do the job, which you’re aware of?

Sorry to ask this sort of question but short of spending a week doing trial and error tests, I don’t know how to find the answers!


I am afraid I dont have any info about the job manager plugin so you will need to test it for yourself :/ As far as I can remember no one ever asked til now ;)

Unfortunately its the same for the second question. Never got a request like this before. Its not really possible out of the box and I am not sure which plugin would suit your needs. Probably a community plugin like buddypress?

Will keep my eyes open the next few days if I come across something that might fit your needs though ;)

Okay, I was only asking in hope! Thanks anyway.

Hi, great design on this product. Currently, I cannot see how a video portfolio opens. On the mobile platform, does it open in a lightbox or take you to a site (youtube, vimeo, etc)?

Depends on the way it is embedded. If you directly embed it into the page you can often start it instantly without going to a new site. If you link to the video it will open in a lightbox by default

Hi Kriesi,

We are using the AJAX portfolio option in the latest version of Enfold, we would like the first item in the portfolio to be open by default on page load, how would i go about achieving this?

I know i can use JS to run an AJAX call on page load but cannot find the function i need to call, or if you know of any other way in which to achieve this?


Hey! I am afraid this is currently not possible without modifying the theme files. you would need to open the enfold/js/shortcodes.js file and scroll down to line 1300. there should be a code block somewehere that says:

var link            = $(this),
    post_container    = link.parents('.post-entry:eq(0)'),
    post_id            = "ID_" +'ajax-id'),
    clickedIndex    = items.index(post_container);

Change it to:

var link            = $(this),
    post_container    = link.parents('.post-entry:eq(0)'),
    post_id            = "ID_" +'ajax-id'),
    clickedIndex    = items.index(post_container);

if(clickedIndex === 0) {'href'),"_self"); return;};

Hello, I love the theme. I’m attempting to find better access to the font options for the theme, am I perhaps doing something wrong? I’m trying to find where to set font sizes, or at least be able to edit the sizes of h1-h6 tags. Additionally, I need to be able to use Roboto Thin font, and I only see Roboto as an option. Where would I be able to go to edit this, as it’s tantamount to us using the theme? Thanks for your help!

Why do blockquotes have a vertical green line to the left of them?

I’m sorry to keep bothering you, but even the consultants I’ve contacted cannot figure out how to get your theme to act the way we want. The paragraph text is so small, it’s impossible to read. When I try to add CSS to fix it or even try to add styling inline, it does not work. Is there a way to override it? What am I missing here—besides a lot of sleep? I’ve spent hours and hours trying to fix this. Our site looks so bad I’m embarrassed.


The blockquote border is a styling choice to indicate that something is a quote. Not an unusual styling if you look around on modern websites ;)

As for the CSS. thats easy again. In fact so easy that I would consider changing your consultants because if they cant solve something simple like that they are not worth their money ;)

Add this to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->General Styling:
body p {
font-size: 20px;

Perfect theme!

One question, if I use the masonry gallery with perfect grid, where can I change the image’s height?

add this to your quick css filed in enfold->general styling:

.av-fixed-size .av-masonry-entry .av-inner-masonry-sizer {
padding-bottom: 80%;

increase the % to increase the height of the element ;)

Love this theme, great work Kriesi!

I don’t know whether it’s best here or to do it via support but can I put a request in for a Google +1 button to be added in the social sharing under each post, it looks really clean as it is so I don’t want to have to add an icon that’s not inkeeping with the rest of the theme.

Will think about it ;) To keep track of the requests you might want to use this tool: ;)

I’m in love with this theme :) There are endless possibilities what you can do.

thanks a lot, glad you like it ;)


quick question,

instead of a slider in the homepage, can it be one single static image ?

Thank you

Yes of course ;)

Hello Your blog grid option looks fantastic. I have two questions: 1. With 4 column grid, is it possible to reduce sidebar-width, to 1/2 size? This will enable the columns slightly wider. 2. I saw pics extending to extreme left & right at: Is it possible to allot the same to the blog grid columns? I mean is it too difficult to reduce column padding/margins to maximize screen real estate? Thanks

Hey! the big grid change will arive with version 3.0 so you will need to wait for that version ;)

OK.Will wait. Any rough ETA?

I hope to release it within the next 2 weeks

Help. Need to disable Avia Layout Builder.

Just purchased and installed Enfold.

My first experience with a visual builder. Ah … Historically I’ve made many customizations to the Home Page.

I get to the normal text editor in Posts … but can’t go to the default editor in pages.

When I click on the “default editor” button. I get the two tabs at the top of the page that say “Visual Editor” and “Text” but there is nothing in the frames. Just white space.

Spend an hour at least on this. Searched through posts here and on the main support site. Watched the video, read the documentation. No Luck. Wasting hours.

Can anyone help me?

I think I figured how to get the child functions file working. Will Let you know.

I am so DUMB. There is a short code to add a code box. Sorry, I’ve been building websites the old way for too long. Also I went directly to the support forum and missed the link in the downloaded materials that had a bunch of written documentation. Finally getting on my way. :)

Glad to hear that ;)


I purchased your theme but can’t install in my wordpress. Could you please tell me how to do this?

Thank you

Hey! Do you get an error message? What exactly happens when you try to install the theme?

Hey Kriesi, thank you for your prompt response. I have fixed it. Thanks!

Glad to hear ;)

Love your comments. Looking forward for your next release and joining your client list. Additional layouts and flexible grid will surely get more purchases. Thanks again.

Yep, the next release is gonna be really big ;D Cant wait to get that out :)

Yesterday $55. Today $58.

What’s going on?

It seems Themeforest raised prices of all the themes. Nothing I did ;)

Hi Kriesi! Can you give a super quick overview of how Enfold handles responsive images? Or, if you’ve already answered this, just send me a link.

Thank you!


I am not sure I understand the question. what exactly do you want to know? I guess its clear that images scale to the size of the containing container but I also assume you already know that ;D

Hey, sorry for the lack of clarity. My client has asked this of me as a general question. I think what they are getting at is: 1. Are smaller images (mobile responsive) just the larger image resized client-side to fit the screen or are they served up as smaller images with smaller file sizes? 2. Are you using Javascript or pure CSS to resize images?

1.) In most cases they are just reduced client side. If you would want to change that I guess the best course of action would be to use a plugin. The thing is that pretty much all mobile devices have such a high density that you need an image that is larger than the actual pixel size anyways.

2.) Pure CSS

Pre-Sale Q. I am thinking to purchase another copy of Enfold to use as an online store but would like to know if there is any way to have the shop products pop up the way they do in Replete?


The closest thing you could probably get would be with a small css snippet like this. You can test it on your existing copy of enfold by adding it to your quick css field in enfold->general styling:

.products .product {
-webkit-transform: scale(0.95);
-webkit-transition: all 0.3s ease-in-out;
transform: scale(0.95);
transition: all 0.3s ease-in-out;

.products .product:hover {
-webkit-transform: scale(1);
transform: scale(1);
z-index: 100;

I am afraid it wont get any closer than this since replete has a very special product html markup that allows for a more sophisticated popup transition :)

That will do. :) Does Enfold have more options in general than Replete? I didn’t see much on the demo, in regards to short codes on the menu etc, other than it was specifically for e-commerce.

Thank you for your quick response! I noticed you actually got back to me within an hour of my original post. Awesome!

Hey! I am afraid replete has much less options than enfold. also lacks the new layout builder, so in general if you have worked with enfold once going back to replete is not really something I would recommend ;D

Hi there, i am trying to install de Enfold theme in Wordpress. This doesn’t work yet. It says: this cannot be installed, the theme misses de style.css stylesheet. Can you please help me? Thanx!

Hey! I think you are trying to install the wrong zip file. the file you have downloaded needs to be unziped first. within you will find psd files, documentation and also the actual theme file folder called “” thats the file you need to upload ;)

Thanx man! Just installed this very nice theme!!

Glad I could help ;)

Hi Kriesi,

this is a great theme, i need your help on to make two button (Intact/Fixed) on layer slider.

I have a 5 slides in layer slider and i want to place two button there (Means want to place html code ) that will be intact in all slide i don’t want to animate this button (html code) so please let me know where can i place these two button (or html code)


Hey! As far as I know the layerslider does not support a feature like this. With the next version our own sliders (easyslider, fullscreen + fullwidth slider) will support that feature but I am not sure if the layerslider team will add it as well :/


I’d like to enlarge the images on the single product pages of a site I’m working on. I’d like to get the images to about 600px x 600px. Can you help with this?

Also, when I add an image to the product gallery below the main product image the pop function no longer works. I’m wondering if you’d be able to check that out. If so, I’ll send you an email with the details.

Here is a screenshot of what I’m describing

Hey! Mind opening a support thread in our forum? We might need your backend credentials to check the error and its easier to add them in the forum as private data where only moderators can see it :)

Url is:

Please also add your own site url as well when posting ;)

great, thanks ;)

Hello, I have some problem with my site. I am not sure is it about my theme, or about wordpress. Please check my site, The intro slider is not working, and also all lightboxes are not working.

Hey! You are getting alot of unusual javascript errors. Are there any plugins running that might cause this problem?