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Hi Kriesi, what a stunningly good theme Enfold is. I am 62 year old guy and my brain cells are not what they used to be, but I got my head around this theme in a few hours. The coding is a work of art and the theme menus are absolutely well thought out and functional. You should be proud of your work. My advice to anyone thinking of buying this theme is to stop thinking and get your credit card out !!

Thanks a lot for the great testimonial, glad you like the theme :)

I do like the theme. Question for you – the cab firm Uber have a great site and on the home page they have some panels that animate on hover. I’m not trying to put a link in here but have a look at Has Enfold got this facility anywhere? If not it would be on my ‘wish list’ for future updates.

hey! thanks. unfortunately we currently dont have something like this but I will see what we can do ;)

Hi, I’d like to insert the sidebar under the picture. Can you help with this? It’s possible?

Here is a screenshot of what I’m describing >>

Thank’s. Daria

Hey! Probably the easiest way would be to use a fullwidth slider and only insert one image into the slider. That would create a fullwidth area that pushes the sidebar down. Or you can also add a color section to the page and insert an image element there. This will have the same effect :)

Hello, as always great theme.

Quick question, In the portfolio page, the “portfolio-preview-title” is a link a the moment. Can you help me to remove that link in all the portfolio entries?

Hope you understand my question,

Hope to hear from you,

Cheers, Keep up the good work,


Hey! You would need to edit the template files for this:

open the file enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/portfolio.php and search for the line that reads:

$output .= "<h2 class="portfolio-preview-title entry-title"><a href="{$link}">".$entry->post_title."</a></h2>";

(Should be around line 661)

change it to

$output .= "<h2 class="portfolio-preview-title entry-title">".$entry->post_title."</h2>";

Thank you very much for the quick answer. As always, great suport, thats why you guys have my money ;) Keep up the good work, Cheers.

Glad I could help ;)

Hi Kriesi, We are superinterested in buying the theme, one question tough, our customer wants part of the site to be restricted to members only, is there a plugin u can recommend that runs smoothly w ur theme to solve this?

Best regards / Roland and Katarina – Stockholm Sweden

Hey! Unfortunately I have no experience with these kinds of plugins but it seems most member management plugins work quite fine with the theme. Peter has written down a list of recommended plugins that should work fine. just scroll down until you reach the membership section:

But I think other plugins would work as well ;)

Enfold works, but it has a serious compatibility issue with IE 11, 10, 9. Layerslider is being disorted and does not properly display picture items. Icons, boxes, pictures and colors are not being displayed properly on IE 8, 7. This gives a very negative impressions to visitors if they use IE. The worst of all, I reported this issue, but they keep ignoring it, saying they can not reproduce the issue on their side and want me to hire a freelancer to fix the bug.

Hey! If we can’t reproduce the issue it is very likely that it has something to do with your setup. If what you say were true and we would simply ignore such bugs then we would get thousands of requests by our users to fix it. Since we do not I assume that this is not directly related to the theme.

If you want however feel free to drop me a link to your forum thread and I will take a look at the issue myself :)

Hi, I am new buyer. I have a problem with the language My wordpress is in French, but the theme does not recognize the language. This theme is in English. How to pass it in French? thank you for your help Jihele

I have another question, I have put a link in the phone area. But I don’t know where I can manage the colors for a link…

Always no answer…

Hey! As I told you before, forum requests are usually answered within 24 hours. sometimes we are much faster but sometimes it simply takes that long to clear the queue ;)

Hi Kriesi, stunning work! I had bought your Enfold theme a few days ago for, and just bought it again for The one-button import is priceless. I’m planning to keep my personal heylittlecobra site loaded with the demo content while I develop our corporate printfire site. I had never seen images with hotspots in other themes – that’s going to be perfect for quick demos on how a particular product function works. Congrats!

Glad you are happy ;)

If you like the one click demo import you will definitely love our next update ;D

Hi, I want to completely remove the mobile menu. I have created an empty menu, but the little box for the menu shows on the mobile version. Is there a way remove that menu box from mobile?


Hey! Thanks for the notice. i will include a fix for this in the next update ;)

Meanwhile you can hide it the following way:

add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->General Styling:
#top #advanced_menu_toggle {
display: none;

Hi. It seems Enfold will be my next theme… but before I need to know if it is possible to create a layout like the one in this image
I mean: a 2/3 + 1/3 (about) where on the left I have a layer slider for all the width (2/3) and on the right there will be the sidebar with its widgets. How to get it? I don’t see anything like this in your theme live preview.Thank you very much.

Hey! Its possible but only with our own simple slideshows. the layerslider is always fullwidth :)

Hi great theme, I like it a lot. I’m trying to make the header look more like the Victoria’s Secret website, they have an extra menu below the top bar. I was wondering where I could register a new menu bar location in Enfold.


Hey! I think a good start would be to use the header setting: logo center, menu bellow and then add something like thisto the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->General Styling:
#top .av-main-nav > li > a {
border: none;

to remove the menu borders…

I did what you suggested and it seems to be close enough. Any tip where I can modify template files to add a search bar and login button next to the centered logo? Also are the photos included in the layerslider enfold demo free to use? (the computer, iphone, leaves, etc.)

You can either edit the includes/helper-main-menu.php file directly or if you want to be future update proof you would need to use a child theme and use the hooks that are available in the helper main menu file to add your content:

The pictures used in the demo are free to use, yes :)

HELP! Love your theme. I am using the The Partner /Logo Element. However when I add a url for each image I get blue boxes in between each image. See the top line here.

How can I get rid of those blue boxes. They are the spaces in between the images. Settings: 5 columns, no scaling, don’t display border, slider, slide, no control buttons, no rotation.


Hey! I am afraid I cant see any blue boxes. Which browser are you using?

I fixed it. I found someone in your support forum who had the same issue. I had to make the background transparent. Thank you!

Ah, glad to hear that ;)


is Enfold ready for update to WP version 3.9.2


I purchased the theme a few days ago and like it but I had a brief question:

In the footer, the copyright notice appear, which is good but along that also the line “Enfold Theme by Kriesi”. How can I delete that?



I am trying to log on to the support page.

Do you send the email right away? I did not receive a confirmation email. (maybe I was sloppy and made an error in the email address)

Hey! Yes the mail should arrive within a few minutes. feel free to use the contact form here to send me your email and purchase code so I can take a look:

Hi, is it possible to remove the heading and subheading texts for all images in the Easy Slider component only on mobile devices or in responsive layout mode? It is not really practical to show this information on mobiles as the easy slider is not really big enough and the text look not so good and cut. Thanks!

ah, sorry I have posted the code for the fullwidth slider.

you might want to try this:

.avia_mobile .avia-caption{display:none !important;}

Hi! Now it works splendidly ;).

Thanks a lot!

glad i could help :)

Hi Guys,

How can I change the arrow icon in the Full Screen Slider? The one that takes the user to the next section by scrolling down?


Hey! Depending on what you want to accomplish I would recommend to wait for the next theme update since we are doing a few changes to that arrow anyways to make it look better :)

I tried to register on the support forum, but I haven’t received the email with the password. I also tried requesting it again, to no avail. Are you having issues with the emails?

Got it now, thanks. :)

Glad to hear ;)


I have a question – How can I change the font? I want the size font to be bigger.


add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->General Styling:
#top {