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Please consider making the following changes to image gallery module. When presenting images with a large preview image and thumbs, only the large image goes to modal on click. The thumbs should not go to modal directly, but rather modify the preview image. This makes more sense and reduces frustration of the user who just wants to preview the image, rather then go to full modal. I am sure you already know this could be just a simple option in the setup.

Noted :)

Please feel free to contribute any other suggestions here, so we can keep better track:

Hello, I’m doing the website for a client using the theme Enfold. We have a small problem. When rolled down the site and keep the following at the top menu, and this menu has a background image, and when rolled for something with motion effect as sliders, to get back to the top cross bars as if the menu had been there, and only disappears when for example, the slider switch image again. What can we do to solve this problem?

Please disregard this post. I’ve solved the problem!

Glad to hear :)

I posted a question on the support forum ( and got an initial answer, with some code. The code just gave me a white page instead of a website and I suspect it wasn’t properly closed (even if I don’t know anything about php) and stated this, but it seems that having had an initial answer my post has now been classed as ‘answered’ regardless. It’s been two days now, so can someone look at it?


Hey! Sorry, for the delay, weekend response times are a little lower. the post is still open and in our queue, as long as you dont “bump” it you should receive an answer soon :)

Hi there,

First of all, an amazing theme with endless posibilties! Great job.

Was wondering if you guys could check my question on your support forum.

I need to change the Search results page layout.


what did not work? replacing the template or the code snippet. the snippet should definitely work :)

Sorry indeed, the snippet worked, just had to hit F5 a couple a times. Thanks for the support!

Ah kk, thats great to hear :)

Hi there,

Im looking at purchasing this theme. Love the layout, theme, colours, how flexible the design is. I don’t know much about websites & code or anything so this looks like the best option. But I can’t seem to find any information on how to upload it or where i need to put it, i’m currently hosted with Godaddy. Do i need to use it in wordpress? I also don’t know much about wordpress either :s

How do i actually make the website with the layout? Is it another program you offer where you do the drag and drop? Thanks in advance :)

Hey! The drag and drop editor for the layout is embedded into the theme. Once you have installed wordpress and the theme you can create layouts in your administration area.

As for how to install it: You first need to install WordPress, then the theme and then activate it. Before purchasing I would try to solve those steps with a free theme to see if you can get it to work. There are a lot of resources out there to get that done :)

Installing WordPress on Godaddy


In the layer advanced, when you add text with bg colour is it possible to like add transparency or whatever its called? Like bg colours is 70%

Hi, how can I set the height for icon boxes. they have different height due to text?

I figured it out but have some other questions: Where to change title background colour? and then font to white?

Second, can u check the site with mobile? how can I make it work good with mobile and logo?

Hey! I am afraid the link is dead for me. Once the site is up again: mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

How do I add a pricing table to the page?

I found this but not sure what to do next:

If there’s any instructions please point me to them


Open the page and switch to the advanced layout builder. in the content tab you can add a table element that got two display styles. the default one is the pricing table. simply add prices and a few rows and you are done :)

Hi there!

A costumer is requesting to use for his home page the version 9 with videos and parallax, and also the Glassy header. Is it possible to have both this way or not.

By do way how do you set up Glassy header if I want to use it, let say, in a post page?


1.) Yes thats possible. You can select the glassy header on any page you want

2.) Unfortunately it does not work for posts

Thanks for the fat response. Do all the other header types work for posts?

You can change the default headers in your backend at enfold->headers. they will apply to single posts as well :)

Good day! I updated this page last night:

and as you can see some rows are closer together than others. There is nothing different with the content or code in each box. All photos are the same size: 236×142 and all text boxes have code such as: Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

Please let me know how to fix the cases where the rows are tight together. See 5th and 6th row. (Brown Jordan)

Thank you! ( I am using current update.2.9.1) Love this theme. Make more like it please. —Jojo

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am adraid we need to take a look at the backend and check if there are any visible problems.

Please add the link to your site and attach your login credentials as “private data” so only moderators can see it :)

Can the slideshow be automatically rotate from the 1st image to the next one… instead of the user clicking on the thumbnails below?

I am afraid not. A request does not automatically mean that it will be done 100%. Also depends on how many other requests there are that get more votes…

If you need it done 100% and within a fixed time frame I think the only solution would be to either build it yourself or ask someone at for help :)

ok. with the easy slider on mobile the dots and arrows are always over the picture. They just don’t disappear even tho you touch them … They should go invisible once the slideshow and only appears when you hover over them. Again this happens only on mobile.

Thats the thing: there is no hover event on mobile. the user might not even notice that he can control a slideshow if you hide the controls on mobile. Wouldn’t really recommend to change that

Also, is it possible to have the each “team” picture clickable to a full landing page for each team member?

Ignore the question above, I figured that out but how do I make the team member name clickable? also, how to I remove the radius/circle edges from the team member photos

to make the name clickable you would need to use add the full link into the name field like this:

<a href="">John Doe</a>

Make sure to use double quotes for the href attribute like this: href=””

In order to remove the border radius add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->General Styling:
#top .team-img-container, #top .avia_image_team {
border-radius: 0;

Hi, I really love this great theme and I am using it for my AE projects. I have no issue at all but I just want to know how to make the site full site version on smartphones and tablets? Ofcourse I love the mobile version of this theme but also want to view it full site on smartphones/tablets just like the other sites. I can’t find the settings for this feature. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks thanks MJ

Hi Kriesi, Sorry for asking another question. How can I put social media icons below my videos? So that anyone can share my projects in my portfolio right away just like the blog entry, it has “Share this entry”. Is there a shortcode or something to put it like in the blog? Thanks in advance.

Hey! I am afraid right now there is no template builder element to do that. Its planned for one of the next releases though, so if you got the time to wait I would do so :)

Otherwise you would need to find a plugin that can add share buttons via shortcode

Ah OK no problem it’s not urgent :) I will just add that once this feature is available in your next update. Thanks for the quick reply :)

Hi, I have a question about sort in Portfolio Grid. example sort) All (50) / CSS (5) / HTML (15) / Photography (12) / PSD (8 ) / VIDEO (10)

Can i add “sort count” like example? Thanks.

add this to your quick css field in your backend at enfold->general styling

#top small.av-cat-count:after {
content: ")";
#top small.av-cat-count:before {
content: " (";
#top small.av-cat-count {
display: inline;

Wow~ :) Thanks a lot

You are welcome ;)


1.) welches Lightbox Plugin/Script wird auf Enfold verwendet? Gibt’s ein Beispiel auf der Demoseite, wo ein Video in einer Lightbox geöffent wird? 2.) ist es moglich die Shortcodes farblich in den Theme Optionen anzupassen (wie im Avanda Theme), so dass beispielsweise auch ein dunkles Layout möglich ist (hatte diesbezüglich schon arge Probleme mit anderen Themes, wo alles OK ist solange das Layout sehr hell ist), ohne daß ich ständig im custom css Bereich was ändern muss? Das empfinde ich als das vielleicht größte Alleinstellungsmerkmal von Avanda(Sofern es bei Enfold nicht auch möglich ist). Nahezu jedes Theme wirbt mit unlimited color options, aber die Shortcodesgestaltung bleibt trotzdem ausgenommen. Danke

Die color schemes legst du selbst im backend fest:

Die shortcodes übernehmen diese Styles dann automatisch. Es sollte also nicht notwendig sein irgendwelche farben mittels CSS selbst ändern zu müssen. Falls du das doch machen willst ist der einfachste weg einfach ein tool wie chrome developer bar oder firebug für firefox zu verwenden. Damit lässt sich sehr leicht herausfinden welches element welche CSS klassen hat und wie man sie überschreiben muss. Bei kleineren änderungen können wir aber auch im forum helfen ;)

Da man auch ohne Kunde bei Dir zu sein Leserechte im Forum hat, habe ich mich gestern dort umgesehen. Der von Euch angebotene Support ist mehr als ausreichend für mich.
Allerding sind mir dort zwei Dinge aufgefallen. Ich möchte gerne wissen, ob folgendes bereits auf Eurer To Do Liste ist:
1. Animierte Page Transitions
2. Die Möglichkeit Color Sections innerhalb von Spalten zu verwenden, oder in den einzelnen Spalten die Möglichkeit HG-Bilder zu benutzen um z.B. in einer Reihe 4 Bilder innerhalb von 4 Spalten darzustellen.
Das sind IMHO relativ wichtige features
Ist damit zu rechnen daß o.g. innerhalb dieses Kalender-Jahres ergänzt wird?
Für ein Projekt werde ich auf jeden Fall Enfold verwenden. Kommt denn das nächste Update noch im August raus?

1.) In irgendeiner art und weise ja. das problem bei den derzeitigen lösungen ist das sie mit vielen plugins inkompatibel sind. hätte da gern was das nicht alle plugins die javascript im frontend haben zerstört

2.) Ist im nächsten update. August wird sich allerdings nicht ausgehen da es wohl unser größtes update bisher wird :)

Hey Kriesi, Thanks for all the hard work.

I have a small issue with the Blog Posts content element, I want them not to show the author as they do on this page – ( (by responsive)

Is this possible?



Hey Kriesi, I waited for the theme update but unfortunately it did not solve my problem ( the Blog Posts Element still shows the author name…

Is there something I can do about this?

Hey! I am afraid I meant the 3.0 update which will not be released for another week. the latest update was just a quickfix for the upcoming wordpress 4.0 update


I have a question – I would like to upload my video on my website but it doesn’t allow because the file excess 10MB. Could you please advice this problem? Should I resize it to 10MB to suit the system or how can I change it? In addition, I created the video with iMovie.

Thank you and I await your prompt response

hey! Not really a theme option but something that is controlled by your server:

You probably need to increase the maximum upload size on your server:

Thank you and I will contact them.

Good luck :)

Hi, I’m trying to register for your support page, it says registration successful and an email has been sent, however no email comes through. I’ve checked my junk mail as well and nothing is in there. My problem is the sidebar shortcode css styling – my home page consists of using the sidebar short code and blog shortcode for my content so I can have an extra section above the blog posts. However the css of the shortcode sidebar does not match the actual sidebar css, it’s adding bullets to all of the

  • like categories and archices etc. See image – How do I make the sidebars the same styling across board. Cheers Emily
  • Hey! Did you already receive your forum login? If not please let me know which email address you have sued so I can send you your login manually. As for the sidebar issue: would you mind posting me a url to your site so I can take a look?

    Can I use a different logo for mobiles like iPhone?

    Smaller version of the logo I mean.

    Thanks for the help!!!

    Hey! In that case you would need to remove the logo from the backend options and set a logo via CSS only. However since phones usually got a much higher pixel density and you need to use a bigger image to make it look sharp I would recommend to use the current approach of downscaling the desktop logo

    I was trying to integrate smint( ) plugin with your theme but I think it is conflicting with theme’s jquery version which is 1.11 and this plugin is using v1.7.1 jquery.

    Could you please help me out to remove this conflict? Here is a demo page – , on this page search and Accordion are not working.

    ok i forgot both my login and password to your support site. i did a forgot a password but have no received any email as yet. can you help with that?

    Hey! It might take a little while for the password to arrive. If it does not within the next our or so let me know and I will reset it manually and send it to you. (in that case you might want to tell me your email address as well so I can check if your forum account got the correct one registered)

    Sent ;) (yout might want to edit your previous post and remove the email now)

    Hi Kriesi,

    Big request for the accordion – when you mouseover, all it does is expand the same image. Could you add a feature to have a another message appear in the expanded box?

    Something like this:

    The accordion works great but at the moment it’s more form over function unless we can have some kind of call to action or expanded into on rollover.

    Many thanks and keep up the good work :o)

    Hey! Mind adding your request to our request page:

    Its much easier to keep track of ideas and wishes if we can keep it it one place :)

    Thanks! Kriesi

    Sure will do – thanks for the reply :)

    Thanks a lot ;)