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Hi Kriesi! Thank you for your prompt response to my previous questions. This time i would like to know if its possible to set up more than one blog in the same site using your enfold theme.

Thank you

Yes. You can create a second page, switch to the adavanced layout editor and then add a “blog element”. If you want a different output from your default blog you can simply change the categories to display in the blog element itself :)

I’m trying to access support for your forum, but can not remember the password and sends the mail reactivation.


Hi there When the Japanese text change, it will not be visible in white. Please help me please.

Hey! Since I dont write japanese I only tried to copy and paste some of the japanese signs into your search field and they looked normal to me. Maybe this is happening because of the browser plugin that you use in the screenshot?

Hi there When the Japanese text change, it will not be visible in white. Please help me please.

Please see previous answer :)

hello, kriesi i have trouble using your theme. a little while ago, i could see the submenu as dropdowns style in header side. (you know, when you put the mouse cursor on header menu, they appear under the that menu) but now that is not working, and i can’t see that dropdown menu however i put the mouse on header menu… how can i do for resolving these problem ?

your forum’s verify e-mail for sign up didn’t come. haha. so i have to use this site.

my site link: and recently, i activated just bbpress, and i didn’t know code so i did not touch any codes.. um.. it is possible that i touched some option ,,, ??

thank you for your help..

kriesi i solved my ploblem. just i wanna verify my password for using your support forum. my e-mail :

thank you again!!

Hey! You can register an account here ;)

Is it possible to make the header taller?

Yes, the backend allows you to change the header size with a theme option :)

Hello, is it possible to create different headers and header navigation for different sections of the site?

For example, I plan to have a landing page style homepage with only a few menu items at the top. There will be a membership area where I would like primary and secondary menu bars with considerably more options. The blog area would probably have a different set of menu options, too.

Maybe this is part of the template design feature? Thanks.

That’s unfortunate, as I was hoping it to be part of the layout builder. Another example would be that I would want to create “squeeze” landing pages that have no navigation at all in the header. Is this, too, not possible?

So, just to make sure I understand, prior to any customization, the theme requires that you choose one header & navigation type and it will appear on all pages and posts throughout the site?

It looks like Ubermenu ($19) from Sevenspark has two plugin extensions that allow for alterations in the menu bars for different pages of the site. One is called Menu Swapper (free) and one is called Conditionals ($4).

I see in other comments here that Enfold and Ubermenu work well together with a small amount of custom CSS.

1.) Hey! Creating landing pages without header is possible, we provide an extra “blank” template that removes header and footer and allows you to build a landing page without distractions.

2.) apart from those blank templates: yes

3.) Yes, as far as I know enfold and ubermenu work nice together, there is also a small integration guide for perfect compatibility:

Hi – I’ve already purchased several copies of Enfold as it is such an excellent theme – I know it’s extremely versatile, but I’m looking for a theme now where I can place the logo and menu bar to the left-hand side with a small slider to the right-hand side. Is that possible – perhaps with lots of CSS customisation?!

Thank you!

Okay that sounds excellent – what’s the eta for version 3.0? One more question – will I be able to can I position the social icons in the main menu bar and can I use my own social icon images?


Hey! I am afraid there is currently no ETA. Its the biggest release we have ever made for enfold and there is still some work to do :)

In version 3.0 the main menu bar will have a fixed place for the social icons. We might change that with future versions if requested often though. Using your own social images will only be possible if you use an iconfont like the once distributed on (or by using custom CSS code)

Okay – thank you very much!

Does this theme support Twitter APIs?

Hey! The theme has built in styles and support for this tiwtter plugin:

I am using the PSD files to create some layouts before I build my website in WordPress. I noticed that grid on 02_HomePagev1.psd looks quite a bit different than mockup.psd. Between all the PSDs provided it looks like there are some inconsistencies with how the grid is being used. Is there any documentation about the grid anywhere? I understand that it is a custom grid. If you can provide any more details that would be helpful for my layout process. Thanks!

Hey! Actually all the psd files should have the same grid, only the mockup.psd uses an older one because as the psd says: its just a mockup. Would recommend to just not use that and instead use any of the other psd files :)

Hi guys!! I purchased the theme for a client and now for another one but I cannot login with the same email address – also, with the old email address it doesn’t let me login :( Can you please help? Thank you!!! :)

Hey! You should definitely be able to login with the same account if you already created one. Did you try and request a new password?

Thank you!!! I got my new id with another email and I had used my email for my client and, of course, I did not remember her password. I am all set now!! You are the best!!! :)

Great! :)


I’m about to purchase your theme, i wonder if there is a way to add a header like that : with some info like email and phone.


Yes, thats possible :)

This settings control the menu position:

Can I have 5 products on a row on a WC categroy page?

Yes thats possible. Enfold adds that option to woocommerce->settings->products:

Hey – loving the theme so far. How can I increase the overall main content space on those pages that have a sidebar (the default enfold one or the manually created sidebar)

Currently there is no easy way to change content widths but there will be with the next update ;)

Can I add a masonry end of each post? I can’t found it shorcodes in single post

I wanna make it like in this site:

Hey! Seems we forgot to add the masonry shortcode to the magic wand tool. will be available with the next update ;)

Pre Purchased Question.

I need double side bar in website . Means in single page i can make left side bar + body Content + right side bar.

Is this possible with this theme????

Hey! You can use the page builder on a single page to create a 3 column layout and then add sidbar widgets to the outer columns. that would work. However its not possible to use this layout other than on pages (cant be used for blog posts)

Well Done! It is a great WP template! Is there any possibility that you could let this template also available for Joomla users?

Hey! I am afraid there are no intentions of doing a joomla version, sorry…

in the function.php file: add_filter('avf_logo_link','kriesi_logo_link', 100); function kriesi_logo_link($url) { $url = ""; return $url; }

I added this code and it works, but my customer runs on his site 2 languages en

I try to add

if( ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE == 'en' ) { $logo->linkurl = ""; } else { $logo->linkurl = ""; }

how do I combine them? if site language is en, the logo should link to

that should do:

add_filter('avf_logo_link','kriesi_logo_link', 100);

function kriesi_logo_link($url)
    $url = "";
    if( ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE == 'en' ) $url .= "/en";
    return $url;

great :) thank you for the fast answer :)

Glad I could help :)

Hi, I have a Easy Slider with a YouTube video. I’d like to manually play/pause the YouTube player using jQuery when a button is pressed. I’ve tried using the aviaVideoApi in jQuery but not succeeded in playing or pausing the video in JS/jQuery. Would be great if you could help!

Hey! Would you mind opening a thread in our support forum with a link to your site and the modifcations you have tried to make? We will review your request and check if its easy to implement and if so will help. I can’t guarantee the that though, since customizations are not really part of our support package :)

But lets see what you already got first :)