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Hi. Nice theme. Pre-purchase question:

Is it possible to have a full screen responsive slider?


I want to purchase your Enfold theme for my domain registration & hosting business. I will hire someone to make domain registration page and other customization instead of slider. But I was wondering will it be possible to integrate “Resellerclub api” into this theme for our front end website because “resellerclub” offer their own backend.

Looking forward for a positive reply.


Great job and amazing theme !!! Congrats ! Eric

Excellent theme! I love the slider and how you can really customize your slides! I had good luck with their support in their newsgroup too if I had any issues. Thanks!

Hi I’ve been trying to post a thread in your support but it keeps posting just the headline and no content…

here is my question:

HI guys,

is it possible to add videos hosted on AWS3 (AmazonS3) rather than Vimeo or Youtube? If so, how? They load much faster and result in a mich better user experience.

I would like to add them also within a slide in the Layerslider and play them automatically when the slider loads.

I tried adding a shortcode from OptimizePress that has the video on AWS3 autoplay but I only see the same shortcode in the front end once saved?

Any clue?



Great theme, I love it!

Your support site is down, or disappeared. It just displays


You don’t have permission to access /support/forum/enfold on this server.

:D Everything is down at Makes me feel better as its normally my problem! Look forward to seeing the demo

Hi, great theme but i have a BIG avatar problem. In this comments i have find a solution for multi-author blog for changing the default enfold avatar w/ default wordpress avatar:

Hey! I think it should be possible by opening hte file includes/loop index.php and changing line 91 to

$gravatar = get_avatar(get_the_author_meta(‘email’), ‘75’); (removing the “blank”) parameter

Ok, but i have a users thath use a facebook login (Facebook All plugin). When the user logged-in on my website the plugin import facebook avatar user on ADMIN list USERS, but when the users write and publish a new article, the facebook avatar not appare. How i can fix this?

IMPORTANT: my users do not have a gravatar profile and do not want to create it.


Moving Server

Hey Guys. In case you are wondering: my hosting company is moving my server so we currently experience a scheduled downtime. Hope to be back up soon ;)


Demo is off. What a pitty…

Demo off, I think is just temporary …

Tried referencing the knowledge base/help pages on your server, but your site down. Please let me know how to configure email section of the contact us form. Where do I go to set up the back end so I receive emails from customers.


one question pls…

how i can change the name of a slider…i duplicate sth small header slider and i want to change the display name of the slider…how i can do that??

Kind regards, xrisxal2000

Hi, quick question, I need to set the width of the gallery, is there a quick way to do this? It seems to fit the space of the page regardless of the size you set. Cheers in advance

Hi Kriesi. Any ETA on the next update? Looking forward to the bug fixes and especially the ajax portfolio and hopefully a Load More function instead of pagination. I have some high profile clients that are requiring this functionality. I also hope the masonry layout option will be coming for portfolio and blog. Thanks!

is this theme base on bootstrap?

The flexcolumn/boxes wraps incorrectly to a new line in Chrome Windows.

HOLY WOW!! I just watched a few of the Enfold Videos… I don’t see on Demo, but you can Make custom NO menu/header/footer pages on ANY page (I have never bought a WP TF theme that can do that)?!! and luv that Smooth scroll out mobile menu Nicceee Soooo Krie$i, it uh kind of seems like this Theme is INSANE with the Customization Option$?!!

I am interested in your theme, I have a question or two. Is it possible to turn off blogging completely I.E. no posts, no comments etc? can I remove any links on the headers and footers to any social links for the time being? I am a marine repair facility and I want to list several products via main menu item I.E Products then the dropdown would contain the manufacturer then the third level would contain different product choices IE – Fuel Section, Motor Size, Prop Section then this would goto to a page with a left or right sidebar with those catgory links available as well. Would this be easily created. Sorry I am new to wordpress and I need something quick to setup. One more thing, do you have info on how to setup the maintenance page while I am working on the site. Thanks for your reply in advance. Regards, Dave