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It is possible to make an internal page using this theme so that it has the same functionality as a “One Page theme”

Similar to

Hey! We will add a “submenu item” element with the next update that should make something very similar possible :)


I tried to install Enfold theme unsuccessfully because the theme is broken (I bought it yesterday).

Below is system message: Broken Themes The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description themeforest-4519990-enfold-responsive-multipurpose-theme Stylesheet is missing.

I need a solution urgently! Tnx

I tried the normal way and via ftp, too. Both unsuccessfully.

I’m losing my time, I need your reply.I can’t do nothing without the theme. I didn’t expect problems.

Hey! I thonk you are trying to install the wrong folder. What you probably need to do is to simply unpack the folder on your desktop. inside you will find all the psd files, documentation, version and another zip file with the actual theme files.


Anything can be done fancy on blog post? I found out it can just post article and add the image from the gallery? Possible to add the enfold elements in blog similar with the page section that can be done?

Thanks :)

Hey! You can use some of the shortcodes from the advanced layout editor to the blog post by using the “magic wand” icon. Any fullwidth elements however are disabled by default


is there a way to restrict the height of the image within the Slider at the page -> Thank you for the help.

Hey! I am afraid the fullscreen slider will always display in fullscreen and there is no easy way to limit the size, since there would be quite some scripting involved :/

How do I change the toggler/accordion font title color?

this quickcss rule should do:

#top p.toggler {
color: #0080FF;

Thanks. One more question…on the portfolio items is it possible not to have a certain one be clickable? I don’t have contents for a specific one but want to have just the feature image and title there for now. So can I disable the click out function on it?

What you could do is set a custom link and as content for the link just enter the # symbol. guess that should work:

please do the 3.0 version as fast as you can i would like to buy more licenses for my other projects but i need the new features ;)


Working on it as we speak :)

Hello, I want to know, if I buy your theme, will I get the data that you used in your demo site, I want to make a site as what you demod

Yes you will. Apart from images the site will look pretty much the same as the theme demo :)

Does this theme use Bootstrap? Thanks!

No, we use a smaller custom made framework. Bootstrap was a bit of an overkill for us :)

Hi there. Im considering getting the theme. Is there a way to make the margines around the content smaller in mobile view?

Hey! I think you will like the next update, since it will modify the behavior of the mobile version a little bit so the screen real estate is used better :)


how can i do ?? my themes like that ->


Go to Appearance > Menu, create a new menu and assign it as the Main Menu (Menu Locations).


Is there any possibility to make a single page design with this theme? If yes, where can i find more information about how to setup a single page design.

Thank you for your reply :)

Hey! Yes thats easily done. What you basically need to do is:

Create a new page and add any number of color sections with the advanced layout builder. Apply a unique id to each of those sections. like “contact”, “about-us” etc

Now go to you rmenu manager at appearance->menus and create links to those sections by adding the section id as a hash: or

Thank you Kriesi! I think i can figure this out.

Great, glad I could help ;)

Tried to install the WPML now….got this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/user/c/ on line 284

Hey! Since the error points to the plugin folder I am guessing there is sometthing wrong there so I would recommend to ask the WPML team what is going on there. I would try to re-install the plugin via FTP , maybe you got a corrupt file. And if everything else fails I would recommend to at least temporarily remove the plugin via ftp, at least until you receive an answer by the WPML team, so you can access the site

Hello Kriesi!

First time I bought your theme I was a completely WP beginner so I could be unfair.

I’ll give not one but two chances to you… two projects buying one more license if you keep taking care about page load speed.

I think people don’t need 4 sliders in the next release and stuff like that:-) Keep the good and work on some improvements.

Such of your competitors have page speed above 6 seconds! Never buy a theme which loading page speed is more than 3 seconds. So keep the good and instead (I don’t know. what you’re working on…) a lot of features which could crash the speed…. some good features and work on speed.

You know google looks at speed. :-) Regards.

Hey! No worries, nothing we add to the theme should really affect page speed. In fact we were able to reduce the amount of css needed ;)

Would recommend to use a plugin like wp-supercache to get to page loading times of less than a second ;)

Hello, I have the same issue of orionstar_hun (use qtranslate with enfold theme). He sent this code

Where do I have to add this code in order to make qtranslate work? Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

Ok, I’ve done that but unfortunately it’s not working. (I’m using mqtranslate), but even trying with qtranslate it didn’t work because of incompatibility with my version of wordpress. Is there a way to make it work with mqtranslate?

Please i really need that. (wpml it’s way too expensive for a personal website) Thanks…

Hey! Since I have neither experience with qtranslate nor mqtranslate I would recommend to ask the author of the plugin if he can help. I am not even sure if the plugin specific functions that are used in the pastebin snippet are used for the mqtranslate plugin or if they got another name…

You are right. Thanks for your time. Best regards.


How do I get the standard editor will show me the code?


That’s not possible, you can however, enable “Debug Mode” to see the layout builder generated code, refer to this article:

Hi Kriesi How can I delete Image “alt title”? My customer doesn’t want display image title that appears at mouse hover. I can’t get any options in Theme. Please help~~

thank you. i will try.

Thank you so much. The problem fixed.

Great to hear ;)

Is it possible to have the titles on the portfolio landing page above the image and the description/summary copy below?

Currently you have both below.


Glad I could help :)

one final thing, my client has decided not use excerpt on the portfolio page anymore, i am trying to remove it and applied the following code but it removed the text but the white space is still there, any idea how i can remove the white space as well? thanks in advance

top .grid-entry-excerpt.entry-content{

display: none; }

Hey! Same as with the other request, I am having a hard time helping from here with no stable internet, please use our support forum for any support requests ;)

Hi, i need change it


and in my panel, I didn’t find it..

Change portifolio-item for “anything”.

Do you can help me’

Sorry’ my poor english… by improvisation’


Glad to hear ;)