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Can you please advise me regarding logo size?

If you change screensize, it does not adapt and the quality look very bad?

please check with a iphone as well.

your logo is quite large so you probably need to activate the mobile menu for tablets as well. otherwise menu and logo wont fit beside each other:

When you scroll down, logo looks like this:

you have a very small header bar to beginn with. I would recommend to disable header shrinking for your site since it does not add any benefit for you. you can disable it in your backend at enfold->header

Quick question here. Does your theme have an option for “auto update” instead of using FTP client? Thanks

Thank you.

You are welcome ;)


Im in Yahoo! Webhosting and I cant upload .DS_Store file, .gitattributes.. Everything thas has . file I cant upload..

When I activate the theme.. white page…

those files shouldnt be necessary, they are automatically created by the repository we use to store the files and keep track of the versions. they are not part of the actual theme package.

Which files exactly are you trying to upload and how? I think the easiest way would be to make sure to upload only the zip archive called “enfold” in your wordpress backend

Advanced layout editor disappeared. (in chrome) something happen lately?

Are you using the latest version of the theme (2.9.1), as well as the latest stable wordpress version (3.9)? Should work without problems :)

Hello: I installed this theme long time ago, the version I installed was 2.4.4., I custom the design for my client and I made a lot changes to style.css and other files as well. Today, I am noticing that the editor is not working properly and I updated WP to the latest version 3.9.2 but the editor still didn’t work. Also, I am noticing the latest version of Enfold is 2.9.1. and I must update the Enfold version too… Now, I have several questions: - In order to update to Enfold 2.9.1 from 2.4.4 Do I need to make update/upload the files of each version one by one from 2.4.4 (this will be crazy) or just Do I need to update/upload the files described in the last version 2.9.1 only? - If I will upload the Enfold files all my custom design will be overwritten, How to avoid this? I appreciate your help. Thanks!


Yes. Did you do a lot of modifications to the files within that folder? If so you might consider using a child theme in the future. this would allow you to change theme files which are then not overwritten by updates.

If all you want to accomplish right now is to make the editor work it might also be sufficient to only update the folders:

enfold/framework and enfold/config-templatebuilder

Thank you, I uploaded this folders but it didn’t work, the editor keep doing a loop and never end to show the template… Do you How Can I fix this?

truth to be told, I think this should work. I dont see a reason why it shouldn’t if done correctly :/

Are there any other plugins activate that are not up to date that might cause a javascript error?

Hi! :-) New release! What’s new? :-)

Just a small update: theme now works with WordPress 4.0, which will arrive soon and we added the new Layerslider 5.2 ;)

Okay, Just purchased a second license. We should do a great work together now. :-)

Thanks for your support ;)

Can you create a completely custom header, that will integrate into the theme (perhaps within a child theme)?

We want to increase the height of the header and add elements like a Phone number and Download brochure buttons

Yes, both of this is possible. you should actually be able to set all of this in your backend at enfold->headers. if the options are not sufficient there is always the option to go the child theme route :)

On the portfolio AJAX page – we are using the Easy Slider to display the video.

If I click on 1 of the portfolio items – the Youtube video loads

But if I navigate to the next item, either via the next arrow or click on a new one, the video does not load

Is this a known issue? Can you please help?

Mind posting me a link to your site?

what about the validity of this enfold theme for the regular license

Hey! Not sure I do understand the question :)

I just installed the latest update for Enfold and pagination for my blog seems to be broken. If I click any of the numbers or arrows at the bottom of the blog on the front page, the page just reloads without going to the next set of posts.

Hey! Mind opening a post in our support forum?

Please add your login credentials attached as “private data” so we can take a look at the backend as well, since I am not sure why this is happening

How do I get the fullscreen slider to animate titles and buttons like the demo? Mine still apply the old style of animate horizontal. Your demo is vertical! What’s the deal here! What am I missing! is it something in the database?

This simply depends on the slide setting. If you set the slider to “fade” all the elements should appear horizontal

Hello, We have setup a page for testimonials on our site but are using logos as the graphics with each testimonials. is there anyway, we can increase the size of the graphic so that we can incorporate full logos? please let me know.

You can add a size filter for the image in your functions.php file:

function new_avatar_size($size)
return "extra_large";


by doing so the theme will use the original size of the uploaded logo instead of a thumbnail. Only thing you might also need to do is to add a short css snippet to change the width/height of the logo:

For example:
#top .avia-testimonial-image, #top .avia-testimonial-image img{
width: 100px;
height: auto;
border-radius: 0;


hope it helps :)


I just signed up in your Support forum, but I never recieve the password. I just reset few times and nothing.

I just updated the theme and now get this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method AviaHtmlHelper::linking_options() in /var/www/vhosts/DOMAIN/httpdocs/wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/contentslider.php on line 84

What can I do?


Hey! Are you sure that all files and folders were updated correctly? The function that is noticed here should be available to the framework by default. If its not I can only assume that not all of the files were updated properly…

Now I uploaded by FTP file per file (the first time I do it by a zip and unzip it).

The error now is:

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /var/www/vhosts/DOMAIN/httpdocs/wp-includes/nav-menu.php on line 662

hm, this is really weird: Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating all our themes for wordpress version 4.0 and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and if possible also the login credentials, attached as private data :)

Hi I just updated to the latest version via the backend and I have lost my slider backgrounds and my menu at the top is all messed up.

Can you help please?

Hey! I am not sure which version you previously used but some of the default slider images have changed location so if you were using them you would need to set them again.

as for the menu: it simply seems that you have too many first level menu items. have you considered creating a custom menu in appearance->menus in your wordpress backend and chose this as the main menu?

im a busy guy everytime i update this theme i have to remove from the footer: Enfold Theme by Kriesi

Everytime i have to ask how to do this, its getting annoying

never mind i found it :)

glad you did ;D

Is this theme compatible with Uber Menu –

I read that in another comment that the theme does supports the uber menu plugin with a small modification:

If that is correct can you please let me know what modification that is? Thanks


Refer to this tutorial on how to integrate UberMenu in Enfold:

Hi, could you add drop down option when you clic on the button….here you have what i want the site is in SI but you will see blue button and then you get drop down text. Could you make that option in this theme.

Also could you make at the header where you have social icons better layout and more different styles of social icons

Hey! Buttons are coming with the next update. not sure about the header layouts, maybe with an update later this year but I cant make any promises on this one ;)


Recently i purchased your theme. I can see that you support rtl and i see it in …\themes\enfold\css\rtl.css but i dont how to make it work. Couldn’t find reference here nor in the documentation. I’d be happy for your explanation how to do that.

Thanks a lot!


We use the is_rtl WordPress function to detect when the current locale is set to a RTL language.

Thanks you for you answer. So what should I do in order to make it work? re-install my site with hebrew Wordpress version?

that would be one possible option, and probably the easiest one that does not require you do change the wordpress config manually .)

Hi, I have added a Facebook icon to appear in the top right above the main menu, but the icon is not displaying. I selected the Logo Left, Menu Right header, and selected Header Social Icon -> Display in top bar at right. But the top bar does not even appear… Can you help? Thanks


Remove this code from your css/custom.css file:
#header #header_meta {
  display: none;

Never seen a theme as heavy as this one. It’s bigger than WordPress itself… But then it can do so much more. Complicated but very flexible.

One suggestion: remove the two blank lines before the DOCTYPE declaration in header.php because certain (ahem) browsers have difficulties with that.


Keep in consideration that the theme includes a bundled LayerSlider and more than 20 translation files (you can remove the ones you don’t use).

And thanks for the doctype suggestion ;)