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I just bought your template. I installed it and made a homepage. Then now i discover that it is 1.3.1 – and you already had a 1.4 – why is it not the latest i get when i download it after you made the update?


Can i update now without that page i made is destroyed?

I am newbie in wordpress

where can i set the exerpt text for portfolio items with title/exerpt displayed? (like in the demo: “fire & ice”)

Great job with the theme. Looks beautiful. Pre-purchase question: can i add image to the header of internal pages without using layer slider *can we make team page filtrable by catogery

having an issue with slider and it not lining up right. It lines up on far left of center and doesn’t look right. Can you look at my site and let me know why the slider is like that? Also, my site only says 1.3.1 when i downoaded the latest version…

Considering purchasing this template. is there any way to lay out social icons below the navigation menu or some where on top?

Still waiting Ajax Portfolio feature to be released… Hope in next update..

Hi! 2 pre-purchase questions:

1) Can the top menu bar be different colors?

2) Can I incorporate some graphic design element into the background in various places?

Thanks. Look forward to getting started!

Hi, I want to take off the “search bar” in the header. Can you help me ?



Hey Kriesi, Another killer theme, a couple pre-sale questions:
  • Is this child-theme compatible?
  • Does it play nice with gravity forms instead of the forms built-in with the theme?
  • Does it play nice with Yoast SEO?
  • And lastly can new headers easily be created and added to the theme without overwriting the core theme?

Is it possible to make this feature “ad to favorites” so when i post MANY articles and pictures, the consumer can make his own lists of favorites. (i need this because i am going to make a page with as many posts as my example page below)

Here is the example of what i need:

Then it should be both on the front of the “blog/article view” and also when you go to read the article it should be an option to “add to favorite” – Thats COOL..

I like the simple way with only symbol of “how many that have added to favorites” – and “how many have viewed this product/articel”.

Is that possible ?

Hi, how I can change the color only to the main menu without affecting the rest of the header. thanks

I have a few questions. When I make a page ans view them then I get under the page the quote “other interesting pages”. I only see here lines and no page names or other things.

Another question is when I have a page with pictures with links to other pages, one time I get an arrow when I get over the picture with the mouse and on another pic on the same page I do nog get it. How does it come that it sometimes works and sometimes not?

I am having the problem of a 1 pixel line showing up to the right of my home page slider.. I have changed background color to black and it is still there.. a 1 pixel white line…????

How can I remove…. My images are the exact size of the slider.. and i have also tried using larger images..but still have a 1 pixel white line on the right side of the home page slider..

Please help..

Also i have installed woocommerce for the shop.

On your demo the image changes when you rollover it

I have multiple images uploaded for products and my images do not change when I rollover it.. How do I set this to happen for the rollover of a product?

I’m working with WordPress for about three years. I’ve tested probably hundreds of themes. This is by far the best of the good themes. Very very intuitive, beautifully clean. I am excited and look forward to further additions. Thank you for the professional work.


great theme!

Is it possible to have a video embeded in the layer slider that allows the viewer to watch the video directly in the slider?

I recently downloaded what it said on this page version 1.4 but in wp it says 1.3.1. Anyway, everything works fine except I have updated woocommerce from 2.0.9 to 2.0.10, suddenly some smal vertical line appears at the right downside corner at the product picture when you are at a product page.

Anyone else have the same problem and may have a solution?

Can we manage the fonst like size, color of the website with some pre-define features like in the theme panel

I have a pre-purchase question. My client wants a custom background on the header or possibly a page background… it’s curve starting on the left side of the page. Would this be possible to do on the Enfold theme? I have a fairly good knowledge of coding, but don’t want to break the theme, and was wondering about the persistent header that stays when scrolling.


Do these comments get replied to at any point? I have some questions pre-purchase on the previous page and I am also wondering if the 1.4 version is available when purchased. Thanks, Dave