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I did not get any answer? Maybe somebody else in here knows about my question. I just bought this theme, but when i install it i can see its version 1.3.1 – even there is a 1.4…

Where to find that update?

Before i start making the page…

And to the developer: Why is it not the newest one when i buy and download couple of days ago? :)

Hi, Just wanted to confirm if it is possible to add YouTube or Vimeo movies to the slider? That’s an awesome theme btw.

Is it possible to remove the add to cart, so it is only show product details?

And remove the oppurtunity to add to cart an buy?...


On the left site of the theme, you have the “Change styles”.

Is that included in the theme, so it could be used for special offers or newsletter signups?

Awsome Template…:) make my life easier.. But is there a way to add more icons, some of us are in trade business..there are no like dollar and euro icons..:P maybe scale..stuff like that

Where is the Update?? :)

the theme looks awsome… any plans to integrate the Parallax Slider – i love that one – and that would make this theme so perfect for me…

also – can i change the background with image/pattern? thanks in advance Pedro

I like this theme a lot but the lack of replies from Kriesi is not helping me to pull the trigger. Pre sales questions are not post purchase support requests for which there is a forum that requires a purchase code to register

Either turn off the requirement to enter a purchase code# or start replying to pre sales questions here. You have staff if it is above you. People have a right to know what they are purchasing if it is not readily apparent..

from front page “The theme comes with an extensive help file to help you understand how it works. If you encounter any problems or have questions once you purchased the theme feel free to drop us a notice at

Why does it not say all support including pre purchase questions with directions to register with alternative method to get questions answered

Maybe pre purchase questions are an insult to Kriesi.

11 days since last appearance here by Kriesi or his staff is unaccptable

Hey! I am sorry but was on vacation and since the staff cant respond here there was a lack of pre-sale question answering. I know that its frustrating and it will be back to normal pretty soon, just need a little more time to fix the server issues we are currently having.

It turns out that its some kind of denial of service attack and I am currently working with my hosting provider to fix those issues. Things are already running much better but I need to make sure that they keep stable. This has absolute priority for me, since existing customers wouldnt be able to use the forum if the site goes down again.

Best regards! Kriesi

Thank you for clearing that up. Sorry if I was a little harsh

Can I directly publish posts in Facebook or to twillter

Hello Kriesi, I’m going to purchase this theme over the weekend as it looks great! Just a quick question.. is it possible to implement how the portfolio works with: into the Enfold theme? So when I click on a portfolio it loads the content on the same page above the images, as presented in your Eunoia theme? (Click image, top of page the content slides into existence)

Cheers, Daniel


I’m trying to change the background color of a single page (home page). I read your response to a similar question. You said to target the page-id directly using css and place the css in the custom.css file. Which I did and it’s not working. When I use firebug, I see that my css is being overwritten by the enfold.css file.

Here’s my css code: .page-id-1678 { background-color:#000000; color:#ffffff;}

I also tried: #top .page-id-1678 { background-color:#000000; color:#ffffff;}

I also tried adding !important tags to the code but still nothing.

Here’s the enfold.css that’s overwriting my css: ::-moz-selection{background-color: #a81010;color: #ffffff;}

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Header Phone Number Display…

I have tried different header types and the phone number still displays as seen on the dev site url above. Is this how it is supposed to display or should it all be on the top row?


Hi Kriesi. We getting any closer to an update? Hopefully, the ajax portfolio. Thanks!

Hey! Awesome awesome awesome!

Im really sorry if this has been mentioned before but…

Is there anyway to add shortcodes into the menu items? I really like how you can add your own descriptions into an item when you’ve got megamenu selected.

It would be awesome to use shortcodes so you could display a woocommerce product or a nice image etc.


After trying to USE this theme, I’m sad to say it is not worth the 50 bucks. The current 1.4 version do have some major bugs (reported by several buyers) and the support… well… no comment.

Using certain plugins (most recent versions with very well shaped code) renders the MCE useless (Avia builder and regular). Also the theme doesn’t support WPML – independent of any known server issues with PHP/Apache2.

Tried to get this theme working for 5 days now and I’m out of (decision making) time. :(

Theme Support

Hey Guys! If you need any help with the theme or encounter any issues please use the support forum at

My support team will take care of you and report any bugs to me that are in need of a fix :)

I am working as fast as I can on the next version with bugfixes and new features ;)

Cheers! Kriesi

Thanks for the update Kriesi. Is there a rough ETA on the release of the next version? As I’m just about to starting building my clients site off the current one and will properly be moving around some code in the theme to fit my project, so I was wondering if I should wait until the next release?

Hope to release the next version next week :)


Theme looks interesting, but having never bought anything from this author I am a bit concerned as there are a ton of complaints and no fixes in months.

When is the next update coming out and will it be updated to work properly for WordPress 3.6 as I am already using that version in preparation to upgrade the client site the day it is released as final.


The theme got a rating of 4.82 out of 5. Most users are really happy, but there are always issues for some, and those usually scream loudest. We host our own support forum and if we encounter issues or get bug reports we do update the theme ;)

Also not sure why you would say that there were no updates for months. Last update was 20 days ago (and only because I was on vacation). Next update is scheduled for next week and as soon as a release Candidate is available for 3.6 we will start testing for that as well ;)


Your right, the complainers were screaming louder than others here and I should have paid attention to that. Like I said, while I have purchased dozens of products here, I have not purchased one from you so i was just reading the comments. I think I will wait until you push out for 3.6 as I am already running it on all my sites without any issues. It’s a very solid release already with numerous great changes.

I really hope that you will consider integrating the post-formats gui in 3.6 into your themes. It’s a great system and easy to use.

Thats great to hear, glad it already works so fine. Definitely planned to add the new pf interface :)

Wanna buy this theme but have a few questions. I’m a newby to WP but know a little HTML/CSS
  1. Can I create a child theme with it?
  2. Can I hack the CSS to change the layout? For example, I want the navigation to float on top of the homepage slider. I also want to change the text size.
  3. Will it work well with Gravity Forms?
  4. How easily will it be to create custom post types? I want to show some posts on one page using a specific template, and other posts on a different page using a different template.
  5. Is this built with bootstrap?
Thanks for your help. Hope you had a nice vacation! Paige


1.) Yes :)

2.) Yes. If you know Html and css this shouldnt be a problem for you, if you need help anyways feel free to open a thread here:

3.) Yes. We tested it and it worked fine and we currently have no reports that suggest otherwise

4.) The theme doesnt come with a custom post type creating script, you would need to add this via plugin.

5.) No, it is built on our very own avia framework

Ok. I think I’ve ended my lengthy search. Thanks. Can I use google fonts? Also, I assume I can use my own logo.

1.) The theme comes with a predefined selection of google fonts, yes. If you want to add additional ones: thats also possible with a wordpress filter :)

2.) Logo upload is of course possible ;)

Hello – i never got answer on my previous question – but i will try another: Is it possible to NOT have any text belove the blog items in the “view” of the blog? I mean no “excerpt” text? I need only the headline and nothing else – you can see there also is text here – with … after.

Where to remove that “excerpt” text?

Is it possible to view also how many that have viewed the article – besides the “date” of the article – and maybe “add to favorite” heart icon – when you look at that page i linked to – i mean under the picture… in the overview of all the blogs…

Kind regards from Jane I am very happy for your theme anyway :)

Hey Jane. Currently no option for that but you can do a small CSS modification to hide the text

add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
.slide-entry-excerpt {
display: none;

A view counter or add to favorite button would require some more modifications. You can request features in our forum here and if enough people want it as well we will implement it.

Or if you need it fast you can always hire a developer :)

Ok thanks for your reply, i will try :D