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As i asked the other day: I just bought this theme, but when i install it i can see its version 1.3.1 – even there is a 1.4…

Where to find that update?

You are already using the latest version, the version number is just messed up :)

Aaaaah ok :D – Thanks for reply


He hust didn’t update the version number description in the code. It is 1.4 that you have. Look at the folder dates from your download and compare that to the 1.4 release date.

Thanks ;)


Can the top menu bar be different colors? I need use text white only in the bar. Please

Hey! At enfold->styling in your wordpress backend you can change the header styling. If thats not enough you can always add some more custom css at the bottom of that admin page into the quick css textarea

We’re trying to style the main navigation bar on our site (code section main menu) and have successfully changed the font color, hover color, and background color for the main bar. However, all these also affect the mega menu and other dropdowns from this system, so the (now) white font is not showing up until the cursor hovers over it. Is there a simple solution to make these dropdown sections have a different font color or adjust the backdrop color of these to also make white font stand out?!

Hey! Would you mind opening a forum thread here:

Want to keep this discussion for pre sale questions ;) Please make sure that you include a link to your site so me and my team can help with the css modifications that would be necessary to pull that off ;)


How change logo color in mode responsive?

Please see the last answer ;)

Hello – thank you for taking your time developing the Enfold theme. It is by far the easiest, most user-friendly them I’ve worked with.

I have purchased it for a business that I’m working with and would like your help with just one thing…

1 – On your demo page you’ve got a link for a “Services” page. This particular layout has applied a full-width graphic of some leaves. Not sure where to find the option to add this feature on my own site.

Could you please point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

Thank you! Going to try it out right now!

One more – can you tell me how to turn off the page titles? I notice your example didn’t have them on all the pages…

If you edit a page you can choose the option to remove them in the sidebar to the right (search for header settings)

Hi Kriesi, I come to you because I met a little problem with the WPML plugin. I translated all of my site (French-English), no problem, but when I go through the main navigation menu, the page is always displayed in French, while yet they do exist in english ! Besides, I only have to click on the “English” tab that appears to the right page. But when I change page, via the main menu, it happens again ??? I do not understand it, it’s crazy !!! I spent twenty hours in two days! If you could help me that would be great! :) Otherwise, I have the usually use premium templates and frankly yours is one of the best I’ve had in my hands! Congratulations! Eric

Hey Eric!

Mind opening a thread in our support forum:

I am currently busy updating the theme, my team will take care of your problem ;)

How do I make the social icon links open in a new tab/window to keep visitors on my site.

currently no option for that but I will add that in the next theme version :)

I am interested in your theme, I have a question or two. Is it possible to turn off blogging completely I.E. no posts, no comments etc? can I remove any links on the headers and footers to any social links for the time being? I am a marine repair facility and I want to list several products via main menu item I.E Products then the dropdown would contain the manufacturer then the third level would contain different product choices IE – Fuel Section, Motor Size, Prop Section then this would goto to a page with a left or right sidebar with those category links available as well. Would this be easily created. Sorry I am new to wordpress and I need something quick to setup. One more thing, do you have info on how to setup the maintenance page while I am working on the site. Thanks for your reply in advance. Regards, Dave

1.) Yes

2.) Yes

3.) Yes thats possible. If you create those pages in wordpress and nest them correctly the sidebar menu will be created automatically. the main menu can be modified as every other theme in appearance->menus

4.) If you do larger changes I would recommend to use a maintenance plugin rather than the template that is included :) Thos usually come with more options

PRE-SALE question: any plans to integrate the Parallax (Home) Slider? – i love that one – and that would make this theme so perfect for me…

also – can i change the theme-background with any image/pattern? thanks in advance Pedro

1.) Can you post a link to the slider you are talking about? :)

2.) Yes

ad 1.) Something like this is already possible. You can define a section with the template builder and simply set the background image to fixed and stretch to fit. you can see an example at the bottom of this page:

great – thats a good start. i understood that parallax is getting more and more popular. just wanted to know for sure wether you’re going there too. well, u got me. this theme will be my next purchase. thanks!

Hello and thank you for the nice template, we hav few videos to add in the portfolio area and we have the below questions:

-Can i add video in WebM, OGV formats ? (to deliver by html)

If yes -in order to ensure compatibility how can i use <source src””> so if one format fail the next will play ?

At the moment i can’t find a way to do it only to browse the video from the media.

Thank you

Hey! If you use the layout builder and add a video this is automatically done for you. just make sure that the videos have the same url and name, except for the file extension. then simply choose one of those as video to insert and the theme will add all of them into the generated source code, so that browsers can display the version they support :)

Perfect thank you, i have one problem when i add a .flv file for older browsers, a link is displaying on the site not the video, can you pelase let me know what is wrong ?

Thank you !!

Hey! flv files re not supported across the all browsers, sorry. Probably your best choice is to convert it to another format…

Hi, I’m just here to give a big thanks to the developer(s). The theme is extremely user-friendly with the wonderful avia-framework and the support is also flawless.

I have tried multiple templates, but the avia framework allowing the best visual drag ‘n drop editing has made it so incredibly fun to layout my pages and has greatly reduced the time I need to layout each page. Even in combination with WPML it’s a no-brainer to get it right for my 10 different languages. And let me add that there are plenty of great and diverse shortcodes.

Thank you so much for the great work and support! I would strongly recommend this theme to anyone.

Thanks for this great testimonial :) Glad you enjoy the theme!

Hi there

A pre-sale question here:

Is it possible to have a video for the slider?

I noticed that Enfold only comes with the 3D/2D image sliders. Can I put a single video? (no slider). Something like Avada – Layer Silder 4.0 – Video Gallery?

Hey! The theme comes with the layerslider 4.0 so yes, a similar video gallery is definitley possible :)

Hi Kriesi. It looks like the ajax preview is being pushed out until 1.6. Do you have a general ETA for this? This is a major feature for our clients. Hope you will also consider the ‘load more’ function for portfolio as an option for pagination. Thanks!

Hey! Yea I am sorry, but the current version solves so many small and also some major bugs that I don’t want to delay it any further. ETA for 1.5 is within the next 24 hours. Will try to finish 1.6 during the next 5 or 6 days ;)


Is there a way to show my two phones on right side of the logo?

And why the demo it is not exactly equal in my installation?

hey: If you want to display it beside your logo I would recommend to code it directly into a div in your header file, since there is no option for that in the themes backend.

Did you acivate the content import button?

This will create a demo site similar to ours. Of course with different images since we are not allowed to redistribute the ones used on the site ;)

And about the fonts??? How can i change it?

you can change your fonts at your backend in enfold->styling

Pre sale question: I do not see social logos in the blogposts to share them at twitter/FB/LinkedIN/G+ Am I missing something?

No you arent. We recommend using a plugin for this task since most users have very different needs when it comes to social networks. Adding all of those networks to the theme seems to be overkill for most and only costs resources. WIth a plugin users can add exactly what they need :)

Any plugin of choice? At least one that could let me customize the icons so they look the same as the ones used in your Hedder with Button Menu+social media icons?

Hm no, not really. as said different users have different needs thats why we usually encourage a wordperss repository or google search for what they need. I just did a quick google search and it seems there are no plugins that use the entypo icon set that we used in the theme :/

I love so much Enfold and finally I purchased it for my corporative website. I took a look at the other kriesi themes and I need something like Incarnation theme “archive timeline” in order to show future events that I will hold for my clients. Is it possible the integration of “archive timeline” in Enfold? It would be perfect for me, and very useful. Thanks in advance.

Will consider it for one of the next updates ;)

You can add any requests you got here:

Hi, I am trying to vertically align the menu at the baseline of the logo but it doesn’t seem to work.

Furthermore, the a tags in the ul menu is being appended with a fixed height and fixed line height. However, I can’t figure out which js is doing that. Anyone can help?

I posted this same question in your forum but everyone seems to ignore it. A lot of the threads that were posted after me have been responded to except for mine. I also sent you a message about my plight. Hopefully you get to see this.

Hey! please send me a link to your thread so I can take a look at it myself ;)