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Is there any way I can add more icons to use with this theme? I find Entypo set to be very limiting. Anyway I can add Font Awesome to the library, or maybe some PNG icons?

Hi, how can i add a google map in the page? Is there a shortcode for that?

Hey! Currenty you would need to create a widget area in your template builder and then add the google maps widget

Is this theme BuddyPress compatible? Thanks.

The theme works with bbpress but we never optimized it for buddypress. It should work fine but there certainly would be a lot of css additions necessary

What are the usage rights on the demo content images?

The demo content images are CC images from flicker.

Dear Kriesi, one important question pls!!

when you are going to fix avia layout builder to posts???? It would be awesome!!!

Kind regards, xrisxal2000

Hey! As said many times before: the feature is currently not planned, because it would not work with the current layout of a post. you wouldnt be able to show comments or commentform for example…

Thanks ! I understand. KInd regards, xrisxal2000

Hi Kriesi. Awesome job on the theme, I always wanted to create a static homepage with a nice header effect, with columns and this was the solution I was looking for. I’m going to write a blog post about this someday =)

I have some questions and I hope you can help me with it since no one has answered this in the forum

1.) Header – I’m trying to create a linear gradient background for the header. Assuming the size of the image is 10×100, what is the ideal size of the image so it would placed correctly ? I notice when I add a larger or smaller height background, it either repeats once vertically or it comes up short.

2.) Logo – I managed to fix my logo using >

strong.logo { margin-top:20px; }

and my logo size is around less than 200×100 px. I want to make a responsive logo but it looks shrinked down in normal mode, and when you scroll it. I use a transparent png.

So what’s the ideal logo size if you are using a transparent png ?

3.) How do you change the hover color of the text link in the sub menu ?

4.) In the socket navigation, how do you change the link colors and hover ?

Hope you can help me

I’m having trouble removing the sidebar from the default contact page. Could you please instruct me on how to do this? Additionally, in regards to the footer, what is a socket? And how do I edit the text displayed in the footer? Thank you.

Hey! In your edit page screen you should be able to see this:

here you can change the sidebar settings. The socket is the small part bellow the footer. You can edit the footer text by adding custom widgets to the footer widget areas at appearance->widgets

Thanks so much!

Google Chrome does not line up video from youtube. I tried to create 2 columns with video on each side without a sidebar. Internet Explorer and Safari shows 2 columns with no issue but Chrome is not centered and cuts 1/2 of one column off… Any suggestions to fix this? I just learned about this when I wrote you last. I tried a few things but nothing worked. I only checked on Explorer, Safari, and Chrome. Chrome does not center the two columns.
Hey! I think one of your plugins is causing the issue. you should be able to fix it if you add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
.embed-youtube {
display: inline !important;

Thank you!!!! It worked…

Hi , managed to fix the header background image. Ismael told me to change the image size to 88px and it works.

I’m just curious about the logo if ever I want to go with the responsive route, do I size it the same way you did ?

Hi, I’m working with a client and I was wondering where I can edit the standard boxes so I can add a boarder and change the background color of them? Thanks!

Hey! Which boxes exactly? You would probably need to add some extra css to pull that off. mind sharing a link so I know which boxes you are talking about? :)

Hi, Presale question.

Can I create unlimited numbers of real full width sections on a single page? If so, how?


Hey! what do you mena by “real”?

If you are talking about the sections on the front page for example: yes thats possible. those section are added by the template builder we use:

Hi there,

Are you planing a release of your content builder as a WordPress plugin in the near future?

It works great and I am in love with it!

There are plans to create a separate plugin version, but Its currently not a priority, so no ETA on this :)

Great theme just rate 5 stars,you deserve it

i have one question how can i copy content of one page to another i try to copy half content of a page to another and when i try to switch to text html tab i didnt found any data to copy thanks

Thanks a lot!

by default thats not possible, (the page builder prevents this so users cant accidentally mess up shortcodes)

But there is a debug mode that removes this behavior. See first answer here:

Top notch theme, excellent work!

Thanks a lot!

Love the theme – thanks much.

One major issue. For me it is broken and unworkable in responsive design. I want to completely turn it off (no fixed width or anything) what CSS and or other files do I ‘comment out’ or delete – I need it o emmulate a standard desktop browser (Chrome or Safari)



Hey! You can disable the responsive design by selecting Fixed with in Enfold->General Settings

Fantastic looking theme! I’m just wondering if it’s possible to have the full width slider with the ‘boxed’ version (i.e. I’d like to use the full width slider, but also want to incorporate a page background)

Many thanks!

Hey! mind giving me an example of a site that uses what you describe? Not sure if I understand correctly and I dont wont to promise something that doesnt work ;D

When I download the theme again, I get version 1.5.1 which I already have. How can I get version 1.6? I am having a bear of a time getting my child theme to work, and also will want to use Woo Commerce.

Hey! Just tried it myself. I get version 1.6 as expected. did you check the style.css file? which version number is used in there?

Can I use Shop as Catalog of Products without prices or buy button?


Hey! There is an extenstion that allows you to do that, yes:

Hey, just have to say that this theme is wonderful and worth every penny.

Thanks a lot!

Is it possible to modify the PageBuilder to use on its own with other themes? If so, what needs to be done to get it to work on its own?

Hey! Currently there is no standalone version although the builder was built with that in mind. at one point in the future we will release it as plugin to work with every theme ;)