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I like your layout theme “Enfold” on my laptop. Resizing works nicely, giving an impression on how it could look like on a smart phone.

However, what a disappointment when looking at the demo site on my iPhone 5. Everything is only scaled down to a size barely readable. Nothing like my “simulation” above on my laptop.

So why does Enfold work when resizing the browser window on my laptop, but not on my iPhone 5?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Kind regards, Thomas

Kind regards, Thoma

Hey! You already mentioned that you found the answer but just as a notice for anyone reading this: you need to remove the itemswitcher frame to properly view the demo on a smartphone ;)

hi team i want to change the color of circle around icon list ,every time i try to change its color the color of font inside it changed,without changing circle color thanks

add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
#top .iconlist_icon {
border-color: #ff0000;

Hi Kriesi. Any ideas on when the next update is coming out? Thanks!

Working on it while also working on my own website. Cant give an ETA right now since at this point I am not even sure at what I will add with the next update ;)

Hi, my Tweeter widget doesn’t show my followers, what am I doing wrong?


since the link to the account doesnt work I guess you misspelled it somehow and therefore it cant be retrieved? (I think you got an extra whitespace in there)

make sure to add your name without whitespace or @ symbol :)


WordPress can be configured as a single installation for multiple sites. Does Enfold support this fully?

Final question: Is it possible to influence easily the behavior of a page on a smartphone? E.g. change the order of the elements, so that the slider is further down .. or even invisible? Usually, header, menu selection, and a slider leave not much space for any text for what is visible at “first sight”.

Kind regards, Thomas

PS: Please ignore my 2 previous questions. I have found the answers in the meantime. Enfold supports bbPress and works well with iPhone 5 (using a different URL).

1.) yes

2.) hiding something on a smarthphone is actually a matter of some simple extra css rules. thats something we can help you with if you need the help.

Actually it already does (or at least I think. some of these guidelines are a little unclear and I will have to wait for themeforest to clarify them) but I knew these guidelines months ago and built the theme accordingly ;)

I follow this instruction but I don’t see the slider on my home page. Please help.


Inserting the slider with shortcode

You can place your sliders into pages and posts with their shortcodes. You can find the shortcode for each slider in this page next to their names in the list view. To insert the slider, edit a page or post and insert its shortcode into the WordPress text editor.

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently My support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

any additional information you can provide will help greatly in debugging the issue

Hi Kriesi. Please consider adding an option to the tab module, so we can have a user friendly and SEO friendly URL name instead of #tab-id. If we could add own own URL tab name, that would be great. Thanks.

Hi Kriesi, Theme, in a word, perfect! Envato the best theme in Enfold!

I have one question; how to change …/portfolio_entries/... and …/portfolio_item/... page URL?

thank you

for portfolio_item: open your backend and go to enfold->General settings. here you can set a string of your choice.

for portfolio_entries:

in enfold/includes/admin/register-portfolio.php you can search and replace those strings, but please be aware that this might have implications on the theme that I can’t really assess. It might even kill some of the functionality of the theme or the template builder so I highly recommend to not change that…

Thank you for the answer. Really perfect theme, thank you!

Prepurchase question: Is it possible to use this theme to display listings? I want to use it to showcase people for hire within my spesific business area.


The theme has no real built in feature for something like this. Would recommend to use a plugin that can do what you want instead and then use it in conjunction with a theme of your choice :)

I tried using the support area and never get the respondes, i love this thing and was wondering if there is a css code i can use to make the header transparent? Also, is there a way for me to change the height of the header? If so, while file/area? Thanks! :)

Hey! I checked all your forum posts, all of them received a reply:

It sometimes takes a day but please keep using the forum, since I dont have the time to answer support requests and pre sale questions. thats why I pay a team ;)

Changing the height of the header is described in the FAQ here:

Also I am not sure what you mean by transparent header. it already is transparent :)

Great theme. One question before I buy: Is it possible to play an YouTube embed explainer video in the slider on the front page?

Yes thats possible if you use the layerslider slideshow :)

Failure notice on install? please help

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? My support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a little more details so we can help with debugging the problem: whats your servers capacity. how did you try to install ? via ftp or wordpress backend? whats the failure notice? etc


I am using the standard small fixed header, I want it so when you scroll it does not shrink down, I want it to stay the same size. How can this be done?



I was wondering if there was a way you could hide the featured image on the actual blog post? I want it to show on the latest blog post thumbnail but not on the actual post.



hey! depends on the blog layout but if you have chosen to display a big preview image add this to your custom css field in enfold->styling:

#top .single-post .big-preview{display:none;}

Hi, thanks for the quick response! I tried that but it didn’t work, is there any other way? – my website is Thanks

How can I update theme ??? thanks

just re-download the theme from themeforest to get the latest theme version. then either delete the current version on your server and upload the new version it via wordpress backend or use ftp to replace the old theme.

Tutorial on the ftp update is here:


some questions for current version & suggestions for next update :

1. support of wp envato kit – for easy theme updates ;-)

2. an easy way to change the default circle+arrow hover effect on portfolio/blog thumbs ? (change shape/icon would be just awesome !!!)

3a. load from admin panel custom fonts (espec. for your international multi-lingual clients)

3b. load from admin panel any google font w/subset selection (eg. cyrillic, greek etc)

4. change image thumbs sizes from admin panel (and not editing php files)

congrats for your great work & improvements (after using your choices theme) :-)

now planning for my next project

thx so much!!!

thanks for the feedback! mind adding it to the list here:

anything added to this thread will be taken into consideration, if you have any more suggestions:

Cheers! :)

Hi guys,

I just bought this theme and tried to install it via the Wordpress upload button. I specify the file and hit install.

The browser takes some time and says after considerable time

‘Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.;

Am I doing something wrong here why will it not install?



Hey! Sorry for the late reply. If you havent already opened a forum thread:

It seems that your server only supports file uploads of 10mb and less, but the theme zip file along with the included plugins is a little bigger than that. there are 2 solutions:

either tell your hosting provider to increase the upload limit for files or install the theme via ftp. here is a tutorial on how to do that:

I see a lot of bugs within the theme. May even have to change hosting if I want to get this theme working. Cant really say anything positive so far.

Hey! Would you mind elaborating a little bit. as you might have noticed the rating is quite good and we would like to keep it that way, so if you encounter any bugs please tell us in detail and we will fix them as soon as possible :)