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Hi there,

we are using this theme with 3 languages WPML but for some reason we cant update the content fields anymore. It shows blank and we cant add information. I tried turning off plugins and increase wp memory limit. Any idea whats happening? Thanks for your help.

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? This seems like something that requires real support :) Also have you already contacted the WPML team? they have a lot more experience with their plugin than we do of course :)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

Hi, Just a question before considering buying, does Enfold support transparency for menu, body… ? Awesome work

Thanks for your interest. not out of the box but depending on what you want to do it shouldnt be possible. do you have an example on what you want to accomplish so I can make a better guess?

Thanks for your reply ( I bought Enfold already^^) I just want to apply little transparency on some part of the body of the theme (menu transparence, main body…) Even without transparence, Enfold is just wonderful

I would recommend to open a thread in our support forum at and link to your site, as well to a few sites that do what you want to accomplish so we can suggest the best way for that customization :)

The header doesn’t seem to reduce in size on Chrome. How you checked this?

I can send you a screen shot?

Of course :)

Email? please.

Is there a way to change the default color of Special Headings? It’s either black or the meta color, medium grey and I’d like to customize it. I try all the solutions in the support form put it doesn’t work for me or for others please thanks

add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
#top .av-special-heading h3 {
color: #F00;

then adjust the color ;)

how to enable wpml plugin in my site? it not appear in my enfold theme; please help me , i’m new wp and not english;

Hey! The wpml plugin is not part of the download, the theme is only compatible with the plugin. Which means: if you need wpml you need to get it as well here: WPML

hello, this is a great theme, only one question before I buy: is it easy to edit the boxed width? the default boxed width is 1130px, only 960px will be enough for me. your reply to this will be appreciated, thanks. Kind regards.


Having a smaller outer box would require some customization since you need to edit the grid that controls the whole theme. Depends on your CSS expertise and if you have ever worked with a grid layout how easy this would be :)

Once we purchase, will this come with a WP XML file for easy setup?

Even easier. it comes with a one click demo import button that also copies theme settings from the demo. no need to mess around with an xml file:

Hi Kriesi!

Hope all is well at your side.

Congrats on the amazing work… it is obvious you have invested alot of work into the development of this theme…it looks great! well-done indeed.

I am really interested in your theme and from what I have seen and read thus far, I like the deep level of customization that can be achieved without the need of knowing coding work.

I do, however, have few questions that I was hoping you could help me have more clarity on before I go ahead and decide to purchase the theme:

1- In you main header style, is it possible to add the social media icon in the same white space of the header above the main menu? I need them to look all part of one header space where the logo in on left and on the right side all menu items and social icons.

2- when you say it is responsive, does that mean that all the elements (i.e galleries, slideshows, pages…etc) are swipe and touch enabled?

3- Is it easy to change the shapes of the different avatars boxes, drop caps, icon lists, icon boxes..etc into squares or diamonds instead of circles? My logo is squarish in nature and has diamond shapes within it, so the site will look disconnected from the brand with all these circular elements…is that an easy adjustment to do?

4- If I already have a wordpress site using another theme, is it easy to install your theme to replace the current one without losing the current information on the site?

5- Can it be installed using wordpress or I must do it through FTP upload?

6- how does the theme updates usually work? would it require a complete re-installation of the theme and then re-customizing it the way it was before the update? or it can be done so seamlessly while maintaining the level of customization done with the theme?

Looking to hear from you

Thank you so much in advance for your help and advice.

Best wishes,

Thank you so much for you prompt response Kriesi.. much appreciated… regarding point (1) would the customization be simple coding thing or would it require some heavy work?

Thank you a million for your help :)

with the next update it should be quite easy. I am currently adding various hooks to the theme that make customization easier.

if that is done the following code snippet in your functions.php file would add the icons on the right side of the menu:

add_action('ava_after_main_menu', 'kriesi_social_header');

function kriesi_social_header()
    avia_social_media_icons(array('outside'=>'ul', 'inside'=>'li', 'append' => ''));

Awesomeness! Thank you so much :)

My English is very bad, sorry. I want to buy this issue I find wonderful. But first wanted to make sure if is it true that they included the psd? is that the models need to work customer. thank you very much

and if not many trouble, could you tell me when the next update will come out approximately? Congrats on the topic I love!

Hey! We are planning to release an update later this week. probably 2-3 days :)

No questions here. Just an honest comment: This is the best theme I’ve ever purchased (and I’ve purchased too many over the past few years).

I absolutely love how simple and elegant it is. My client is so happy with the site we’ve developed for him and I’m equally happy that designers like Kriesi are out there!

One item for the wish list: A form as easy as the contact form plugin included in the theme that can handle simple paypal ordering.

Gald you like the theme and thanks for your suggestions!

Feel free to add it here: :)

THE OFFICE We recently moved the team to Florida. Here is how it looks like if you work with us


Is that true? or just a demo text

hehe. Just demo text ;)

Firstly, AWESOME! I’m overwhelmed with the simplicity of the theme. (oxymoron, I know)

What’s my best bet to add repeat bg image in my main content area in replace of the white? Tried this in Quick CSS, which I found in your support forum (I promise I tried to find solution before bothering you with the question)

wrap_all, #main {

background: #fff; }

Then modify the background property with the values to get a background image, color etc.

No luck.

Thanks so much, the theme is extremely impressive.

Hey, thanks glad you like the theme! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? My support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and/or add some information on what exactly you want to change. Do you want to change the background for the whole site or just a single page? also in case its the later one, is this a page built with the layout builder? Have you tried using color sections in that case?

Thanks for getting back to me, I figured everything out. Thanks so much!

I’m not too familiar with using Wordpress as an e-commerce solution but I’m in need of one now and really like the look of this theme but have a few pre-purchase questions.

1) Can I place a static image that links to a product category page on the home page instead of using a slider?

2) Is it possible to have, on the home page, a static image or slider and then a slider underneath with Featured Products or Categories that are linked and under that a list of recent blog posts?

1.) yes

2.) yes.

The page builder allows for pretty much every layout one could come up with. It might be interessting for you to take a look at the tutorial videos to see how stuff is done and if it suits your needs:

Hello Kriesi:

Three presales question.
1.- With the documentation of the theme it will be easy to add a custom metabox in the product template (wocommerce) and use on it the page builder?
2.- Which is the max width with the avia framework?
3.- The shopping cart can be always present?


1.) depends on what you want to do. we can help you creating meta boxes, since thats not that hard with the theme, but using the values on the page builder might be anywere from easy to hard, depending on what you want to accomplish :)

2.) max width is 1210px

3.) at this point not sorry. the cart will only appear once a product has been added

One more pre-purchase question. WooCommerce has a very nice feature such that when you setup variations for products and include a photo with each variation, users can select the available variations on a single product and that variation’s image will be shown. Does Enfold support that feature yet. If not, when will it be supported?

Just want to say ABSOLUTELY LUV THIS WP Theme Enfold AMAZINGNES$!! Almost done with the client site I bought this for… she wondered if any way to have her Logo Centered in header with centered menu just below…? There are 1,128 things ha we LUV and only one other thing wanted to ask, is there any way to have a video be able to play in the background (a youtube emded autoplay iframe for example, we wanted to have under the contact page info before a visitor leaves) Just thought I would ask! and Plz Keep ON ROCKIN KRIE$I WP Themes so we all can keep buying and creating Incredible Client Sites #Priceless -Sterling

centered logo and menu is currently not possible, sorry. you would need to do some css modifications for that. or you can always request the feature in our feature request thread and maybe it gets added:

To display a youtube video with autoplay i would recommend to simply embed an iframe with the autoplay parameter within the textarea:

<iframe width=”420” height=”345” src=”” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Alright Thanks… and for Vid, just don’t understand how to have in Background with other content able to be Over (a color section allows images but no html, rt? I have this so far Trying to do like I did on this site #ENFOLD ROCK$!

Hi, i’m considering to buy your theme, seems pretty cool, but i wonder if i can customize it just with the preset colors, or if there’s a way to pick a color i prefer. This would be important in order to design a site which respect my client’s corporate identity. Thank you very much!

Hey! You can of course choose any colors you like :) See bottom of this screenshot:


krl Purchased

Hi Kriesi, where do I have to configure the email for the forms???

Thanks in advance


if you click the form a popup will open. there is an input field that allows you to set the email for this form then


krl Purchased

You have created a great theme Kriesi. Thanks.

Hello, i’m interesting in your themes (the functions) for one of my project but i should done many customisations, essentially graphics. I planify to modify the apparence of the news (blog), add part of advertising, add social widget, add an extract of content for some project who use the portfolio structure…

Is your support active too for the graphics customisations / modifications ?

Hey! We provide help with small css customizations and small functions that alter positions or small layout details but we cant provide help if you want to add new widgets or other custom functionality. Rule of thumb is: if it can be coded within 5-10 minutes we will help. If thats not possible we recommend getting a freelance developer :)

Ok, i show you a sample. If you can confirm if it’s possible with your theme, you win a buyer :D

Look this link please, it’s an other theme :

In fact, there is 2 interesting elements for me : First : the presentation of Recent Posts. I want this system on my home page with a picture at left, the title and content right and i want to place the date on the leftside of the pictures) This system will insert in 3/4 column (the other 1/4 is for a sidebar)

Second : Recent Posts Carousel You have already done this in your theme (Post Slider) but i find the left / right arrow panel bad. On the pictures, it’s not good for me. So i see this one with the control panel on the top of the post. Is it possible with Enfold ?

Because you have a page builder, i can do everything i want for presentation no ?

Thanks a lot !


1.) you would need to change the css code for the blog layout to accomplish this. this would indeed be a little to much for theme support, sorry

2.) its easier to provide a solution here, the css changes for that are simpler, we can help with that :)

Hello, when I add slider (easy of fullscreen) sliders only works for the first two slide then it stops. Probably a js conflict, I closed off plugins but it did not change. I will provide link if it is a familiar problem.

(no answer from the forum).