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ok please ignore my previous comment as I have solved it after few hours and it has nothing to do with the theme.

five star, great work. thanks

Great to hear! :)

Hi Kriesi! Love the design of the site but I’m having trouble with the menus. I imported the dummy content and it said everything went ok. I followed the instructions in the documentation for adding menus and watched the video but on mine I don’t have the menu options in Appearance > Menus that your video shows. All I have under the pages section on the left is “sample page and home page”” whereas your video shows a bunch of options. I tried re-importing the dummy content but that didn’t work. I tried searching your forums but couldn’t find a problem similar to mine. (Picture: )

It’s probably something simple but this is my first time dealing with WP so I’m a newbie.


Hey! Was the demo content really added to your page? Doesnt seem like it. Whenever a page is created it should appear at appearance->menus in the sidebar, ready to be added to the main menu.

if pressing the import dummy content button does not work: Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

Hi Kriesi. One of your support team members (Dude) helped me a ton with my problem (would love to buy him a beer.) Turns out for whatever reason the importer on my site wouldn’t work so he had to do some fancy work within my hosting’s cPanel with phpmyadmin to get it to work. Now I have menus!

Can you put pictures on mega menu?(buttons) or is it compatible with uber menu plugin?


Hey! If you display a mega menu item as textblock you can then add images to the mega menu. Unfortunately I cant test with the uber menu plugin since I dont have a copy of that…

Thanks Mate

I’ve had a recent client who had trouble saving with the LayerSlider plugin. If anyone else has trouble with the same, you can email me at :)


I am very interested in purchasing your template. I noticed that your home page is ‘all in one’ page where it contains multiple different pages (e.g. about us, contact us, etc).

Do we have the option to have all those different sections of content in different pages? I do not wish to have them all in a continuous scroll on the home page.

Looking forward to your response. Email:

Thank you

Hey! Please take a look at the various homepage examples in the demo as well as the single about, contact etc pages. you will notice that you can add any number of elements on any page in any order you like :)

Easily possible to do what you asked for :)


It’s a great theme.

When editing regular pages, sometimes (for unknown reasons) the TyneMCE will change to an “advanced” mode? I don’t like this as it messes with the format and during html view, it adds all the tags.

*this happens when I’m editing single elements on the Advanced editor… If i switch to simple editor the TinyMCE is still the same.

Any ideas why I get a different editor?

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also describe step by step what you are doing and what happens then so we can try to reproduce the issue.


I found the thread regarding how to disable the animation on mobile devices however there is still a delay on the images loading. How can I disable the “lazy loading” of the images on mobile devices? Thank you


Hm not sure if there is a super easy way to disable all of those animations. Try the following: open fthe JS folder and edit the file shortcodes.js:

search for:

if(! $('html').is('.avia_transform')) return;

and replace it with

if(!$('html').is('.avia_desktop')) $('html').removeClass('avia_transform');
        if(! $('html').is('.avia_transform')) return;

Thank for the reply. I inserted that code and I believe it is disabling the animations on desktop browsers ”.is(’.avia_desktop’))” I need it to disable the animations on mobile browsers. The animations happen too slowly when viewing mobile and end up crashing the browser. would I try .is(’.avia_mobile’)) or something to that effect?

Thank for the reply. I inserted that code and I believe it is disabling the animations on desktop browsers ”.is(’.avia_desktop’))” I need it to disable the animations on mobile browsers. The animations happen too slowly when viewing mobile and end up crashing the browser. would I try .is(’.avia_mobile’)) or something to that effect?

Thanks for the quick response to my previous question Kriesi. I have another pre-purchase question.

When hovering over the shopping cart icon the user can view the contents of their shopping cart. Is it possible to add an option to remove items from the cart in this view without having to click on View Cart to do so? Is that a WooCommerce function or is it theme specific?

the cart is unfortunately generated by a woocommerce function so there is currently no way to directly remove items from that cart, sorry :/

The idea is of course a very good one and makes totaly sense. Might want to pitch it to the woocommerce team to add this option to the cart widget :)

Hi There,

Have you made this theme to have pages with comments yet?

I asked a few months ago and you said you would look into it, we build quite a few websites and would love to use this theme if only it had a commenting system.

Thank you

Sorry, this is still not implemented. We are doing feature requests based on the number of requests and what we think might serve most users. But one thing that came to mind is: you could simply create a commentform shortcode like this one:

You can then add the shortcode to a textarea of your choice…


Ive created a slider using Layerslider ( )

Notice the word Style? its slide 33 and its supposed to be below the Framework. However, it stays ontop and all other slides after 33 does not appear .

Ive created a support post in your forum but have not gotten a reply

Would you be able to help me with this issue?

Interested in a html-Version. May i hope?

I am sorry, there are no plans for a HTML version anytime soon :/

First…GREAT THEME! Very easy to build! I’m working on a One page Portfolio and I have removed the menu since it’s on One pager. How do I center the logo?

Thanks so much!

Byron I created a support post in your forum.


add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
#top #wrap_all .logo {
position: relative;
margin: 0 auto;
float: none;
width: 200px;

You need to adjust the width of the logo container manually to match the size of your logo :)

Thanks…How can i enlarge the logo on mobile/repsonsive version?

Auf Wienerisch: SAUCOOLE VORLAGE! Top!

... jetzt muss ich mich auch für Wordpress interessieren… habe zwar ein Projekt im Kopf, wollte es mit Joomla umsetzen, aber dieses Template ist genial! Kann man es auch als NOOB, wie ich es in Wordpress bin, mit ein bisschen Einlesen bewältigen?

DANKE für deine Antwort!

lg Röschen

Wienerisch. Like :)

Also wenn du mit Joomla klarkommst wirst du mit wordpress auch relativ schnell zurechtkommen. (war bei mir die selbe Entwicklung :) )

Am besten mal wordpress installieren und ein bissl herumspielen. danach kannst du dir ja mal ein paar von unseren Tutorial videos anschaun und wenn du glaubst das passt dann auf zum kauf :)

Tutorials sind hier:

I just purchased the theme.

I don’t understand when you say “translation ready”, because it’s a mix of GB and DE… and i’m french… (only a DE.po in “lang” folder)

I am searching a way to translate the theme in french but it seems to be very very hard…

Do you have an explanation ? Thanks

Thanks, i know poedit. But didn’t know i have to translate all the theme when i purchased the theme. A lot of themes are already translated in GB, DE, FR etc etc…

The theme is cool, but i think you can remove “translation ready”. I have now to spend a couple of hours to do that… :/

“translation ready” and “translation already provided” are unfortunately 2 different things, I am sorry for the confusion :/

It seems there are a few people with french translation already but no one shared one yet. Will try to contact them and ask if they can upload the files

Ok thanks. I have already translate 35%. I’ll take a look at support on your site. An share this so it could be helpful for someone.

It seems plugins (layerslider et other) language located in other folder than “lang”... but i didn’t find them for the moment…

Hey Kriesi I love your themes and have purchased a few already. i had one question about this newest site. i am wanting to have a real big image full screen across the front page. can you make the height of the full screen slider larger? and I also wanted to see if its possible to make a subpage with fullscreen images like on the site below.!learnmore/c10fk

other than that I love everything about this site! thanks man


The theme supports a fullscreen slider that adapts to the screen and stretches across the full height and width as seen here:

and yes, is also possible to create pages like the one you linked to with the template builder :)

Hi I still having issues with the search option it shows all the pages created , please type “sapo” under the search bar I have look on widgets and there is none that generates all the pages created on the right side bar of the page. I posted a ticket under your forum but I have no response yet.

your help will be appreciate it.

it may be a bug


Hi, is there new update or something, i received email on update for theme today, but i can not see changelog on theme details pages Thanks

Changelog now available :)

thanks mate

I just purchased this theme and haven’t finished the site I’m using it for, but all that’s really left is fleshing out the content. This is a great theme! There are so many options for making outstanding layouts on the pages, and it’s all pretty easy and intuitive. The only issue I’ve run into (which might be fixed in the update I just downloaded) was that I can’t seem to put Gravity Forms shortcode into an accordion on my Ajax portfolio. Still, great job with this one!

Hey! Thanks, glad you like the theme. Since most plugins load the required javascript on page load (pretty sure gravityforms does that too) and require the form to be already available on the page (which is not the case with the ajax portfolio) it might be possible that this feature cannot be supported :/

It’s not a huge deal. I set up the Ajax Portfolio like on the demo and added another accordion section that contains a form (call to action, lead generation) and I found out that the shortcode form works just fine for it. Again, nice job!

I am liking this theme a lot and the way you have setup the demo. I have one pre-purchase question: When I do demo content install, does it also setup the sliders, their animations and import the images used? I am impressed with finesse in executing these. I would like to import everything including images, animations, effects in sliders and everywhere else to create an exact replica of demo site. And then make changes here and there. Is that possible with demo content import?

Yes thats possible. we dont include all of the layersliders but you get a few demos that are very similar to the theme.

But please be aware that in general, most of the images used in our demo content are not the ones used in the theme demo due to licencing restrictions…