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First off, great theme.

How can I disable the slide show for mobile devices?

Thanks in advance

by disable you mean you want to remove it?

Hi I love your theme it looks great.

I wanted to know if there is and option to add tags to the portfolio items.

if yes, is there an easy way to display portfolio items on a grid based on their tags?

for example: say I have an portfolio post with picture of skirt, handbag, and shoes and I add TAGS to this portfolio-post of “skirt”, “handbag” and a “shoes” .

and later on I’d like to show a portfolio grid with all the rest of the portfolio items that are tagged with “shoes” on a 3 column page.

Is it possible with this theme?

Hope I was clear with my example, anyway, thank you very much for your help


Hey! Adding tags is possible but unfortunately the grid only works based on categories.

If you use portfolio categories like those mentioned above this behavior is definitely possible



i have some problem with the theme’s menu when I activate the WPML plugin: This is when WPML plugin is OFF (I see all my pages): This is when WPML plugin is ON (I can’t see all pages!):

Why I have this problem and how can I resolve it?

Thank you!

Hey! I am not sure if thats an error or intended behavior by the plugin. does that work the same way with other themes? In any case it might be better to ask the wpml team for advice here, they certainly have better knowledge of their plugin than I do :)


What is the best way to upgrade the template without affecting my site?

Regards, Jose

Hey! Fastest way is to replace the enfold theme folder via ftp with the new folder. In that case the downtime will only be a minute or so :)

Here is a short tutorial on how its done:


Hi, How can I set the slides to autorotate?

thank you

Hey! If you use the layerslider you can set the autorotation at your backend at Layerslider->general settings.

If you use an easy slider just place the easy slider with the layout editor and then click the element. a modal window with options will open that allows you to set the property :)


Will you guys have the option of embedding vide mp4 in the large sliders for your next upgrade? That would a pretty sweet feature.

Thanks, D.

Hey! Thanks for the request! In order to keep better track you can also post it here:

will consider it, especially if other like your idea as well :)


Thinking of purchasing the theme, will the shop work for downloadable products like images ?


Yes. You can download and test the free shop plugin here:

And if you like it, then purchase the theme ;)

Very impressive theme.

Does anyone happen to know if this theme is compatible with the WPJobBoard plugin?

Thanks, Jonny

Unfortunately cant help here, in most cases plugins are compatible but it usueally requires a little css editing to make the plugin look as if it were part of the website :)

On the Home page of your demo, about 2/3 of the way down the page, you have a “Mobile Ready” section where the image slides in from the left after the page comes into view… How did you do that? I can’t seem to find the feature that allows a slider to start like that.

its simply an image element (layout builder) with a image fade in animation set :)

Oh, didn’t even think to look there… Thanks!

Just out of curiosity, is it possible to have a similar animation start when the section is rolled into the page using the Advanced Layerslider?

Unfortunately not, sorry. The layerslider doesnt support that feature

Is there a way I can decrease the margin of the sidebar widgets ?

add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
div .widget {
padding: 15px 0;

that will reduce the padding (default is 30px)

Hi, I tried using the support forms, but I’m getting no answers! I love this theme and came across a small problem I need help figuring out.

I setup the website for a client, everything is great except, for some weird reason we switched over the main website to direct to the sub doamin. Since then, the social network icons dont show up.

We switched over to – when they click on the logo, which brings them to, they show up. but on newer computers (like mine) they show up, but certain browsers they do not, everything runs great regardless. How can I fix this for them? Please let me know, its very important to them!! Thank you so much for all the past great help and an awesome theme!!

Hey! Please be patient, its already weekend and the forums are quite busy now so it might take a little while to get you question answers :)

But if you have posted a question to the forum it will definitely receive an answer ;)

It’s been 2 1/2 weeks and still no answers, also, I havent got a answer on my logo. When the website is half minimized (website screens on one screen) the logo covers the menu and makes it all weird looking. My client is and its a big issue for their customers. I changed it so its fixed, and everything… anything I can do those this doesnt happy like the other websites I have created? Thanks..

Hey! Just checked the forum and couldnt find the thread you are talking about. mind sending me a link? I am currently on a short trip and have no laptop available thats why I cant really help, but will tell my team to answer your question properly :)

Hi, great theme! The LayerSlider editor seems a bit buggy, it’s hard to move layers and an annoying bug is that I can’t name/rename layers.

Hey! Will check that, thanks. since its a third party plugin I will probably need to wait a little to get this resolved but will definiltey tell the layerslider team that there are issues :)

Ok thanks. Another question: is it possible to disable :

- the default rollover on images? - the default lightbox?

ok don’t worry, I’ve installed the child theme and I’ll make some customizations there.

Hi, Import Dummy date does not work, I get the following warning:

“Importing did not work! You might want to try reloading the page and then try again.”

I tried it on Local Server and Remote Server, WordPress 3.5.2 (fresh installation), Enfold 1.8.4, Memory 96 MB.

In the support forum there are similar messages, even here in the Comments there are some users with the same problem, but no answer.

Please give an explanation urgently. I purchased this theme for a rush job.


Actually I was not made aware of a general issue with the importer and havent read about a problem here in a long time now. did you open up a thread in our forum?

You can also try to import the dummy.xml file with the wordpress default xml importer. It is located in enfold/includes/admin/dummy.xml.

Can you offer support in german language. I look for a template in wellness, fitness, gymnastic where the Themedesigner can offer support in german language.

Ja, deutsch ist kein Problem, allerdings kanns im forum dann etwas länger dauern mit ner antwort da nicht das ganze team deutsch spricht :)

Thanks for all the support! Can you tell me how to anchor a link to a specific section on a page with the layout builder? You have a paralax demo page that does something similar, but I can’t seem to replicate this.

Hey! When you add a color section you can define a unqiue ID for the section. so lets say you use the id “about-us” you would then need to link to

Excellent… Thanks! This works great. Is it possible to do the same with the logo, so when the user clicks it takes them back to the top of the page?

in that case use a link with hashtag #top:


When im using the Easy Slider, and setting the image scaling to “No Scaling”, Id expect that when i use it, there would be no scaling in the image, however, it still scales up/down based on the size of the column. I guess its not an issue if it has to scale down, but scaling up creates an issue. Is there a way to force it not to scale up, when used within a larger column that the image?

ie. my images are 250px wide, when the slider goes inside a 1/2 column, it scales up to fit, I want it to stay at 250px.

Thanks for the support, hope this is clear.

Sw. Trika

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently on a short trip without laptop, just tablet and doing support doesnt really work that well without a code editor ;D My support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site :)

I’m interested in buying your theme for my TV show’s website #ctwgg Couch Talk with Gamer Girls but I need to know if it’s compatible or works with the BBpress addon because my site will need forums and I want everything to match theme wise. Yes/No?

Awesome! Question, how hard would if be for me to add forum icons with your theme for BBpress? Basically an extra div to the left of the forum display that visually represents what the forum is about. In any event, I’m sold! buying now!

purchased :)

hm, not sure I have never tried that before myself. I guess in this case it might be necessary to modify the bbpress template output do add extra divs, something which I never did before. The theme uses only an additional CSS file to make the default forum blend in.

So I would either recommend a plugin or try to find a tutorial on that topic. pretty sure you will find something out there :)

Hi… 1st of all, lovely theme…

One question plz. How can I get this 3 column white boxes part? I imported your demo data but still it does not show up…

I spent months looking for a WP portfolio theme, then happened across Enfold. Anyone looking for a WP Theme with a modern, flexible design and excellent support, this is for you!.

Out of the box, there are so many dynamic options, even for a novice, if you have more skills, them the sky is the limit, and Kriesi and his team of support gurus are on hand to help, with excellent support.

Did I mention, SEO is excellent, even without a plugin, translator and e-commerce…the only thing it doesn’t do is wash the dishes…

Thanks Kriesi, you and your team are top notch 5 stars given….

My site is a work in progress, but to show what you can do:

Thanks for the great testimonial! Glad you like the theme :)

Hi, first I’d like to say that I like the template very much. There is only one thing that I don’t get. It involves the portfolio pages. It might sound stupid, but I have no idea how to create a page with portfolio content. Is it possible to give some instructions on how to portfolio page with a wide variety of photos?

Hey! Have you tried importing the demo content at Enfold->import dummy data? this will crete a installation very similar to the one in our theme demo and you can then see how the portfolio was built :)