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Perfect Theme. 5 Star Rated. How Can I Change the image hover effect in grid layout??? Where can i Find the related icon to change it??? :)

Thanks glad you like it! The overlay can be changed via css. Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently on a short trip with no access to a code editor and therefore cant really help:

Please add a link to your site and also tell us which icon you want to display. here is a list of al of them:

Hi. Great theme, just wondering if the main slider is retina too? Doesn’t appear that way. Can you confirm please?

the theme is retina ready on mobile devices, due to the fact that the images are scaled down. its not (yet) ready for retina macbooks though since images are presented in full. depending on what your target audience is using I guess :)

Ok. Thanks. Yes, using Macbook Pro retina. Is it feasible if I implement retina.js ( myself on this theme? Its worked for me in the past, but not sure what conflicts could arise with existing retina theme scripts.

not sure though how well it works with slideshow scripts in general. other than that I cant imagine any problems

When inserting images either using the image media element or slideshow, the image’s width & height are not set. This is one of the small things that affect the page load speed. This isn’t related to responsive design, just seems to be a missed detail.


Hello, I was convinced to buy the theme because I find enfold fantastic but INTERNET EXPLORER testing with the demo I see that there are many things that do not look good.

row with 3 columns which happens to be two rows with 2 columns and 1 column, overlapping elements, etc..

It is an implementation issue or a problem in any browser option?.

If it’s any consolation to all topics all happens to a lesser or greater extent.

Any solution for this?, Because in your documentation set that is fully compatible with IE8 and not true as I have tested with IE9 and IE10 bad and a little better but still not perfect.

Best regards.


Hey xavier. I have tested the theme with all sort of Internet explorer version and it looks fine for me. Do these issues show on the theme demo as well or only on your installation. also could you send me some screenshots to support[at]kriesi[dot]at so I can see what you are talking about? Also which Operating system are you using?

Cheers! Kriesi

Hi Kriesi, although I have not bought your theme.

I’m riding an infrastructure for pages and online stores and am looking for a mother theme on which to work.

I have worked with u-design and does not convince me, nor with kallyas just convinced me.

In contrast to enfold I find fantastic and would want to try it but start testing with IE9 and IE10 I hopeless ….

I am attaching what I have seen, see if you can be of help, it seems that does not properly handle divs with these versions.

I am attaching document in the direction you’ve commented with chrome vision, vision 10 and my operating system and browser version.

Thank you!



I see that the button styles on the contact forms page are a different style than the shortcodes buttons. Is there a shortcode for the type of button that’s displaying on the contact forms page of the demo?

Thanks, Jonny

No, sorry. But if you like the contact form buttons more you basically only need to get rid of the gradient in the button shortcode.

add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
#top .avia-button {
background-image: none;
text-shadow: none;
color: #fff;
font-weight: normal;

that way the shortcode buttons will look very similar to the contact form buttons

Perfect. Thank you very much!

I just wanted to give a SHOUT! to the uber-talented Kriesi and his team.

ENFOLD has to be one of the very best, most robust and quality-based themes I’ve ever bought (and I’ve purchased a fair amount). It’s so easy, intuitive and pain-free.

This is the quickest I’ve built a site (under 6 days) in the nearly 8 years I’ve been doodling with WP themes.

THANK YOU! (5 stars)

PS:...and a HUGE shout of thanks to a Super Support Team!

Sending this question once more as I haven’t got your answer.

One question plz. How can I get this 3 column white boxes part? I imported your demo data but still it does not show up…

Sending this question once more as I haven’t got your answer.

- Kriesi mentioned it several times – use the support forum for support requests:

Is it possible to have one portfolio page sort by alphabetical and another by date? I saw the post earlier how to sort by random.

A presales question.

I had a look at this theme on my iPad but it keeps crashing Safari. Is this just me or is there something wrong?

Would you happen to have this theme running somewhere else so I might see if it works on my iPad? Maybe it’s just this particular demo installation that is giving me troubles and another installation doesn’t.

Okay I have now tested it with some of the sites made by your clients using Enfold and those, in Safari on my iPad, also crash the browser. So it’s not limited to the Enfold demo site. I also tried it with both the Dolphin and Mercury browser on my iPad and the same issue. The browser crashes. I am using iPad one so maybe it’s due to that, but I wouldn’t know why that would make any difference.

is is possible to have a non wordpress theme version of this template?


I bought this theme with the plan of using it as a one page portfolio. Maybe I’m doing something wrong here, but it appears the layout builder options are not in any way accessible/usable for the creation of dynamic previews? I’m not being allowed to use the accordion content element seen used on the first portfolio item of the Enfold “one page portfolio” sample (V7 under the homEpage options), for instance, or any of the layout, content, or media elements, for that matter. I was actually hoping to build out previews more as a complete solution, designing the page (one page, if you will) so it would be unnecessary to navigate away from the homepage at all. The page builder works great, but it’s only working for independent portfolio item pages, which take the user away from the homepage, keeping it from being a true one page portfolio. I’d currently be forced to code everything on my own if I want to achieve a similar effect in my previews, and I really don’t have the time or expertise. The only option I get is adding preview images and text… which is also a problem for me, since I was planning on having videos in my previews. And since I’m linking to mp4s, I’m having to assign previewing images as well.

Secondly, also related to the one page portfolio idea, I was trying to figure out how I could make the selections at the top force the browser to jump of scroll down to a designated area down along the “one page,” instead of linking to separate pages. For instance, if I place a contact form at the bottom of my one page layout, I would like the clicking of the “contact” tab at the top to trigger a jump or scroll to that lower section of the page, and not load a separate contact page/form.

Please help! It’d be much appreciated and I’ll make sure to reflect it in the review :)


Is it at all possible to place a video in the left portion of the ajax previews?? I only see the drop down option for placing images, but I don’t know if there is a simple workaround for adding video too? I saw it done in the Angular theme sample, and I assumed this had that capability as well. If not, it kind of kills my hopes for making a one page portfolio work with this template, because I have several video clips I plan on showcasing.

Please help! I want to know if I’ll have to go back to the drawing board on this…

So I finally discovered most of the layout builder options are available for use in the ajax previews through insertable code, via the magic wand pulldown (sorry, I had missed that in the documentation). Now I’ve figured out how to get video and items like the accordion content element into my ajax previews through this insertable code… however, I’m confined to only one third of the preview area, since two thirds of it are taken up by the space allotted for image previews. So I guess my question now is, is there a way to either replace the image previews with video clips, or to get rid of the image previews all together, to open up the full preview space for content laid out through code? Again, I am referring to the images seen in Ajax previews, not anything that can be added through the Avia Layout Builder, since I am trying to keep everything viewable on one page.

I hope that clarifies my issue and my end goal. Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

hi.. check my website i just bought the template but i couldnt activate because my old template hade galleries page. so i have gallery page for every destination..

any idea what i can do?

So I’m trying to register for the support forums, but it keeps giving me an error. I know the purchase license # is good and new, so I don’t know what’s up. I need help with my site ASAP.

Can I get some help soon please? Sorry for being impatient.

Hi, I purchased Enfold today and I’m working on my webpage. 5 stars for your awesome theme, I’m a newbie on wp and everything is so easy to set up ;)

Hey Kriesi On my homepage first image under welcome text…when you rollover the image a white box is popping up, but the two images below that are not. i don’t want the white box to pop up on that image…i just want to have a full width picture as a link to another page….how can I disable the white box on this image?

AWESOME Theme! I cannot tell you how much i appreciate the hard work that was put into this. It has saved me HOURS & HOURS of time. The way you set up the page building is genius. Build another one this good with a more pronounced logo area!


I am trying to have the main menu change background color and text color when hovering over one of the elements.

Could you please help Regards, ATP


perfect theme. i would like to remove the search function, how can I do this?

registration on your support site is not possible because purchase code is not accepted.

Could you please help me? thank you.

About the page builder: how does it affect the server (cpu and ram) load?

Does it somehow “pre-renders” the pages blocks or there is a huge parsing every time a page is loaded?

From the server performance, is it somewhat different from, e.g., avada’s shortcodes?