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Hi Kresi,

Does the theme include an “Infinite Scroll” function? I looked at dome of the tutorials and did not see any mention of it.

If it doesn’t include it, how difficult do you think it will be to add?


Hey! Sorry no it does not. Question is, where do you want to add it? I have seen such plugins for posts. using one of those should be quite simple:

Hi Kiesi. I had set all the styling, settings, header, footer, etc. for the theme for two languages (I am using WMPL). Later I realized that because of some custumazations I had to do it was better to make a child theme. However I lost everything I had set for the theme. Is there a way to recover this without manually set all styling all over again?


Unfortunately no easy way sorry. The theme saves its data based on the theme name to avoid conflicts with our other themes.

If you have direct access to your database and know how to edit these settings directly you can search in the options table for all options that start with : avia_options_enfold and rename them to your new name.

Thanks for your reply to my earlier inquiries. Great support

Just purchased. Might buy another.

All the best in sales.


Thanks a lot. Have fun with your new Theme :)

1) I took a look at some tutorials on BBPress and noticed that the BBPress templates are not showing up in the theme’s “Page Attributes” area.

2) Also did not see any of the the Enfold page templates within the admin area.

3) How would we add a login / Registration box for the BBPress function AND would it tie-in with the WooCommerce users; so people would not have to sign-up or sign-in twice.

Please advise.

1 +2) Hey! The theme actually does nothing to prevent any page templates from showing up and the themes templates do show up nice:

If they do not for you I might actually need your login data to check why this might be the case.

As for bbpress: I think by default there are no extra templates to chose from. Mind sending me a link to the tutorial in question?

3.) I would simply recommend to use the bbpress login widget. both bbpress and woocommerce use the default wordpress user system so once a user logs into one he should also be logged into the other :)


I have a two pre-purchase questions I hope you can help with.

1) I need a homepage layout with a true widgeted sidebar. Similar to this style on this other theme: . But I would much rather to buy the Enfold theme as I like quite a few things better, but need to know if it can do this.

2) I notice that the demo shop page seems to only have products listed straight on the page, and no categories / subcategories. Can you confirm that a full shop with product category system is possible?

1.) Yea of course, thats perfectly possible and very easy to do since page with sidebar is actually the default setting :)

2.) Yes :)

Some small questions: Does ENFOLD support multiple portfolios? Does ENFOLD support a different menu in the footer? Does ENFOLD support a extra menu on top of the page?

Thank you…

1.) yes. with the layout builder you can add any number of portfolios to any number of pages :)

2.) yes, in your menu manager you can select which menu to place in your footer

3.) Yes. there are multiple header options and some of them also support an extra menu at the top:

Hi Kriesi!

Sorry if this is the wrong channel to ask but, how do I update from Enfold 1.7 to 1.9.1?

I tried to upload the zip file of 1.9.1 but it said update failed because the destination folder already exists…

Thanks in advance!


If you didnt do any modifcations to the file system I would simply recommend to delete the old folder and then upload the new one.

Please be aware that we are now already at version 2.0. Once you have version 2.0 installed this procedure will never be necessary again, since the theme now comes with a one click update script ;)

can i see your manual that explains how to customize the enfold theme do. for example i would like to add social icons and phone number on the header…....

i meant do you have a manual? if yes can i see it :)

Hey! The manual is here but this action is so simple that its not even within the manual ;D

Once the theme is installed you simply go to Enfold->headers, switch to a header that uses social icons and add those icons, along with your phone number

How does someone add their own avatar into BBPress?

bbpress uses the default wordpress gravatar system.

Addition: But I think there are also plugins in case you want the users to set the avatar on your own site…

hi there,

awesome theme WOW!!

one question concerning your Fullscreen slider: once I touch/swipe, the autoplay is stopped… can the autoplay of the slides/Images also continue after I´ve touched/swiped, like in the layerslider with a circle where I see the remaining time best regards

Hey! sorry but thats not possible. since most users usually hate it when the slider slides, even after they interact with it we have disabled further auto rotation in such cases

Hi, I really do not understand licensing. If I would like to use woocommerce, which licence do I order ? Thanks

Hey! In case you dont want to re-sell the theme as part of a hosted service web site, you always need the regular licence ;)


Uno de los mejores temas que he visto por ahora :) Felicidades.

Gracias! :)

I really love your theme and would like to use and modify it for my photography website. One question, do you have a password protect that could be used for client galleries?

Hey! You can password protect pages or portfolio items with the default protetcion system that wordpress uses, yes. If you add the gallery to such a page the user will need the password to view the gallery :)

I currently use your COHERENCE theme and was shopping around for a new theme with some of the newer ajax features… this new one you have is beautiful and over-the-top with options. Looks great!

Thanks a lot :)

To be honest its also much more flexible than coherence, with the all new template builder ;D

Is there an easy way to add a phone number in the header of this theme? Text widget or something else? I want to use it for a local business website and this theme looks great! Thanks!

Hey! you can choose from different header options and the ones that have a secondary navigation at the top also allow you to add a phone number in addition/instead ;)


i searched the internet and support forum, but i can’t find the css code to make the space between de menu and bottom of the header smaller. i made the header larger because i wanted a bigger logo.

Please advise grtz desch

problem solved, thanks

Great! :)

This post is a pure and shameless compliment to your theme. I have spent hours an hours looking around the web for good WP themes, have purchased quite a few highly sold and ranked ones, but I am not just impressed but grateful you created Enfold. Sure it’s beautifully designed, but for me who came from a MS background with zero PHP skills and only rudimentary HTML/CSS capabilities, your backend visual layout/page builder is exactly what the market needs. For those of you looking to speed up your web development without a snippet of code, this one does it… I haven’t even manually typed in a shortcode yet. We’ve been updating our site (unfinished) at and we are extremely pleased with the flexibility to make any page look and do whatever we ask of it….just by dragging and dropping. You have saved us countless hours and this review is the least I can return in value to you. Now we can focus more time on our investment business and customers. Thank you Kreisi. ...Aloysius Lo

Thanks for the great testimonial. Glad you like the theme! :)

Hey, is it possible to create a page similar to this one After user will chose one of the options it will send them to the shopping card

There is one product with few options, that’s why I don’t really need the whole store… just a page with options. Hope it makes sense.

Hm, I am not sure if its that what you want but You could always try to use a unique page with template builder and try to use some of the woocommerce shortcodes to create something similar. Rather hackish approach but by default something like this is unfortunately not possible :/


Easy working on this theme. Good improvement compare to other existing one.

However, I’ve got 2 question:

1/ Would it be possible to put the forum in the menu?

2/ HOw can I have random images sequence for the sliders?

Thanks for help


Hi again, I could solve the question 1 already.


2.) Only the layerslider supports a “random” slideshow. When creating a layerslider open the Global Settings tab for that slider and set the checkbox for “Random slideshow”

Excellent. Thank you

Hey Kriesi,

I’ve emailed you a couple of times regarding my login for the support forum, but I’ve not heard anything back recently.

From what I understand, the original login details were set up on the incorrect email address, so I didn’t receive the confirmation email.

How can I get this set up on a new email?

Hey! I have set up the new email address already (gmail)

In case you havent tried it yet. I just re sent the login data to that email. Please let me know if that helped :)

Perfect – I’m on now and I’ve created a new thread – hopefully this way anyone else looking to do something similar can just copy over the code.

Thanks for all of your help – considering how popular your themes are, the support you offer is incredible.

Thanks. Actually I think we can do much better than we do currently. Will probably require new support software and additional stuff. Unfortunately all of this takes time but we hope to improve here as well :)