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PreSale Question: Can the responsiveness of the site be turned off from admin panel?

Hi there

I have updated both wordpress and your great theme. I have an issue with the fullwidth easy slider. Not sliding anymore. Any idea? Best

Sorry, works again now! best

Great to hear!

All the .js and stuff that woocommerce includes is it possible to throw that away?

So it don’t have influence on my loadtime page size and so on?

Cause i like the theme, but dont wanna use the woocommerce.

And also how does the theme coop with:

Hey! If you dont install woocommerce none of the woocommerce related code is loaded, no worries :)

I have no information on what wp-types actually is and how it works so I can’t help here. SInce you already have purchased the theme I would recommend to simply give it a try? :)


Pre-sales Qn here!

Am I able to feature my latest blog posts (based on different categories) on my home page?

Kindly advise.

Yes thats possible with the template builder :)

Two questions – will I be able to use this theme with Triggers? And—I think I’m hearing about problems with Uber Menu & mobile – and possibly more so with iOs? I ask because I LOVE this theme – but I must be able to deliver a site to a client that is functional on mobile & will use Triggers for a “put in your zip-code” function. Many thanks! P.S. Really smashing job on your instructional videos!

Hey! Since I have no access to the plugin I cant really tell if it will work flawlessly with the theme. I didnt come across many incompatibilities with plugins yet though, so I am inclined to saythat it probably will work :)

As for the Mega Menu: As far as I know there are no known issues with that :)

Thanks for the speedy rely!

Presale Question:


Is it possible to install a lead capture form, such as contact form 7 within the homepage slider similar to:

Please advise. Thank you.


The the theme comes with its own contact form builder but unfortunately lacks the styling of your example. Although it would be possible to do that It certainly would require some CSS modification and maybe also some PHP changes…

Hello fantastic theme. I am trying to add a button to the layer slider using the short code [av_button label=’Get Started!’ link=’manually,http://#' link_target=’’ color=’theme-color’ custom_bg=’#444444’ custom_font=’#ffffff’ size=’large’ position=’center’ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’75’] but the code shows up not the button. Is it possible to add a button this way or am I doing it wrong? Thank you.

Hey! actually it should be possible but I dont really recommend it, since those buttons are not responsive and therefore dont adapt well to smaller screensize within the layerslider. Would rather recommend to create a simple button graphic and add that one…

Will do. Thank you!

Thank you VERY VERY much for the assist concerning our missing pages.


I am planning to send you a private email concerning the other ( somewhat minor ) issues concerning the theme.

I will send everything in list format this way I will not have to surf through all my support requests to see which one is replied to.


Might be buying another license of this theme.

Thats great to hear, glad my team was able to solve your issues. Please post any further problems to the support forums. I know it currently takes a little longer for us to get back to you but I need to keep these item discussions clean for pre sale questions ;)

OK. Understand.

Please consider maybe adding a WP Plugin to your support forum that notifies visitors by email when a new reply has been posted to a question.

The one I use is…


Also, did you configure the support forum to dynamically show the URL link to our personal post when we log-in ?


I’ll post the list under one support ticket.

I have a client that has a logo stacked above the words.

I need to know how to make the theme’s header taller so that his logo will fit and still be to the side of the navigation links.

Please see previous answer ;D

Did not see the answer to this inquiry.

Can you please RE-post ?

Hi, why does the sidebar disappears when i resize the browser window. ?


if the site is reduced in width to the size of a mibile device the theme hides the sidebar per default, since it usually only contains information that would clutter up the website on a phone. in short its a way to increase the experience for people on small devices. If you dont like that: changing that is very simple and we can certainly help with that :)

My organization purchased the theme for our intranet and when I create from scratch or try to update the home page from the demo content, it keeps loading until I get a time-out error. It will not update.

I have disabled all plug-ins and have the updated version of the theme.

I cannot give you access because it is on a private server, but have you had this issue before?

Hm, not sure either. if you have deactivated all plugins and also are running the latest version of wordpress I am afraid I cant offer any more guidance without a link to your website :/

sure. if you want to send me the link: feel free to also include login credentials so I can check the backend ;)

Hey Kriesi,

Do you mind, at some point in the future, briefly documenting all the nice hooks and filters you have been adding over time? It doesn’t have to be too thorough, just a list of what’s available and what it affects. They’re easier to find and potentially use if I know what I’m looking for.


Hey! I am planning to add a FAQ and also some knowledebase articles to to our website once we have relaunched.

Since this will take some time: For a quick search on all available filters and hooks simply use a html editor that can search whole folders and search either for avf_ (all filters start that way) or ava_ (all action hooks start that way)

Ah, good tip, thanks. I probably should have noticed that pattern.

Hello this is a pre sale question :) is this theme is an RTL ready theme ?? I mean is it easy tu make it multilingual between an RTL language and english ? Thank You and the theme is really wonderfull !! made with love it seems.

Hey! Unfortunately I haven’t found someone yet who was able to provide me with an RTL sylesheet. Its definitley possible to translate the theme but I am sure there a quite a few css rules that need to be changed. At the moment you would need to do that customization on your own

Hi Kriesi,

I realize there is a support thread for feature requests, but its much easier to make them here. We really need videos in the portfolio to open in lightbox.

Thank you,


Hey! Thats already possible. simply enter a vimeo or youube video link to the custom link field that is displayed when you edit a single portfolio entry:

Hi Kiesi,

Ahhh, I should have figured that out. Thank you so much for your incredibly quick response.


You are welcome ;)

Hi, love this theme and tried using the support forums but nothing yet! I really need to know if there a way I can have the theme boxed, but the footer area(s) full width? Is there a way or a CSS I can use?

Thanks so much!! :)

Please post a link to the forum post, couldn’t find it :)

This thread is actually younger than the post here so I am really wondering what you mean when you talk about posting to the forum and not getting a response. I answered the thread now (unfortunately I got bad news) but please keep using the forum from now on.

Hi kriesi, it is very difficult to change titles in the theme i don’t know why, I try to change title of tabs color ,i try every thing,I can change the content color and background color of tab ,but never tab title can u help in this please thanks

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum?

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

On iPAD, the “Display as Dropdown Menu” does not appear at all. Is there a fix for this?

Hey! It displays only if you have a certain amount of menu items (so many that they would overlap the logo)

If you want to activate the “mobile menu” no matter what you would need to open the file avia.js and change line 89 from

        if(first_level_items > 8 && !bottom_menu)


        if(first_level_items > 0 && !bottom_menu)

I just updated the theme and now I am seeing a large white space to the left on my maintenance page (I’m using it as a homepage for the moment).

Removing display: table-cell; from wrap_all removes it. What is this?

I also found issues with the dummy pages you added, they are all unreadable. I checked the pages, and when I removed the layerslider from them, they look normal again.

It seems to be related to Yoast SEO.

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum?

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes. Link is especially important for us to debug the issue ;)

Fantastic theme. Loving it so far. Quick question, in the contact forms is there a way to have a hidden field (or change the subject line) so that when we receive emails via the form we know what it is about? Currently I’m using the ‘coming soon’ form, and the subject line is “New Message (sent by contact form at domain)”, which is not very helpful going forward as we could have a number of forms and not know the reason as to why they were sent. Hope you can help. Thanks a lot. :D

It would be great to see something implemented in a future release. Having the ability to customize the email subject line would be beneficial. Hope you can do something. Thanks.

Would recommend to add it to this thread, to make sure it isn’t lost. Especially if other support it, chances grow that we implement it sooner than later:


OK done. Hope it’s not forgotten about – I think lots of users would find it useful, even if they don’t know it yet! :)

Hi Kreisi,

Your theme looks great, I was just wondering if you could get the header sticked when using main+submenu+large logo + social icons ? Thanks

Yes thats possible :)