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Does this come with an audio player shortcode?

Does this theme support putting videos in a lightbox?

Its got no dedicated audio player shortcode in the template builder but you can always use the new wordpress 3.6 audio shortcode :)

If you want to open a vimeo or youtube video within a lightbox: just create a link to the video file and the theme will open the lightbox automatically :)


Great theme:) I was thinking to purchase your WordPress theme for my web hosting company (domain registration and web hosting services), where I will use custom whmcs template with that. Because whmcs template require only header and footer customization of the theme so that it look exactly the same as your theme. Will it work fine with your theme?


Hey! Unfortunately I have never worked with whmcs so I really cant tell you if that would work or not :/

Sorry for that

Hi Krieisi,

I have purchased your older theme “Angular” and I have created a lot of portfolio items on a personal site I was working on, but I had to stop for lack of time. Now I would like to purchase this theme to resume updating my site. My question is, are the two themes compatible? I mean, are the custom post-types (portfolio) created on Angular recognized with this theme?

Thank you!

p.s. great theme :) really love your work !


Yes the are recognized. However the portfolio single pages will probably need re-building since Enfold handles them differently…

Hello Kriesi, 1. I would like to remove the “search function” in the top menu area. Can you please give me the code and where can i write it, in the custom css ? 2. Regarding the progress bar, i would like to delete the effect and just keep the colors, is it possible ? 3. Also, i have tried a lot of others plugins for the skills (progress bar) but there are not always compatible and responsive so can you give me one which works great ? 4. Last question :). Concerning the “Icon box”, when i put an icon with the center option, it takes the general color of the theme but when i choose an icon with the left option, this one is black and the title too. Of course, we can change the color in the theme options when using “alternate content” but the problem is that a lot of elements change so is there a solution to change only the color of the icon and to have a different color for the title ? For example a left icon with the color of the theme and the title : #696969. I hope you understand my question, i tried all the solutions with “Main content option” and with “alternate content option” but in all the cases the color change for the title, the icon and unfortunately for the text too. Thanks a lot.


1.) add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
#top #menu-item-search{display:none;}
2.) add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
#top .bar {
-webkit-animation: none;
-moz-animation: none;
-o-animation: none;
animation: none;

3.) Unfortunately not, sorry. i dont know of any progress bar plugins that are good :/

4.) add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
.iconbox.iconbox_left .iconbox_icon {
color: #999;

.iconbox.iconbox_left .iconbox_content_title {
color: #333;

this will allow you to controll the colors of the icon and the heading individually

:) Thanks.


I’m wondering about the registration form. Does it have one? Because I see a Username and Password entry, but we could do this on the main website, I want to create a data base, and it is a good start. I won’t sell anything, but I want my users to register.

By your experience, it won’t have any problems with the themes fuctions? And by your recommendation, could you guide me with you? I’m almost buying this theme.

With a good plugin that works with your theme? **

Since I havent tried any of those plugins yet I cant really recommend one but as those plugins usually only need some html and css styling I really cant imageine why they wouldnt work with the theme :)

Perfect. Thank you very much for your quick response just above. I just want to say that this theme is wonderful and the support is really great. I have bought a lot of themes built by Kriesi in the past and i have never had any problem. I highly recommend “Enfold” because it is certainly one of the best on Themeforest.

THE BEST THEME IN THEMEFOREST SO FAR !! going to purchase !!

Thanks :)

Hello, after a person purchases my software it is not available for download immediately. I love the theme but this problem is ruining the experience.

Hey! Are you talking about a shop item of yours? If so this has probably nothing to do with the theme but rather with the woocommerce shop plugin. Not sure if I can really help here.

Have you tried asking in the woocommerce support forums:




The basic child theme you guys provided would that need an update when the main theme update releases?

nope, the child theme doesn’t need an update :)

Hi there,

I am really interested in the parallax effect of your theme. If I buy it, is there very clear instructions on how to setup the layerslider to use the parallax effect?

Also I really like the layout of many of your pages on the demo site, is there a way to get code for these pages, or import them somehow, or are there very clear instructions on how to accomplish all the effects and layouts covered in the pages?



The theme has a one-click demo install button that imports most of the demo theme and its setting. As for the parallax slider: thats not the layerslider but either a dedicated fullscreen slider like the top one here:

or a section with a fixed background (down the page). both very easy to implement ;)

Ahh ok great. So how does one build the slider on the page you mentioned? Is this explained somewhere in the documentation? I don’t get how it could be made if the LayerSlider doesn’t do it? Thanks,

Hey! it uses our template builder. you can see some video here but its very intuitive. you just drag a slideshow element onto the page, add a view pictures and are good to go:


I want to purchase your theme and I want to know whether or not if I spend 55usd and I will: - Get Enfold theme that I can install for multi domain on multi host? - Get update when you have an update?

Pls reply me soon! Thanks so much!

Hey! I am actually not sure what licence would be needed in that case. I would recommend to ask themeforest support and describe to them exactly what you want to use the theme for:

Hi there.

How I can change the font size of the paragraph or the body, using the Quick CSS tool?

By the way, excellent job with the theme! :)

add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:


#top p{font-size:20px;} 

Great! And how can I do the same with the main menu?

#top .main_menu ul:first-child>li>a{ font-size:15px; }

Hi, great work so far

I have enjoyed theme quality and features

A small “complaint” would be that new features are few and come slowly, with all respect to you & your team

I would like features like masonry layouts, options import/export, more header options etc to be already available

Thx for your work & support


I am afraid with all the support requests its not that easy. also I am not someone who adds new stuff lightly. I want to improve the theme and not overload it with features. thats why the last few releases made mostly usability improvements…

I’m starting with this issue, I have imported the dummy datas and started to change the theme via ‘Avia Layout Builder’.

The issue is that there are things I would change through code, but when I view framework ‘Visual’ or ‘Text’ I get empty …

I can do it or I have to program all hand me?


Hey! if you add this to the functions.php file you can switch between avia editor and the default text tab without the content hidden:

//set builder mode to debug
add_action('avia_builder_mode', "builder_set_debug");
function builder_set_debug()
    return "debug";

No, I added these lines to the functions.php of your theme and I see the code when I give a Default Editor …

thats what you wanted, isn it?

Hello Kreisi,

we have a problem with the blog. New posts are displayed behind the older posts. We want that new posts are displayed in the top. How can we change that? Another problem with the blog: If we click on a category in the sidebar of the blog, there comes a page with a unstructured formatting. How can we change this formatting from Fullwidth in Single Author Big?


Hey Kriesi,

i have got 2 questions regarding the Theme:

1) Which SEO Plugin do you recommend using with the Theme? Currently i’m using All in one Seo, but since using the Theme or since the wordpress update my sites titles, which appear correct on the site (and entered correct in the seo plugin) are completely different then shown in google, bing and yahoo while the meta desc. appears to be correct. It seems that google etc. are picking up the menu titles instead…

2) On the previous template i used i was using Transposh to translate the site. Is it possible to use the translation widget’s flags in order to select the language next to the social media icons in the head area when using the non fixed header with social icons and add. nav? If yes, could you provide me a code for that and a guide where to place it?


1.) Very weird. It works fine for me with all in one seo. you can also try yoast seo of course, which is the only viable alternative as far as I know

2.) Unfortunately I have no idea what Transposh is or does so I cant really help here. The theme was optimized to work with the WPML multi language plugin, which we also try to support as good as we can. As for other translation plugins I am afraid you have to get in touch with the plugin developer and ask him which function to call to display the language flags in the header. All i know is that you probably either need to add this function to the header.php file directly or use one of the action hooks the theme provides for html output within the header

Hi, Purchased the theme the other day and tired to make a child theme per the tutorial. Got an error and posted in the support area.

Perhaps I posted it wrong because I have not gotten a response yet.

Please help so I can get going.

Thx, Seth

Hey! Support forum is a little busy right now so it might take a while before we respond. have you tried downloading our example child theme?

Thanks Kriesi, that worked! I did not know you had a child theme template. I’ll have to compare and see what I did wrong. Anyway, congrats on being busy as that is the result of excellent work.

Thanks, glad it worked and glad you like the theme :)

Hello…. I am having difficulty generating thumbnails for additions to the portfolio items. likewise, the webpage is also not displaying the thumbnail for new items in the portfolio grid… just the project name. LIkewise I can change the order on the images in the sample portfolio listing and the thumbnail does not update. I subsequently downloaded a WP thumbnail regenerator but it did not seem to help. Suggestions?

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site (very important) and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

I changes the image size to portrait for the portfolio image and thumbs (used plugin: Simple Image Sizes)... but had this issue even before that. Viewing the webpage of the portfolio the actual portfolio looks fine. Its the portfolio gallery that is incorrect. and the thumbs do not show in the WP editor screen called “Portfolio Items”.

Goal is to create several portrait-oriented portfolio pages.

Hi Kriesi, great theme! What tweaks could I make to the CSS in order to make the following payment form display correctly, i.e., radio buttons horizontally instead of vertically: You don’t need to figure this out completely for me, but a suggestion or two would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I am not sure what they are talking about to be honest. is this your desired layout?

If so then thats exactly the result i recieve if I add the line I wrote above.

Yes, that’s the look I need, thanks! Actually, when I added your lines to custom.css, it worked. I had previously try adding the lines only to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling, and that did not seem to work for some reason. Problem solved, thank you very much!

Great! glad it worked :)

Hi – i am translating the language to danish in your theme. But i am little confused. I took the one in the lang folder under “themes/enfold/lang The name right now is de_DE – i named the new one da_DK – but i dont know where to edit it in a file, so it works on the page?

Hey! You need to use a translation editor like to edit those files and translate them :)