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hi, Kriesi. layerslider shortcode in avia layuot builder does not apply. What is the reason?

Because the layerslider shortcode would break the layout, therefore only the template builder element works

Thank you, Kriesi.

How to create a page menu like your demo site with multiple sub-menu?

Guess you are talking about the mega menu? here is a tutorial:

[bug] Hardware acceleration in Chrome kills the background image of a color section.

Hey! Mind telling me which theme version you are using, as well as your chrome version and Operating system?

Sure! The latest theme version, Chrome 29.0.1547.65 and OSX 10.8.4

And which theme version? I fixed a related error with the last upgrade. Have you tried updating your theme to the latest version?

Is it possible to install a plugin for advertising on this theme ?

I am sure it is. depends on what you need I guess. Since I have never advertised myself I have no experience with these kind of plugins though. Sorry for that

Is there a header option that allows you to have a non-shrinking logo with a pinned nav bar?

(BTW: when viewing the live preview on Mac Firefox, the Header page is wonky)

Its quite easy to accomplish that (listed in the faq of this theme ehre: )

What do you mean by wonky? :)

Wonky = the images are over-sized, extending out of the frame and covering the header options that are listed on the right.

got it, thanks :)

Hi Kriesi

I’ve purchased your template.

I have some problems:

my page is on

1) I started a new page , and I used the name HOME. Now, in the menu I have two HOMES…why?

2) I selected “Fixed Header with social icons..”, but the initial height is too tall..what can I do?

3) I like your template!, but sorry, I don’t want your link on my page (bellow the footer)


the border line of the button touch letter S,

I am making changes on my web.

You can see a screenshot for the problem with letter S and 2 home buttons on

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

How can I make the theme update itself to your newer versions? I am stuck on v1.3 and don’t want to loose all my preferences or settings. Thanks!

hey! simply download the latest version from themeforest, delete the old theme folder, then upload the new one. your database settings and any preferences you have set in the backend wont be lost. they are not affected by this since they are stored in your database and not in your file system. You only need to make sure that if you have made changes to files (php, css etc) to backup those files and re apply the changes later on

How could I add Facebook and Twitter to my index? Some examples to see?


Hey! Are you talking about adding those buttons to your blog? or to the header? For adding something like this to your blog I would recommend to use a social plugin.

If you want to add it to the header simply go to enfold->header and select a header that supports social icons

I would like the date and the author NOT to show in the meta of archives postslides and posts

add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
.date-container.minor-meta, .blog-author.minor-meta {
display: none;

this is the easiest way to get rid of them. the other option would be to open the file includes/loop-index.php and remove the html code from the template


I’m looking to remove completely the effect displayed when hovering an image. It is not enough to set a class for each “a” tag, since sometimes there is no way to set this class (i.e. when adding simple image that is linked).

I have tried to deregister avia script and register another one when eliminating the class adding of avia fx, but it did not help. Could you advice on that? (I’m using child theme)

Many thanks in advance

Sorry, disregard, I’ve just commented some more code on avia.js and it solved.

Great ;)

This theme is too good to be true !!

I am considering using it for 80% of my projects from here on.


1) Is there way to add the “demo” color picker that you have on your demo site onto our own demo site?

This way we do not have to set up a demo site in every color.

2) Is there a way to put the Shopping Cart into “Catalog Mode”. We see other themes that can do this.

Please let us know.

1.) yes its a simple plugin. after activation it should work like my theme demo without configuration (you might need to reset the theme options once)

2.) I think thats the extension:

Ok installed. And it shows up on the front-end.

Completely understand that there is no support for this.

Just need to know…

1) will “resetting” the theme options cause us to lose any of our custom CSS or any other backend settings?

2) will adjusting any backend settings cause the plugin not to work?

3) we reset the styling by clicking on the small grey link of the switcher from the FRONT-end and also cleared our cache and nothing happened.

Any suggestions?

If not, we understand.

1.) Yes. resetting the theme options will remove all color settings, stylings etc. I am simply not sure if its necessary but it might be

2.) no, should not be a problem at all

3.) if the front end styleswitcher does not work see #1. it might be necessary to activate the plugin and then reset the theme options, since when you save the theme options without the plugin active the styling will be cached by the theme and saved to a static css file. It might be sufficient to simply change any setting and then press the save button but at this point I am not sure about it either. as I said, this is not really intended for customers…

Hello Ive purchased the theme and I’m having some problems with the footer displaying a widget in the first column. This widget appears to have come with the install of the theme and for some reason cannot be removed from the widget area of the WP back end. I cannot seem to locate how to to remove the widget from the footer. the widget basically displays links to all the created pages on the website, soI’m guessing its a menu of some kind.

Please advise

Thanks in advance

Hey! This is a default dummy widget- Simply go to your backend at appearance -> widgets and set any widgets of your choice into the footer widget areas. this will remove the dummies

I like the theme.

FYI, A friend of mine pointed out that the “Headers” page doesn’t display right in Firefox. I tried in Firefox and saw the same thing. He was using v23 and i was using v21.

Thanks, was already notified about that ;)

Oddly, version 2.0.1 of the theme works with version 1.0.4 of the magnifier plugin on WP 3.6


We upgraded from version 2.0.1 to version 2.1 of the theme on WP 3.6

Also upgraded our Zoom Magnifier plugin version 1.0.6.


After the upgrade to the THEME – and – our Zoom Magnifier, the magnifier plugin messes up the layout of the shopping cart single product page.


In short, how do we get the Zoom Magnifier plugin from…

to work with the latest version of this theme?

as always: Please open a forum thread for issues like this.

Please also make sure to add a link to your site :)

please also post the link. if its a css issue we need to see the page that you are trying to use with the plugin

Hi there,

I recently purchased Enfold and tried to register in Your support forum with the item purchase code given in my personal download section.

Unfortunenately it says “An error occured, please try again”, allthough i copy paste the code.

How to register in Your fourm now? I gotta question ;-)

Hey! Sometimes we cant connect to the themeforest verification service, have you tried it again at a later time? if it still doesnt work you can also send me a mail with verification code ;)


Works fine with Jetpack plugin ?

Thanks for reply.

Unfortunately I have no data on this…

Is it possible for me to add a membership pay access to this template using thrird party plug in called aMember?

The plugin should work fine with the theme but styling wise it might need optimization

Great theme! Very customisable and handy for any purpose!

I do have one question though: I want certain first-level menus on the header not to be clickable.

For example in the drop-down box I have About Us, Partners, Projects.

I don’t want Partners and Projects to be clickable – I want only their second-level menus to be clickable.


In that case you need to create a custom menu item with a as link only add the number symbol ’#’

Thank you!

Yo.. would be nice if there was a theme option to apoint a custom page to the 404

Interesting idea. I like it :)

I am having issues with the builder drag and drop feature… it will not work.

Any idea of what this could be?

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum?

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)