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any chance to get access to the full demo dummy data content? lots of pages missing in the one that’s in the theme…

i was especially interested in the blank page, maintenance mode, coming soon…

did you use a mega menu plugin or is it included in the framework??

what prevents me from using color: #16a085? your theme auto corrects it from #16a085 to #16a084 T_T

would also love a bit more control over the icons, size and maybe color.

Hey! A few blank page templates hsould actually be included within the theme. The Mega menu is built in, simply go to appearance->menus and activate mega menu on an item you want :)

If you need to add more fonts or have any other problems please open a thread in our support forum, my team will guide you through the process :)

As for feature requests:

Is it possible to view parallax effect on mobile site? The full image is shown when viewed on mobile, but I have checked out other themes on theme forest that are responsive and their parallax effect holds through to mobile.

try stellar.js

a quick google search of iOS parallax scrolling sites will turn up tons of code to use

Will think about/take a look at it. I am not a big fan of adding a ton of javascript for a function that should work with a few lines of code.

And even the stellar.js author writes that he wouldnt recommend to use background parallax on ios…

This is the best theme I’ve worked with so far, the Avia editor is awesome, thanks Kriesi!

Thanks, glad you like it :)

I agree with stargazer and it is easiest theme to work with on themeforest.. nice job Kriesi….

I am trying to solve one issue….Is their anyway to deliver a different image/slider on pages or home page slider for mobile devices. For example I am trying to change the home page slider to a different slider that is more square with larger text so it will look better on mobile phones.

This is unfortunately not possible, sorry :/ Its a good Idea actually, but I am not sure how I could pull that off easily. Will think about it :)

Can the shop have a categories menu on the sidebar? So you can target items better?

Of course. Sidebar is widget ready and supports all woocommerce widgets ;)

hi, white header, possible to change to another color???

Yes, you can change the color of the header right in your backend

Hi Kreisi

Superb template…. Can you tell me if the imac, phone and tablet are included with clipping paths or layer. I really like the ones you have used but can’t find them in the files. If they are not included could you tell me where they are from so I could get hold of them as PSD files. Regards Lewis

Hey! If I remember corretly I got those psd files here:


This should be BuddyPress compatible to multiply sales. If you do it, I buy.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will consider it for a future release, but at the moment I am not sure about that :)

Great theme,I really like it :)

Thanks a lot! :)

hello I have a problem of integration of youtube video with the video unit I update the latest version with vimeo, it works

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? My support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

Olá, como faço para instalar o conteudo demo no enfold wp theme?

En su base de abrir Enfold->Theme Options y haga clic en el botón de datos ficticios de importación.

Hope this makes sense. I dont speak spanish and needded to use google translate ;D

i have a question, can i make this theme for right-to-left language ? is it easy ?

Unfortunately at this point we dont support rtl language out of the box, sorry. You can do it yourself but I have no Idea how hard it is since I have never tried it myself…

A lot of PremiumWP themes/sites that I had looked at with my iphone 5 and Samsung note did not demo the site well even though they all state that their themes are RWD. Many themes load the whole site without the RWD feel including the top sellers on this site (this is not a joke). As I am looking for a RWD theme, I want to make sure that the theme looks good on both of my phone and my computer. Enfold demo it well and won me over.

thanks for nice comment :)

Where to get Fail with Russian language?

within the next 2 days :)

I’ll be waiting)

Hello, There are a lot of errors when checking in

only for my index there are 17 Errors, 18 warning(s)

if I put there are 51 Errors, 11 warning(s) !

Sorry but That’s no good and my client is not so happy with it.

You should know that wordpress itself prevents the validation from succeeding if certain elements are on your page. My site has more errors because of the styleswitcher but that doesnt really matter. the validator is a tool that helps you debug issues that prevent your site from displaying correctly on different browsers as you sure know. It should be used as a guideline and not as a fixed set of rules that you need to bend to, no matter the cost.

Since we put a lot of effort into making the site cross-browser compatible you really dont need to care about the few validation rules that do not comply. Also we would never leave serious issues like wrongly nested elements or missing tags in the code so you can tell your customer he will be fine :)

If thats not enough: this topic has been covered to death on various big blogs. you can do a quick google search and show him some articles as well to back this up ;)

thanks for prompt reply. Some others themes I bought on themeforest have lot of warnings too. But some don’t and work well. It’s difficult to explain the client about it. In his head, it’s not good work

As said, i also depends on the widgets and default wordpress elements a user displays. For example the default widgets for post categories usually already break the validation. Wouldn’t take it too serious :)

Hope you can convince your client ;) If he knows about w3 rules he probably understands the paradigm shift that the industry went trough: from “we need to follow it 100%” to “we need to take it as a guidline” :)

Another question, can not find a subscription form, or a form of feedback is the same thing?

Not sure what exactly you are searching for?

Ever since the lastest 2.1 update, I’m having trouble uploading images to my site. I will upload lets say 4 images to the site via a Gallery module put it under my category and then when I go to view it, it either shows just the first image or all the wrong images show up, but if I but a feature image in, only that image shows up and no others..

This happened after I updated the site via ftp. All the files were copied successfully via filezilla.

I’m using WordPress 3.6.1.

The website is and if you click on the first portfolio item: “digital Vector Autos” it will only show you 1 image, (which is the feature image) There should be 3 others in there. Any Ideas? I posted this in the support forum as well.

Hey! If you posted this on the support forum as well please be patient, my team will take care of you. I am currently fixing other issues and they will get me to assist in your case if its necessary :)

I did and it’s been 13hrs and no response.

Hey! I am sorry but forums are quite busy. We try to answer to each request within a day ;)

Is there anyway to have the homepage full width and the rest of the pages boxed?

Hey! Set your layou to boxed in the admin panel, then add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:

html.html_boxed #top.home {
width: 100%;

.home.boxed .container{
margin:0 auto;

This should overwrite the boxed mode only for the homepage and stretch it

It kind of worked but the top menu didn’t adjust correctly. It wouldn’t expand the full width for the home page. It was fine for the boxed layout. Thought?

see what you mean. please also add this:

html.html_boxed #top.home #header {
width: 100%;

Hi Kriesi,

Great theme! Thanks!

I am having an issue however. The one limitation I’ve encountered is with the main navigation system. When using anything beyond a 2nd level navigation such as defining sub-sub menu item, there is no indicator to let the user know that a sub-sub menu item exists? Typically it’s a good idea to include an arrow or some other indicator to let the user know that additional menu items exists under a sub-menu item.

Is there any way to support this or at the very least point me in the right direction so that I can edit the CSS myself to add this?


Not a bad idea. Mind posting this in our feature suggestion thread so we can keep track of it?

I’ve added this as a feature request. Guess I’ll have to add it on my own for now.


Getting this upon install. Any help?

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Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)