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Hi – is it possible to put 8-9 elements on a row instead of only 5?

I need a row with logos with individual links – thats why i ask, so with only 5 they get a little to big.



Do you know which files you have edited? then you could simply create a new child theme, put these files into the child theme and make sure they get loaded…

No actually not, dont remember… hmm – i changes lots of different files… both in WooCommerce and enfold. So what can i change to get the partner/logo, because thats what i just need for now… Or is there a easy way to see what i did change? :D

Shortcodes.css and the config-templatebuilder folder would be the minimum requirement I think :)

Is it worth the price?

Ratings and customer feedback certainly suggest so :D

Also see answer of rsldesigns :)

@Rudeo98 – Yes. I can tell you that this is one of the most ‘packed’ themes I have purchased. I’ve just installed the update and it all went through without any issues. And the support is excellent.

Thanks Kriesi – the client is very happy.

Thanks a lot for the nice testimonial :)

Hi Kriesi!

2 simple Questions :)

1. Please help me out:

the code from Josue dont work – the logo went on top of the header…

2. In my source Code – the Doctype starts at row 2. I deleted the empty line in header php between the closing of the first php function and the start of the doctype. This solves the Problem – i hope there is nothing wrong with my change?

3. @Rudeo98 above – YES!!!! ABSOLUTLEY

Thank you so much for this great theme again – keep it up!

answered to 1 in the forum, no problem with #2 and thanks for #3:D

how do i set up a website with different languages? should I buy WPML or the template contains everything already? I should buy anything else?


Hey! If you want to show multiple websites at once you will need a plugin like WPML. The theme is optimized for WPML but does not contain a copy of it. Other than that you dont need anything :)

As can be posible remove the URL route from the Frontpage, normal pages and blog entries?


Hey! I am not sure what you mean. mind to elaborate?

Hi i just purchased this theme – i hjave installed it and installed dummy content also but i just want to show only the landing page, how do i do this?

Hey! Guess you want to run some kind of maintenance mode? The theme only supports creating of those pages. If you really need a way of redirecting all pages to the landing page I would recommend to install a maintenance mode plugin :)

Hi, I want to add a contact form to a footer in the widget, is that possible? I don’t see a shortcode for it anywhere in the docs..thanks


Hey! Simply open a new post, in the text editor click the small magic wand icon and insert a contact form. the theme will generate a shortcode that you can then copy and paste

can I also remove the Dummy content button so my client does not press it?

in file includes/admin/register-admin-options.php you can remove the first avia_elements array to get rid of the button :)

Sorry I did not bunch these questions but they come up at different periods. Int he Layer Slider you have an option to “Import sample sliders” and it pulls in 2 new default Sliders. How can I delete that? I don’t want my client pulling in those and they have asked about it.

Hey! you would need to open the file enfold/config-layerslider/Layerslider/list.php and remove the link in line 24

Wunderschönes Theme ! Frage: Auf meinem Ipad kann ich die Seite nicht vergrössern bzw. reinzoomen. Kann man das freischalten ? Vielen Dank und liebe Grüsse

ja, allerdings nur mit einer kleinen modifkation im header.php file. du müsstest zeile 45 rauslöschen:

if( strpos($responsive, 'responsive') !== false ) echo '<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1">';


Back once again..

It would be nice if I could choose not to display the standard widgets.. at the moment I have to put an empty textwidget in it to keep it empty :P

btw.. I love the sidebar navigation.. looks realy nice :)

Why I cant choose the font-sizes on admin theme panel??? :(

Since its probably the easist css customization there is ;D add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:

The reason we dont include it by default is that people always want to change the size of different areas so we need to provide the css modification anyways

Hi Kriesi,

Is it possible to have a blog view consistent of only snippet text? And when people click on the post, then it will take them to actual post where they can see all the content of that post “images, videos…etc”

Could you please help

Hey! I am actually not sure what you want to accomplish. Do you have a link of any site that does what you want to do?

any chance we could choose which column is rendered first?

normally there’s

column: 1 IMAGE


this displays fine on a mobile device as




but making it


column: 2 IMAGE

to make a bit of layout variation, makes it




I would like it to become




even if I choose the image column to come after the text column.

is that possible? would be great with a ui button or dropdown to select which column goes first on mobile devices.

and lastly, would love css3, html5 icons added to the icon chooser…

(i will make an account on your support forum)

congrats on more than 10K sales :)

Thank :)

I tried to install but I get the message:

” Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.”

over nad over again. What should I do?

I have tried to install from ftp also but didn’t work, I cannot transfer the Enfold file, it gives me errors. Still, the structure of file in the video, is not the same as the structure of the files I have downloaded from themeforest. The are more Enfold files, one insode the other…

Hey! if you have downloaded the “whole theme package” you need to unzip the package frst and then upload the folder that is named only “enfold” to your wordpress backend

Hello i got a litlle problem…

I got this setting:

But the only thing i want is that the left area is empty, so that the content stay right, and the rest goes up…

You can see what i want here:

Does it make sense?

Would guess these are simple multiple text elements with image + content

But i want it to take it from the blog, automaticly…

Currently there is no element that looks like this by default but we are working on a few magazine type extra elements that might suit your needs. should arrive within the next few versions :)

Does the theme work well with the new version of Wordpress 3.6.1?


I am having issues with custom widget area sidebars. When I put html code into a sidebar I’ve created and click save, nothing appears on the page that I’ve set it should be on. When I return to the Widgets, the custom widget area is blank and no longer includes the text widget with the code I included. Looks to be a bug? How can we correct this? I lost all of my previous custom built sidebars as well.

Hey! Never encountered this before. Are you sure that the html you placed in there was valid html without any unclosed tags? thats pretty much the only reasons I could think off. In any way, mind opening a forum thread and posting us the html content you triet to add so we can try to reproduce the issue?