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I have used Easy Slider for Portfolio Item & set the Image Size for ‘No Scaling’. But still the images scale a bit & it gets blurred. URL here –

Thanks Praveen R

Have you tried, instead of using double quotes to use single quotes? Its a little weird since it doesnt happen at all on my installation. Might be smart to open a thread in our support forum at if changing the quotes does not help :)

I have no reports yet about 3.7 and it seems to work fine on my end but will do a few more tests over the weekend :)

Single quote fixed the issue. Thanks a lot.

Great :)

Is this version 2.3 ?

Or is it version 2.3.1 ?

I am interested in buying your theme. Do you have page samples built with your short codes e.g. landing page that I can copy to make it easier for me to set up a page.

hey! The theme comes with a demo content importer that lets you setup a theme demo very similar to our own site wit a single click ;)

I purchased a regular licence – this theme rocks! Kriesi is crazy good and I love the versatility and the attention to detail in the styling.

My only problem is that I can’t get the submenu of the megamenu to go 100% width like it does in your demo. Goes only 50% and pushes all other menus to the second row. Heartbreak…and clueless.

Have posted in the forum for help but still waiting…

Awesome theme nonetheless. Worth every cent and then some. Thank you for the great work and not charging an arm and a leg.


Very nice theme I want to know if you will support the RTL language soon.


Yes it will. But there is no eta yet

Hi Does your theme offer a blocked layout? Or is it only wide? Thanks

Blocked is also available. simply use the styleswitcher to the right and select one of the boxed layouts ;)


How would I add a second logo up in the header where they stack on top of one another on mobile. Is this possible?

Thanks! You’re theme is the best!


Something like this should work:

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    a.rps {
    position: absolute;
    top: 0;

I had to play with the alignment but that worked like a charm. Thank you for the help!

you are welcome :)

Can I easily create a grid layout landing page with with different size boxes and arrangements to break up the grid pattern? I see that your Portfolio page is very uniform. I would like great flexibility in creating box sizes.

I would also like to eliminate some of the text in the boxes and add some hover and tooltip effects and navigation. Is all this easily doable?

Also, I am not quite sure what the Avia Framework is all about. Can you provide a link to a description?

Thank you

I like the theme and the security of using themes from your company…any solid estimate on the date of the update allowing different sized boxes

Hm, probably a week or so :)

Nice…I’m in. I hope you will allow smaller thumbnail sized boxes which will permit hover effects with tooltips and links, even if arranged within an existing column size. Or allow flexible dimensioning altogether. Thank you.

Any way to make the Submit Button smaller on the Contact Form? Under the Contact Form Shortcodes, I’m not seeing the button size option. Let me know. Thanks.

Ignore the second part of my question, I Googled it and found out how to update the Parent Theme, Thanks.

No Password Protect Page option? I really need that. Let me know. Thanks.

Hey! The theme supports the default password protect option of wordpress. if for whatever reason thats not working for you please let us know in our support forum with a link to your installation:

This page shows an “Last update” with todays date. Is that right ? I did not get an email. -Thanks

No reply? OK. Let me try again. Why did you stop sending email notification when there is an update? I was not notitied of the last two updates.

Hey! Sorry for the late reply, i am usually away on weekends. I have received a few complaints in the beginning that people consider those frequent notifications spam so I currently only send mails when we add any major features. But if you have activated automtic updates in enfold->updates you will be notified nevertheless in your wordpress dashboard :)

Thanks for the reply.

This theme is absolutely amazing.

I was wondering if it would ever be possible to have a “like” feature for portfolio items. Users won’t have to sign in or anything to “like” something. It would just keep a running tally of how many likes there are…

Something similar to what Behance does.

Thanks!!! -Jonny

Hm, probably not but if you request it in our feature request thread and other users like your idea we might add the feature in the future:

Hi there – under Enfold Child > Theme Options > Import Dummy Content: Posts, Pages, Categories.

If I do this, will any of the pages and menu structures I’ve already created be effected?

How many pages and posts exactly does it import?

Many thanks, David

Hey! No current entries will not be affected but the enfold settings will be set to match the demo installation. It imports pretty much the whole demo installation :)

Hello!! Fantastic theme!!

Is there any way to make Category+Tag filtering in the portfolio?

Thank you and have a nice day! :-)

Hey! Currently not possible sorry. The next update will add a fullwidth masonry element with more flexibility and the ability to filter by tags

Please do not cut and paste a request for us to register for support in your forum after reading the message below. You did that on the last message I posted when I was informing you of some IE-8 rendering issues related to your javascript files. Letting you know about a Javascript error is not a support request. It’s politely informing you of errors in your Javascript file, the line numbers and sharing information with you. The error is completely unrelated to us authoring or coding your site with HTML, CSS, or any other code.

We are competent website developers. Not beginners. We rarely send developers down an empty rabbit hole. If we tell you something is happening, there’s a 99.9% chance it’s not due to our actions because we thoroughly investigate what we’re doing before we ever type a developer an email. There are developers online that have given us free licenses to software because of this diligent and thorough approach.

So, my question below is not asking support. It’s asking for the files we bought to be available with the new bug updates that are identified in your Changlog.

Q1. How can we get the new updated version files zipped up to manually update on a localhost test site running on xxamp?

The automatic update spins forever. I knew it wouldn’t work when I tried. It’s probably a permissions issue for extracting, or writing locally. Something we don’t want to dive into just to update your files. It is far easier for us to just update it manually. Please let us know how we can get the most current version according to the changelog which is vers 2.3.2 A manual download from Envato still gives us the older vers 2.3

Q2. Are you forcing customers to use automatic updates only?

Yes we have an API key registered and all the technical mumbo jumbo is in order. We loathe updating any software automatically because it can be plagued with issues with most developers. It can overwrite many hours of work here and lead to headaches that we have to sort out on our own. Any seasoned programmer knows this. Beyond Compare is your friend. ;-) (And yes we are using a Child Theme)

And finally, there are numerous issues with the template. Not major huge issues, but issues nevertheless. Remember, I do not want to register for a forum to help you develop your software and report issues, so I will share one of the easiest ones. You have some missing Javascript files that probably fire the “add new” button. The button is a dead soldier and here’s the code with the href click action firing #.

<a class="ls-icon-tr-add ls-tr-builder-add-tr 3d" href="#">Add new</a>

And here’s a PHP warning:

Warning: file_get_contents(E:\00000xamp\xampp\htdocs\enfoldtest\wp-content\themes\enfold\config-layerslider\LayerSlider/sampleslider/sample_transitions.js) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in E:\00000xamp\xampp\htdocs\enfoldtest\wp-content\themes\enfold\config-layerslider\LayerSlider\builder.php on line 14

We investigated whether the zip file is corrupt. It’s not.

It’s been downloaded twice and we did a test install on a domain name to see if it needed to be installed on an online server. That site has been deleted and we don’t have a link to show you. The scripts are simply AWOL.

Please do not ask me to sign up to your forum. I have pages of passwords and usernames to many forums and don’t need another one until I am actually asking you specific questions because we are stumped here and have made coding errors, or can’t figure out how to code something. Missing files is entirely different.

Everything I’m describing here is related to your files and template and keeping it running with bug updates. Thanks!

Again, you have a great template overall, you just need to tidy up some loose ends.

q1: you can simply download the latest theme files here:

If you download all files and documentation and extract that folder you will find a version file which shows the changed files

Q2. No, not at all. You can simply overwrite the existing theme folder with the one downloaded from above via ftp

As for the issues:

I wont copy and paste it but send you to the support forum nevertheless. There is a good reason I send users with problems to the forums, the main reason is the simple fact that I can keep track of problems. Something I can’t do here.

Another reason is that I simply cant handle bug reports and requests alone. I need the Team to filter trough easy to solve request/questions so I can do the heavy lifting that takes a lot of time.

Hi, i can’t register with my purchase Code at .

I also send an Email on 08.10.2013 to you, but no response.


Sorry, I putt the wrong code.

Kriesi, 5 stars to you and your team! Quick question for the grid layout on the archive or category pages it seems to default to 3 columns. Is there a way to edit the loop template to make it render 4 columns?

open the index.php file of your theme folder and in line 39 change the number of the columns attribute:

'columns'=> 3,

to 4.

do the same in archive.php in line 33

Thank you! Will try that. I have learned alot reading your help forum and realize now should have asked this question there

Hi, after updating the theme last night the icons won’t show on the mobile version. These are the installed icons you provide in the theme. They show on desktop but not on mobile. They were showing up just fine before the latest update. They are all gone… any idea how to fix?

There is something wrong with the latest update. Now my site takes longer to load.

Sorry for all the comments. I was able to clear the cache and history in my mobile browser and that seemed to work. The icons showed up eventually on the desktop version as well. It still seems to be loading a bit slower than before – maybe that’s just me.

Otherwise, no need to address these comments – thanks!

Hey! Sorry for the late reply. Loading time should be the same for the new version. But you can always try to use a plugin like wp superchace to speed up loading times ;)

glad you solved the other problems ;)

Hey Kriesi,

I haven’t had a response to my support topic in 4 days, could you check into it?:

I’ve been having the same persisting issues with the theme in IE8 for months and have been unable to launch my site due to my large user-base of IE8 users. Hopefully we can get the issues sorted out soon.

Thanks, Tom

I wish it was possible to have icons in color, it looks kind of monotone without colors (icon-list)

Hey! You can of course always change the icon colors by editing the css. an easy example would be:

add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
#top .iconlist_icon {
background: #490;
border-color: #480;