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With all the 5-star reviews of the Enfold theme, I really wanted to like this theme. But, I can’t possibly give it a 5-star rating or say good things about it considering my experiences during the 1st 24-hrs of attempting to use it effectively.

First I’ll start by saying, my company has built over 15,000 wordpress blogs. I personally have probably built several hundred with my own hands.

I’ve never ran into more problems from a single theme than I have with the Enfold theme, *sigh.

I understand that shortcodes are intended to make people’s lives easier. And, normally, that’s true.

But, after adding multiple shortcodes to a single page, things have taken a dark turn for the worse.

Now, everytime I add another shortcode, it removes ALL the past shortcodes and all the past work I’ve done on a page. Many times, multiple shortcodes are getting deleted and replaced by adding anything new to the page.

I mean, all the built-in shortcodes sound great in theory but two MAJOR problems with this…

1. They’re Confusing: There are way too many shortcodes represented just by a word in a menu (accordian, testimonial, post slider, etc)... what do these really do?

Yes, I understand shortcodes. But, I mean, there are so many of them that the consolidated little menu is confusing and takes a lot of calculation and imagination in my head as to what each one probably actually does…

2. The Advanced editor: All I can say is, HORRIBLE. Just remove it. It doesn’t work. Why change the whole way WP works? Enfold has taken something that was once super simple and turned it into a confusing mess.

I will say that it does address problem #1 to some degree though by having icons that hint at what each shortcode is (graphically), so you don’t have to guess as much. This does speed up your choices and things are laid out pretty well.

The problem is, when you save your work, it overwrites all the pre-existing shortcodes on your page and you lose all your work, making it clunky and ineffective and very frustrating when you’re trying to be fast and efficient at building your site.

My suggestion: Look at something like Optimize Press and see how they do it… they are not intended to be the same sort of product as that one is more for landing page creation but that’s not the point. The point is, they have many shortcodes too and what they do is just have a popup with many radio dials each next to a picture of what each shortcode result will look like.

Bulkier, yes, (the popup window has a lot of content in it) but WAY more user friendly and I don’t walk away feeling like the developer tried way too hard to pack way too much stuff into way too small of a space. You have a lot of features. Face it. It’s fine. Great, even.

But, as a developer your challenge is not just to add as many features as humanly possible as if that’s what makes a theme or a product great.

It’s to add necessary features 1st, make sure they’re great, then add additional features IF NEEDED always making sure each feature works perfectly before adding any other features.

This is where Enfold FAILS BIG in my book.

The author spent so much time adding so many features that they failed to spend the time making sure that all the features actually work well.

The end result?

Horrible working experience.

I REALLY appreciate the effort… by far one of the most elaborate and pro themes on ThemeForest, so I can see why there’s a lot of interest but, when it comes down to actually getting any work done, BE CAREFUL. With all the great shortcodes, this theme could just be posing as a dream come true… but in reality, might quickly turn into a nightmare. :crying:

Hey! I am actually not really sure if you are using the theme correctly. The template builder is the one thing that people love so much that the come back to the theme time and time again and rate it 5 stars.

I am not exactly sure why you would use the shortcode editor when you can simply use the much friendlier drag and drop interface? The shortcode editor is something of a quick and dirty editor in case you want to add the odd shortcode to a page. In any other case I would recommend to use the template builder.

But shortcodes removing other shortodes sounds definitely like a bug (one I havent run into yet) and if you create a thread in our support forum and tell us how to reproduce the issue we will gladly investigate it:

Thanks for your feedback ;)

Small addition: I was curious about the “shortcode removing all shortcodes” problem and was able to reproduce and fix it (will be available with the next update), so thanks for pointing that out.

It seems that this is an existing issue since version 1 of the theme but since almost no one ever uses the shortcode editor no one encountered/reported the problem :)

Since you already have used the layout editor would you mind describing why you think it is clunky and slow? As stated above most people absolutley love it, but maybe you are using it different or I have overlooked some use-cases that make it hard to use for you. I would be glad for additional feedback so I can further improve the editor :)

On small resolutions (- 1000px) the menu goes over the logo. Is it possible to get the mobile menu then already?

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site so we can take a look at your problem and provide you some options ;)


I’ve purchased this theme, and other themes by you guys and they are great.

One issue (that may not be an issue). I’ve noticed that when I perform a control + F in the (view source), I see that it appears that it doesn’t handle <h1>titles</h1> very well.

My current theme shows the h1’s in a very obvious manner in the (view source):

However, when I use an SEO tool to hunt for on-page SEO errors, they seem to show up well. Is this normal behavior for this theme? See here:

Thanks, Josh

Good to know about the theme update!

About the H1 and titles, here’s how our current theme handles it:

It basically wraps the titles like this: <h1 class="post-title" />.

This is the best practice for SEO page/post titles.

are you talking about the class “post-title”? the classname has no meaning to google as far as I know. there are a few classnames that are used for google plus, like entry-title and we added those to one of the SEO updates, but other than that I still have no idea what we are talking about here :P


No worries. The theme appears to be showing the right meta data when testing it in this free tool:

It shows me that the post title is coming back as an H1. :)

There is another issue that is causing the title to be entered in twice. I’ll update and let you know if it fixes it.

Thanks, Josh


When I have only 2 or 3 portfolio items, How can I align ‘Portfolio Grid’ to the center?

When I am filtering the portfolio I DONT want it to be in the center (its ok that its in the left). However, when I am choosing no filter in a portfolio that has 2 or 3 items, I want them to be in the center and not in the left.

Can you assist? Thanks!

hey! Actually I am not totally sure what you mean. Mind sending me a link to your site and maybe a roughly modified screenshot or a url to a page that does it in a way that you like?

Yes, can you send me your email address?

office – at – kriesi – dot – at

I just bought this theme, installed it, imported dummy data. It looks nothing like the demo!! I am new to wordpress, can I ask how to make it look like the demo?

the site is at:

Hey! Looks fine to me already? Please mind that I cant provide the images used in the demo for copyright reasons…

Your theme looks really nice and professional. I’m thinking of buying it.

1. I’d be interested to know what is the maximum number of “tabs” supported (in the menu)? For example, right now, you have 7 by default (Home, Sliders, Portfolio…Features). Is there a maximum limit?

2. Does this theme support the implementation of a forum? BuddyPress, bbPress? If yes, is it possible to migrate an already existing phpbb forum to this one?


1.) The limit is only defined by the available space :)

2.) It supports bbpress. As far as I can remember wordpress supports importing other forums. i would simply try to install the standalone version of bbress and try to migrate before purchasing the theme, since its actually not a theme feature.

here is what I found with a quick google search on the topic:

Can I have a refund, this theme is a nightmare to work with. I can’t get anything to work :(

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum with an explanation of whats not working? we will gladly try to fix any problems you are having!


On which file can I hide the “Reset all options” button? I want to hide it since I accidentally hit it once


in enfold/framework/php/class-htmlhelper.php.

simply delete the

return $output;

in line 1271 in function reset_button


I would like (for example) to push a button and add or remove a portfolio category from the Portfolio Grid element.

I am not speaking about filtering among the already defined portfolio categories, but directly change them when a button is pressed on the interface.

Just for making clear my final purpose: What I really want is being able to search through multiple portfolio categories, tags and custom fields in my portfolio and present then in a portfolio grid.

I have seen various taxonomy plugins but they speak about posts..

Which is the best way to achieve it? Anybody have a clue about this?

by grouping you mean what exactly? mind to elaborate? :)

they are spaned right now. if the portfolio categories are say CatA, CatB y CatC, you have: “All / CatA / CatB / CatC”. I mean if this could change to a combobox. The story is that if there are many categories or large names, it is a bit less functional

hm, certainly an interesting idea. its not possible yet but its something that I will think about. wasnt requested yet but might be a nice addition to the portfolio element…

You can of course do this modification yourself if you are familiar with CSS in case you need it fast and for sure :)

Is there a trick to ‘justify’ al the text on the pages ?

Hey! Do you want to justify all text on all pages or only the main content of posts?

as for the sidebar: add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
#top .sidebar_left.sidebar{text-align: left;}

al text on pages

#top {text-align: center;}
should do the trick

Hi Kriesi,

I already bought a few copies of this theme, and I still love it. But now I would really love to have the video playing directly in ajax portfolio… I know many people requested that function already. Will you add it in a near future? Thanks

Yes this will be added. But unfortunately I got no ETA for this feature…

Hello, this looks like a great layout to work with. My pre-sale question has to do with video. Can it play video like this? We have a video like this that we want to use that’s in the same format as this example. Will that format work with the Layer Slider? If it won’t work with the Layer Slider, how would we need to add the code?

Hey! I have never tried something like this with layerslider but I dont think that its really possible curerntly. i am working on an update to add more video options so with one of the next releases this should be possible, but I cant give any ETA on when that feature will be ready, sorry…

Hi. I think after the last update the arrow that appears when you scroll down and allows you to go to the top, disappeared. I can see the square that contains the arrow, but not the arrow.

May I have missed a file or something? I just replaced the whole thing.


Hey! Might be your browser cache? you might want to try and delete your browser cache and reload the site then. if that doesnt work feel free to open up a thread in our support forum:


I need to transfer the site I’ve built with this theme from a test server environment to my live server but when I do it doesn’t properly transfer over the alterations or content I’ve made.

I can’t see a backup options section in the theme admin area. Can you advise on the correct way to transfer this theme please?



Hey! I would recommend to use a plugin like this to migrate to a live server:



I want to have the same link connected to both my text (h2) and my image, but how is this possible with the layout builder? I want the hoover-effect to be displayed both on the text and the image when the mouse is over one of the elements. Is this only possible with the default and original builder?

Pls help, thank u!

When I write like this:

Saccq-tillbehör för surfplatta

SaccQ för surfplattor

Wordpress changes the position of to this:

Saccq-tillbehör för surfplatta

SaccQ för surfplattor

So I cant get it to work?

Haha…well, maybe it wasnt my best idea to write code, but I think you will understand anyways!

actually I have no idea about the outcome. you can paste both examples here:

Hi, I was wondering what size the images for the slider need to be? I’m not sure if my images are wide enough to work with this theme.

The theme will work with almost any width but If you want to use the fullwidth slider and have no loss of quality I usually recommend images of about 1300-1500px in width.

less works as well but might look a little blurry for users who are using very big screens

Can the images in a slider be linkable when viewed on a desktop? I notice the cursor turns into a hand even when viewed on Firefox on my laptop. Seems to be a big limitation.

Let me know if can be easily commented out, or if a method for making elements of slider linkable

Yes, images in the slider can be easily linked, no need for any modifications

Where do I edit the footer Column two? I looked under widgets, but the “Footer Column 2” is blank when opened. I uplaoded the demo data and it lists EVERY page, even if I edit in Menu area.

hey! this is a default dummy widget. simply place any widget in the footer column 2 to removed the default one ;)

Yeah, figured that out ;) Cheers.

Sweet Lord Jesus – one of the buggiest themes EVER. The drag and drop short code situation is a mess. If you start in drag and drop mode – you better stay that way and don’t dare returning to the default editor. What a mess.

Hey! mind opening a thread in our support forum and telling us what exactly the problem is? As you can see from other ratings and comments its working very well for most users but we are very eager to find and fix any issues you might be having.