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Hi Kriesi. Any ETA yet on the next update? I have a site that’s been ready to go, but really looking forward to the Load More feature to solve my portfolio pagination issues. :) Thanks!

Although I hope to be ready early next week I cant really tell right now if everything will be in place by then. This is the best estimation I can offer :)

I need to use a shortcode from inside a textblock of the website home but it seems the theme ignore the shortcode.

Is there an alternative to textblock in this case?

Just for you guys to know I am trying to use Ditty Posts to show posts in a more manageable way (in terms of CSS and conditional control).

How should I proceed in this case?

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and to the page that is using the shortcode so we can take a look at it ourselves

My bad. It works fine. I was using a wrong taxonomy to filter posts.



ps: I posted another question on the support site.

Hi, Pre-purchase question. Does this theme support menu descriptions?

Oh… another question. Can the parallax effect be applied on any page?

Hey! it doesnt support menu descriptions but the parallax effect can be applied to each page

Is it possible for you to tell me how you achieve the FB / Twitter Splitter you have on your website?

Hey! Its a heavily customized extra shortcode element I have written based on this code snippet:

Hi kriesi,

A few questions…

1. Can we adjust the height of the main pic 2. How customizable is the theme? Full control panel? 3. Can certain features be turned off?


1.) yes.

2. +3.) these questions are very generic. the theme is very customizable in terms of layout and you can turn certain features off. I guess you have specific questions in mind since those answers probably wont help that much. if so let me know ;)

Thanks for the reply!

Is there a way to have the parallax effect on the background image sections on the One Page Portfolio example, same as in the header? The fixed background images look nice but it would be great if they would scroll up a little bit.

Thanks in advance!

currently not. Its one of the features that are on the top of my todo list so stay tuned for more parallax action ;)

how to set boxed layout?

you can set it in enfold->styling

First of all, just wanted to say that I love the theme. My only complaint thus far has been has the facebook plugin integrates with the theme on a mobile device. Currently, when viewing a blog post on my Galaxy S4, the facebook comments section appears right beside the featured image and the post title, instead of at the end where it should be. I have changed the length up of the comments box from within the plugin to various settings, but nothing has worked. Have others had this issue? Here is a post to view on a mobile device for reference.
Can see it. Its a long shot but add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
#top .fb_iframe_widget{

Maybe it helps

No luck. Have any other suggestions?

Unfortunately not. without a galaxy device for testing I am afraid I cant help a lot on this particular issue. have you tried asking the plugin author for support? he probably knows the pitfalls of facebook html better than I do…

Great theme! Any updates on when you plan to release the awesome Avia layout editor as a standalone plugin?


I pushed back those plans, since updating the theme currently eats all my time. Can’t really tell when it will happen, sorry…

One more question: I want to use another google webfont (beside what comes with the theme). where do I upload the fonts? and on which css styleshit I should call the font-face? Thanks!


You need to add a filter function to your functions.php (or better: your child themes function.php) file:

# add google fonts

function kriesi_add_fonts($fonts)
    $fonts['Oxygen'] = 'Oxygen:400,300,700';
    $fonts['Open Sans Enhanced'] = 'Open Sans:300,400,600';
    return $fonts;

This will add additional fonts to the font selector in your theme backend.

First comes the name of the font, which is followed by the different font weights

No need to upload or call the font file within the css, the theme takes care of that if the font is included properly ;)

Couldn’t find my previous post regarding Bugs I’ve encountered so figured I’d just post another one as a follow up… Easiest to just post a link to a screencast so you can see for yourself the problems I think numerous users are seeing, I’m sure, especially switching between editors….

Hey! Thanks for the effort!

Here are a few tips that might help:

1.) Adding whitespace: use the horizontal ruler element, set it to whitespace and select how much whitespace you want to add. I will update the hover description to state that the element also allows to add whitespace for future users encountering the problem :)

2.) The issue with the editor not updating is new and I have never seen that before (and I have seen a lot of Enfold installations by now ;D ). Looks like it could be an incompatibility issue with a plugin but I can’t tell for sure. If you want us to investigate the issue feel free to open a support thread at:

3.) Advanced editing: As you have noticed we hide the shortcode content from users in the default editor so they can’t by default manually edit the shortcode generated with the template builder and mess things up. You can add this small snippet to your functions.php file to change that:

//set builder mode to debug
add_action('avia_builder_mode', "kriesi_set_debug");
function kriesi_set_debug()
    return "debug";

This will enable you to edit the content directly, however I really can’t recommend doing that since the rendering in the frontend is different based on how the post was saved. if a post was saved as default post page.php template is used. If its saved with the builder active the template-builder.php file is used.


Hi – great looking theme! Just general question re shortcodes, and using additional plugin shortcodes. Do all features work with html & shortcodes. For example, can we use the advanced layout builder and put html elements inside, or plugin shortcodes. More specifically, is it possible to create a Parallax page and insert shortcodes from additional plugins, such as revolutions slider….? Many thanks!

Hey Kriesi. Impressive line up of new updates for 2.4. Nice work. Any rough estimate on 2.5 scheduled release re parallax update. To recap, interested in parallax slider functionality that allows the text/html elements to parallax over the bg slider image. Cheers!

Hm, guess it will take about a week or two until 2.5 is ready. Planning to add a lot of new stuff for one page portfolios and parallax websites :)

Nice one – yeah, there’s been some nice developments in that area recently. Hope goes well & looks forward to seeing results. Thanks.

I yout buy the theme ENFOLF I am new, please a need step by step instalation, can you give my the links to the videos or help even I dont find my licence numer in the files that I dowlend. Thanks


You can install all the demo content in your backend at enfold->theme options->import dummy data.

We also got a lot of tutorials on how to work with the theme here:

Hi there Kriesi,

Does the theme support languages like Hebrew, where the writing is from right-to-left ?


Hey! Thats on my todolist but currently there is no RTL stylesheet, sorry…

Thanks for the quick reply…Will the RTL stylesheet be on one of the future updates of Enfold?

Hi Kreisi, I met a pretty incredible problem for updating the theme on display on the bottom of the homepage. There are 6 thumbnails that appear in a non-aligned and justified only in Firefox! Indeed it works correctly in Chrome, Safari, Opera (Internet Explorer, I do not sias), except in Firefox, whereas before it worked … I try removing all plugins, in case, again the page, nothing happens! I give you the link to the homepage for you to see for yourself: Thank you for your help. Eric

First of all: WOW. Really nice customization, absolutely love it :)

Second: This is a known bug that will be fixed with the next update. If you want to you can add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling to fix it right now:
#top .hr-invisible, .hr-invisible .hr-inner{float:none;}

Hi Krieisi, thank you for your very very quick response. I inserted your CSS code and it work. Great ! ;) Glad to know you appreciate the customization that has been done. But customization is nice, because you did a great job on this theme. ;)

Hi! Does buying this theme include the plugins: wpml; and gravity form ?

Thanks! Looks great and really what I need, would be perfect if plugins included.

Hey! Unfortunately not, those plugin authors do not allow the distribution of the plugins with the theme.

As an additional notice: you will need gravityforms only for very complex forms. the theme comes with a simply form builder that allows you to build something like this out of the box:

Hi Kriesi !

Plzz add in next theme version funcions :

1. add pagination variant ”<<<prev – next>>>” .

2. add in page builder function “background image(full screen)” + in “enfold theme options-> styles” add color variant “transparent” .

Thanks for best theme + support :)

Hi there, love the theme, how can i make the blog posts only summaries and not the whole post?


Here is a short tutorial on how to split entries up with the read more tag:


Hi Kriesi, still deciding theme. Can we use flickr images as a portfolio element? I mean without having to upload pics to the media gallery. Thx

Hey! Unfortunately thats not possible, sorry :/

Thanks for the last help.

Another 2 questions

Where can i adjust the width (size) of the website ? Where can i set the size of the fonts ?

hey! you can change the size of the website in your wordrpress backend at enfold->general settings (responsive layout or responsive layout wide) any other widths would require extensive modifications to the grid system in grid.css and are not recommended.

font size: add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling: