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I have a couple of your other themes. On this one, are page headers able to have parallax effects? Your demo shows parallax on the One Page Portfolio option, but I’m wondering if that’s a setting that can be applied as I wish.

Thank you.


Hey! The parallax slider at the top can be added to any page as well as the sections with fixed background images that appear further done the page. These elements are part of the template builder ;)

Hello- Great theme, but I can’t get the instant search icon to show up in the menu. I’ve seen comments that the search can be disabled, but I can’t find that switch to toggle to “enable” anywhere.

Please help.

Hey! Are you running the latest version of the theme? if so and there is no option to display it in enfold->headers than please open up a support thread in our forum at

Hi – No, we are one revision back. Our developer said:

“Please note that I updated the theme but I found some bugs:

Screenshot-1: the logo is shaded and the vertical column line is getting partially gray when rolling over in/out the main content (it is supposed to be gray all the time.) Screenshot-2: the header is not compatible with IE browser.

Therefore, i am reverting it to the old one.” Thoughts?

Hey! I just uploaded the next version of the theme. once its available I would recommend to upload it and if anything doesnt work please open up a thread in our support forum. It should display that option in your backend.

Hi Team ,

I am planning to purchase this theme .Please let us know can we customize this theme as Solostreams Wp-Clear theme?

Hey! I am not sure what exactly you are talking about. if you want it to look like wp-clear: no thats not really possible, there is no element currently that displays articles like they do…

Thanks Kriesi,I have few questions.Please answer those as well. 1)Are there any plans to add element to display articles like Solostream wp-clear theme? 2)Can we create web site like using this theam ? 3)Can we add banner ads as in the solostream wp-clear theme? Dont say no to all my questions.I am really loving your theme.Dont dissapoint me. Thanks & Regards Mohan HK

1.) Yes, i plan to add a “magazine” element within the next 2 major subversions

2.) yes, that should be doable

3.) only by using hooks or filters. We will also improve the header management so in the future it will probably be easy to use whatever shortcode you want in the header as well but I got no estimate in when this is going to happen…

I have a pre-purchase question.

I’ve been researching responsive flexible themes (I’m going crazy after looking at some many) and I really like Enfold.

You have a great rep on Themeforest and I reviewed your support threads both here and on your website and your customer service seems excellent.

Here’s my question. From your demo, I see that the blog post featured images and portfolio featured image display differently on the homepage.

Is it possible through the admin area or relatively simple code changes to get the blog post to display like the portfolio featured images?

By this I mean displaying only a title and maybe a short excerpt, border box around the title/excerpt, and the shadow effect around the border and image.


Hey! the next theme update at the beginning of the next week will introduce a new portfolio like element (masonry element) that will add that possibility, since it will support any post type :)

Would just recommend to check back after the weekend and take a look yourself ;)

hi , i have some questions : 1) is it full RTL compatible them ( tested without any issue on parts of theme ) ? thanks

2)is it full wooCommerce compatible AND can we change SHOP enabled or disabled ( catalog Mode / ON , OFF ) ? or not

thanks ,

1.) We didnt test it for rtl so currently i would say no, sorry

2.) yes its full woocommerce compatible. there is no siwtch within the theme for catalog mode but as I understand it there are woocommerce extensions that can do this job :)

hi, i am currently working on shop page and stuck.

when i make one, i have product list not only on the top, but also on the bottom. so i have the same things on one page.

also bottom one and every products have sidebars that i wanna get rid of.can you please help me? I really wanna get rid of the sidebars from every page.


Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? My support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes

How can i move the featured image below the title of the blog. Thanks

open the file inlcudes/loop-index.php, search and cut

echo $title;

(should be around line 112 if you use the latest version)

and place it directly bellow the line that starts with

echo "<article class=...

hi there, nice theme. Pre purchase question from a non web designer here. Firstly I’m looking at setting up a buy/sell mart where people upload their images, videos, (similar to ebay), and data via an extensive form. Every item will have 1 video and up to 12 photos. I hope it will run into the 100’s of thousands of items.I have an upload manager that have a private cloud that can handle API for video that will immediately upload from any format and they say they can fit into any website as its open source. I am prepared for a large server if it takes off. So, can this theme be easily modified for this purpose, ie handling many (300,000) of videos and even more photos. Is the coding possible and/ or easy?. Also I will need a very deep search form, can this be done here in the builder or is coding easy for this?. Lastly how many lines (how extensive) can a form be on this theme and will inputting upload buttons for media be easy?. Or should I look at plugins?. help please. Thanks


The theme is equipped to deal with a lot of traffic. my own website also runs the theme, has thousands of visits each day and its no problem at all.

For the upload and management of that many elements I can’t really recommend wordpress in general (not a theme issue, but a general wordpress problem) The wordpress media manager works well if you have a few hundred items to manage but if you end up in the thousands it soon gets messy because of subpar filtering and sorting.

So I would definitely look for a plugin that can handle the functionality of what you need on its own, and then use the theme as a visual layer to display this data…

Hi, I am looking to buy this theme I would just like to know is it possible to change or add custom icons for incobox shortcode?

Best regards.

Yes thats possible since the last version, here is a tutorial on how its done:

Hi there Following Dreamdata question, Do you have on your scop to make this theme RTL? If yes, when? Thanks

Yes its planned but I have cant give an estimate right now. rough frame would be 1-2 months


Things going fine so far! Question: How can I use the existing .po and .mo files? Im complete newbie and do not find the way..


Depends: do you want to run a multilanguage version of your site or just use a custom language instead of english.

For multi language you need to run a plugin like WPML:

For a custom language I would recommend to simply download and use wordpress in your language:


Your theme is great, I wanted to replace the social icons with a telephone number, whats the best way to do this? Thanks for any help in advance!

Cheers for your help, i had killed the #header_meta{ content! Sorry to ask loads of questions but is it possible to line this up with the logo? Maybe a padding rule and transparent background? No worries if not, cheers for the help!

currently not. I will revamp the header options in one of the next releases so the whole header is more flexible, until then it would require some custom coding…

Ok thanks for the help dude, it’s one of the best themes I’ve worked with, cheers!

Hi, I am trying to update my theme, but it keeps telling me the installation is failed. Is there a way i can update it through WP without losing my customization? If not, what is the best way to go about it? Thanks!


There are several ways of updating: If you already run version 2.0 or higher you should be notified about updates in enfold->updates in your backend. any modifications to the theme settings or to the custom.css file will not be lost.

if you run a lower version and want to update it depends: did you make any changes to the theme files? in that case you need to save them first, then upload the latest version with an ftp tool and re apply the changes.

If you only have made some changes to the settings in your backend: the easiest way is to simply delete the theme, upload the latest version and re activate it. your settings, posts and pages are stored in your database and not affected by deleting the theme




There is currently no option to center the logo but I plan to add it to one of the next versions ;)

if you dont want to wait and use some custom.css for that please open a thread in our support forum and post a link to your site so we can assist.

The builder is currently only available in this theme ;)

Hi Kriesi,

bought the template 3 days ago and really love the easy page builder but facing 2 problems. 1) I cannot load any images anymore after installing WPML. Even disabling WPML won’t help any more. Homepage is broken, every page with any type of slider is broken. 2) the header stays on top of the page after scrolling down. Enfold settings say its a fixed header.

can you help me out with it? Can give you creds if you need. thnx Mark

with hostfile

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

I am planning to purchase your theme, but have one question first:

I like the v2 of the homepage (with the 3 column) but can I substitute the “what others say about us” from v1 instead of the “why us & get in touch” section? Are these just widgets that I can pick and choose, or will I have to select a home version and stick with it?


I think your videos at: just answered my question! This looks totally awesome.

By the way, I will be switching my existing site from an older theme (not one of yours) to this new theme. Have your customers had much difficulty doing this?

Hey! Yes you can pretty much place any element on every page, the builder is very flexible in that regard :)

Switching themes may be easy, depending on the complexity of your previous theme. As a rule of thumb: the less “special” options your previous theme had the easier it is :)

Hello, is it possible to place a vertical ruler between body and widget area?


which “widget area” exactly do you mean? In general if you use the template builder you can place rulers wherever you want :)

Hi Kresi !

Changing the Page Name to a different location? :) (ON breadcrumbs) at the top/middle of the page? Pretty much where the breadcrums are.

For example, It’s right now (by default, at the left and the nav (you here are) is at the right). This website is being used as a University website and I’m doing everything I can to make it 100% perfect for them and more than happy to show you everything how it looks as a example once we load it on the full .edu.

I really want to get that left side (page title) to display in the middle column automatically, and “possibly” as a H1 tag :) Please, please let me know if this possible and where in the CSS do I need to make the following changes?

Thanks so much team! :):) !!

Sent here is too: Just need to get this ready for the meeting :)



How can I add links to the footer socket?

You need to create a menu in your backend at appearance->menus and apply it to the footer location (Enfold Footer Menu )

Hi there! really GREAT JOB with theme!

I get this message: LayerSlider: old jQuery issue

It looks like you are using an old version (1.10.2) of the jQuery library. LayerSlider requires at least version 1.7.0 or newer. If you are using the WordPress version of LayerSlider, you can try out the “jQuery Updater” plugin from the WP plugin depository. If you don’t know what to do, you can write us a private message from our CodeCanyon profile page. We need a temporary WP admin account (or a temporary FTP account in some cases) to solve this issue.

So I downloaded the “jQuery Updater” but the problem still, the slider just dont work =( Can I give access to my website? Thank a lot and cheers from Vienna, Austria =)

Hey! You are using enfold version 1.6. You need to update to the latest version in order to fix the issue :)

Thanks for SUPER quick reply. I have tried to update all my jQuery plugins but the LayerSlider just dont get activated =( Help!

You need to update the theme, not a plugin :) Download it here with the account you used to purchase it: