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quick question is it possible to stop the lightbox effect on images in posts and basically make them non clickable? Thanks

hey no problem, like here when i hover the mouse over i get a greyed out effect and can click into a gallery, its not a big issue but would be easier if nothing happened at all in the blog and people just see the image with no option to click it and no greying out. Thanks :)

Hey! looks just like you added the image to your editor am I right? you can remove the link directly in the editor (usually by clicking the image first, then click the small “break link” symbol in the editors menu bar)

man you are so clever! yes thats it, thats brilliant. hopefully i can do the rest myself but thank you for your quick and accurate replies :)

Hey Kriesi,

thank you so much for the “Masonry-Update” :) You and your team do a really great job! I am very happy with the theme and it’s nice to see that you implement the hot suggested wishes from the community.

Glad you like the update :)

How do I delete the link to your website in the “socket”? Thank you


I tryed to register to your support forum 2 days ago, but I couldn’t. My licence key has been refused. My email then has been auto-replyed but still no concrete answer.

Could you please have a look at this?!

mind sending me the key via this contact form:

Hi Kriesi,

i found this theme as a recommendation from another website and it’s absolutly fantastic. So i’m pretty sure i’ll buy it these days.

Just a short Question: I really need a possibility for visitors to like/share (and to comment would be nice to have) my photos on the page. So let’s say the browse my portfolio, look at a project, view a photo by clicking it and than i need a like/share/comment (plugin?) possibility for facebook!

Searched long time but found nothing which really makes me happy. At least i found “” which does a nice job.

Just want to know if you can imagine it would work with a bit of editing code or something? Would pay on top for coding and that kind of stuff also ;-)

Or do you know an other plugin or possibility where you know it works with your theme?

Thanks in advance!


Hey! Our general rule is: if you cant get it to work post to the forum and the team will check if and how easy it would be to implement. If its a quick job we do it for free, if it requires extensive changes we redirect you to our customization partner:

Thanks again Kriesi for your fast Infos and great support.

Purchased it today :) I’ll try and playing around a little bit with different free plugins etc but come back to your support and stuff team if i need any further help or a customization.

Last question: Is it already WP 3.7 ready or will there be any changes? Or should i wait with uploading and starting the whole site till there’s a 3.7 version? :-)

Thanks again.

Hey! no reports yet about problems with 3.7. I am currently testing myself but it seems to work fine :)

Hallo, meine Frage konnte ich über die Suchfunktion nicht beantworten und im Supportforum wurde diese nicht beantwortet:

Enfold hat nun die Markups drin ?

In Enfold ist GravitiyForms mit drin aber wie sieht es mit dem Support aus. Über Euch ? Brauche zu dem speziell Anleitungen, die sonst im GravityForms Forum liegen. Wie sieht das mit der Lizenz aus? Kann ich Gravity Forms zusätzlich installieren insbesondere die Addons?

Mein Kunde möchte gern The7 ich bin aber mehr bei kriesi wg. dem guten Support. Schon allein wg. des Theaters mit Woocommerce Deutsch und MarketPress.

Gruss und Kompliment an Eure Arbeitsleistung


Ja, wir haben markup zum theme hinzugefügt. Das theme is Gravityforms kompatibel aber das plugin muss zuerst bei gravityforms gekauft werden. Dort erhälst du auch support wenns darum geht irgendwelche formulare zu bauen, extensions für das plugin zu implementieren, etc

lg, Kriesi

Hi Kriesi,

I have a few questions about the new Fullwidth Masonry Gallery. Is it possible to make a connection to a page when you click on a picture? And it is now full width, is it possible to make it not full width?

Thanks in advance! Awsome theme!

Connection to pages is possible, you can apply a custom link to each image when editing the gallery and you are in the “sort image” view simply click an image and the sidebar will show an extra url field.

Currently there is no option to display it smaller. You could add the container class in config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/masonry_entries.php at line 457

( instead of class=’av-masonry it should start with class=’container av-masonry )

However it probably wont be pixel perfect since its really not designed for non-fullscreen resolution…

Super thanks!

Hi there!

Just wondering before purchasing, is it posible to change the header font?? it’s very important for me…

thank you!!

which font exactly? the menu font? the menu inherits the default font which can be set in your backend. if you want to use a different font for the menu you can easily add a small css rule to a custom input field in the backend of the theme. we can also help with that, in case you are not familiar with CSS ;)

Hello, i have a little problem with my website i buy theme from here, but hacker atack my site and delete files from my website please help me !!!! Thank you very much , i wait your answer !

Hey the theme does not use a line of code that reads eval(base64_decode. you can update the theme by downloading it here:

then unzip everything delete the old theme file from your server and upload the new one

I resolved the problem thank you very much. Have a nice day and Good Luck !

Great to hear ;)


I have a problem with jumping images. I have two images in a row, and they are links to get the image bigger. But on mouse-over a img, the other one jumps down. This is only happening in chrome and firefox, and only on the first mouse-over.

Hey! Did you fix it already? Just tested in ff and chrome and there is no jumping for me.


Yes, I also had a problem with pictures not showing in IE8, and solved this with using the img-element instead of text-element, and that did also solve the problem with jumping images. But I would prefer to use the text-editor to have acess to the code, but this works.

Thank you anyways! You’re a great support with quick responses :)

we added a small improvement for jumping images, the next update might fix the problems you previously had :)

Hi kriesi! This theme is really awesome! But I got an issue: I changed the logo, and the header doesn’t resize anymore in google chrome. It works with firefox even with internet explorer, but not with chrome. Do you know how I can fix this?

Yes I did, it still does work on firefox and IE, but not on google chrome.

Which version of chrome? which os? I am using the latest one here and as I said it looks fine :/

Can’t really help with something I cant see or reproduce…

You’re right, I’m using windows 7 and google chrome Version 30.0.1599.101 m. I also tried on the same version of google chrome with windows 8!

I’m a webmaster for a new client using your template. All I can say is, I’m jealous, jealous, jealous, your template is gorgeous, easy and intuitive.

I hope you have some good news for this question. I want to reconstruct the attached image using your functions. Creating the solid header, the inserted wording, the outline for below and the ability to add an image and text below


If the whole image cannot be reconstructed, how can I get close? I don’t want to be doing pages of solid images with embedded fonts.

Thanks a heap, and again, wow what an amazing template.

Mary C.

Hey! Since the theme does not offer any shortcode or element that displays images the way you want I guess the best way is to create a shortcode with some extra css on your own and then insert it into a textarea in the template builder :)

Since you are the webmaster of the site I assume you have a at least a basic understanding of php and css? if so this page will tell you all you have to know about creating a new shortcode:

When I create a new post, I found the reply session has a lot of html tags here.

I definitely don’t want user to see this. How can I edit this? Any suggestion? Many thanks Eva

Hey! What exactly do you mean by the “reply session”?

Hi Kriesi,

before purchasing I would like to know whether it´s possible to disable the line under the title of a post, such as:

October 21, 2013/0 Comments/in Breaking News, Images /by Kriesi

I only would like to publish some news without showing the date, the name of the author and without having the possibility to leave a comment.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your reply. Yes, please provide me that line of custom.css.

Many thanks!

will do, once the theme is purchased and setup on your installation and you have chosen a blog layout. different layouts require slightly different rules :)

Okay. Thanks a lot!

BACK TO TOP ARROW Hello there seems to be a problem with the Back tot Top arrow icon in the new version.

Please elaborate and post a link to your site. “Problem” is a little to vague ;D

It does not showm simply. .. since it happens on two of my sites I would imagine you can replicate on your own testing sites.. I thought it’d be obvious.

Hey! just checked your source code. you are using a child theme and I guess you are using a footer.php file that has the old version of the top to arrow button. either update the whole footer.php file or at least the line that adds the button :)

Can you tell me how to add this type of font to my homepage?

I really like to larger font style, but can’t change my homepage header font to their style.

Hey! they use the proxima nova font which is a paid font available on typekit:

you would need to purchase the font to use it in the theme

Can someone tell me how to create this style of blog grid on my homepage? I like the containers.


My site: I want to inclose or box in the blog posts.


Hey! You have added the line:

font-family: 'Proxima Nova Light, sans-serif; line-height; 1.45

without specifying an element to apply to and it messes up the following css rules:

use for example:

body{font-family: 'Proxima Nova Light, sans-serif; line-height: 1.45}

in addition to that there seems to be an unclosed html tag in your code that prevents the footer from displaying properly.

If you have added any html to one of the builder elements that might be the cause. if you cant find the problem yourself please open a thread in our support forum and we will assist:


Ok. I went to your support page and cant find where I create a ticket. It just has the forum question and answers. I’m logged in, but can’t find the ‘create a ticket’ section.

We handle everything via forum, just open a thread and it will be pushed into our request queue and answered as soon as the questions before yours are answerd :)

if you got any private data that you want to share make sure to mark any replies to your thread as “private” replies ;)

I see WordPress 3.7 is out. Will this work flawlessly or better to wait for an update?

Since there are no major changes I would guess it works fine but I am still testing. would wait for the weekend to pass :)

i had found somewhere the info for disabling the next/prev functionality at the portfolio pages but cann’t remember where….

how can i do it?

thanks! :-)

add this to your functions.php file:

function no_post_nav($entries)
    if(get_post_type() == 'portfolio') $entries = array();
    return $entries;


that should to it :)

Love the new masonry blog and shop options! Just one question about the shop, on the product page, when an additional image thumbnail is clicked in opens the image in a lightbox. Is it possible to have an additional thumbnail display where the main image is (hover or click)? Like on the Maya Shop or Division themes for example? Or a scroll effect like you use on your Propulsion and Flashlight themes? Basically any alternative to the lightbox effect?!

For someone no coding knowledge, would it be difficult to incorporate this style of image display?

For example, copy some code from way the way the porfolio displays images to the shop? Just in idea.

Hey! If you got no coding knowledge at all it might be hard by pulling it off with copy/pasting. You could of course contact our customization partner and ask how much it would cost to pull it off:

Cheers! Kriesi