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I would like to add a second portfolio secion to the page, but have troubles to find all needed changes if have to made in the custom.js to getting this work.

Hope you’ll find time to take a look at and help me with your template :)

Best regards and many thx Rolf

My client bought this ans asked me to customize and upload. I have a problem with the form adding additional fields. What can I tell them to provide to you so i can get the resolved. Will the license number from themeforest be enough?

Why do so many developers not think of making things practical?

When I click on an image in a gallery, I want to preview all images, next, next, next. But instead I have to open, close, open, close, open, close.

This isn’t fluid or easy for potential clients, who become bored very quickly. I hope you find time to update some relatively simple features.

... On another note, with links to “read more” added to your demo, these do nothing. Is there no way to pop-up and display more content? e.g. a modal dialogue with iframe or formatted text?


There is no need for an update. Enfoilo uses Prettyphoto plugin to preview images which has the feature to preview all images by default. It just was disabled in the demo. The plugin can be adjusted any way you like. You can see some examples here –

Thanks for your reply.

I’ll check out your demo again, hopefully the settings are turned on to best advertise the features and functions available!


Cannot view the Enfolio template preview on any browser….Can you fix the link please, thank you very much, Divette

This theme doesn’t work with Wordpress 3.6.1

I get this error when I try to install the theme:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

And thanks to themeforest’s “no refund” and “seller doesn’t have to provide support” policies, I’m stuck with it.

Leaves a sick taste in your mouth, doesn’t it?

Hi phototrope,

Enfolio is not a WordPress theme and it does not support WordPress. It is an HTML template and is selling under “Site Templates” category.

Support is provided, for details please check my support page. As for refund, you should contact support. In some cases refund is possible.


Sent an inquiry about changing logo size but no answer, can I get some help with this please!