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Great theme! Good luck :)

Nice template,. Great work mate..

Looks cool. Does this require Bootstrap?

Thanks. Yes its bootstrap.

Awesome theme! It says it has Mailchimp integration. I do not see any item “subscribe to newsletter”. Could you please explain? Cheers!

Hi Jeffer, thanks for your interest. It’s on the blog page here , there are tones of shortcodes including different size buttons that can be added on any page. .

YES! This is a greate work! It’s working well in Dreamweaver? All the best!

Thanks for the the compliment. It’s not fully tested on Dreamweaver “Design Mode” but I have used it in code view with out any problem.

Under responsive mode , by shrinking your browser etc it doesn’t work too tell this is on a cell phone, but it is the same on the desktop. when you shrink it, the half circle etc doesn’t line up properly.. repair time.

but nice theme overall.

We are looking into the issue, thanks for pointing it out.

Nice Template! I am trying to figure out how to put a logo with an image in place of the “text” logo “ENFORCE”


Any help would be appreicated. Thanks!

Sure no problem. Please email us regarding this issue on

Well you can replace the line number 47 in every page with the following code line

    <a href="index.html" class="logo"><img src="img/logo.png" alt="" /></a>
make sure Your logo resolution should be approx 139px / 18px

hi very nice theme, i want to buy your theme. but i want to ask something in grid portfolio, can i remove all category and i link any category? thanks

yes you must be able to do so.

Demo page – works – grid portfolio:

Just wanted to let you know about an issue in SAFARI 6. Initial view is o.k., but after clicking a filter link the works images are cropped. Almost hidden. I can see only 40px of the upper portion. The “contact us” section moves up. FF, CHROME is fine.

Anyway, good luck with sales.

Version 6.0.3 (7536.28.10) (might be a local issue with my extensions and add ons? will have another try)

Yes, MY personal Safari setup seems to be the culprit. Deactivated all extensions, and it works like a charm! Sorry for the panic. (can you delete my comments?)

Thanks! we can’t delete the comment, but that’s ok.

Hi, Is it possible to increase the size of the header in this website or will it screw up the design. I have a large logo that I would like in the top left side. Or is it possible to remove the breadcrumb from the bottom of left side of header and have logo overlay the entire header area and all 3 header bars and even stick out a little bit below header? Is this possible or will it screw up your design? Thank you!

your demo does not seem to work for me

oops sorry will fix it soon.

demo link fixed

i would love this theme for my new site but we are using wordpress as the platform… will this theme work on wordpress? if not, do you have an suggestions? thanks!

Unolution is enFORCE on 10 x Steroids. The WP version is also available. You can see the ad on the Unolution page

I really liked this template. That is why I bought it. But I see the header is not scrolling smoothly. It jumps up quickly. Please help me to fix it if possible.